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Roy's 30 Days to Online Success - Your Step by Step Plan

Learn Roy's free, top secrets for online success:

"If you learn the secrets of binary options, you can do well. It is much easier than Forex or trading stocks. So much easier!" - Roy

This step by step 30 day plan will help you organize and coordinate your online plan & approach, so you can start having success within 30 days:

(Note: U.S. Citizens should only use the broker Nadex. Please see our site disclaimer at the bottom of our websites for more information. It is important to remember that with any trading there is great risk involved. You can potentially lose all of your money. You should take all appropriate steps to read disclaimers for any company you work with, and to be aware of all risks involved.)

I've been getting a lot of feedback from people who need a simple, step by step guide on how to build their online, passive income. 

So, I've decided to create my free "30 Days to Online Success" guide to help people (keep in mind the below article is a preliminary draft and more will be added soon).

I'm going to focus primarily on binary options, because in my opinion it is the easiest and most sure way of creating success for anyone - even those without a trading background or expertise.

Binary options is easier than Forex.

Binary options is easier than stock trading.

Binary options is easier than online marketing.

Binary options is easier than sports betting.

Binary options is by far the easiest way to trade, in my opinion.

Now here's a question I get a lot:

"But Roy, is this really possible? I've been scammed before, and I've lost money before. Can I really do this?"

YES. It is possible, and YES, you can. But you have to be educated. You have to be armed with the facts. That is the main reason people lose: they aren't educated when it comes to binary options, and they are lost and confused.

I see it all of the time, and it is tragic: people who are not educated on how binary options work end up losing money, over and over.

Now, I'm here to help guide you. I have tremendous materials on my website available for you to read (see below for the essential links you need). Some of my mentors who've had tremendous success - like Julia A. or Jim R. - all have shown a great dedication to learning and not giving up. That's what makes them special, and successful. That's why they do so well. 

I have heard success stories ranging from $10,000 in one week to $100,000 just one month. These miracles do happen, but in every case the person was educated on binary options (of course, there is also treat risk, involved, too).

I've featured their success in my videos and newsletters, of course, but Julia and Jim aren't the only ones doing well. I speak with many of my other mentors who are doing great, too. Each of them has shown incredible dedication to a long-term vision of finding success for themselves and not giving up.

However, the ones who don't listen or pay attention seem to often falter and lose money. So, in my opinion, education is key, and so is motivation and a positive attitude.

What you're about to learn below is part of my own strategy - and these are similar steps that other "pro" traders I know also use. So, you're learning secrets from the best, and from the people who are making money online.

Let's start out with 10 simple steps you need to get going:

STEP #1 - Organize your home office & Internet browser resources:

Here's where people really make mistakes: They aren't organized. They aren't coordinated. You need to treat your computer or laptop like a "home office". You need all of your information and accounts on stand-by and ready to go.

First, make sure your Internet browser (Chrome is best, followed by Firefox, IE and Safari) is set up for binary options by having links bookmarked and available for you. You can use most browsers to place links in your top "bookmarks" bar for easy access, or create a special folder that contains "binary options" links. 

You will also store other important financial links for easy access (for example, for accessing currency rates, and and for up to date financial news and world news). 

This is how you will keep all of your links and bookmarks for all of the essential links on my site (keep reading below for all the links from my website you must have).

STEP #2 - Create special, separate emails:

Create an online "identity" for yourself, for example, "John's Binary Plan". I believe in doing this partly for the psychological effect: it helps you feel like you are serious about your financial future.

What I'm talking about is creating a special email account completely dedicated to binary options. It could be something like, "" - and of course, always check your spam folder in case you miss important emails from me or from your brokers - and also add emails you wish to receive to your email "white list" or "safe list" so you never miss them! Too many people fail to check their spam folders and they miss important emails! 

I also believe "" is one of the best free emails in the world, because it will accept most emails without sending those emails to spam. "" is another VERY EASY free email to setup. (The worst in the world are Australia's Big Pond & AOL, which are notorious for rejecting emails.)

You should also create special folders on your computer Desktop to store files in called, for example, "John's Binary Plan Files." Keep your passwords and broker login information in this folder so you don't lose them. Keep any files or notes there, too. I use Windows' Notepad to store a lot of personal information, for example.

STEP #3 - Give yourself a "budget" & plan your attack:

Here's where you need to take a look at your financial situation and your expectations. This is very, very important. 

Let me explain something: it is very, very hard to sign up for one binary options trading platform and make "tens of thousands" of dollars in a day, week or a month. There are many, many factors for why this is. 

Of course, it can happen -- and I'm always on the lookout for those "blockbuster", "diamond in the rough" special systems that can make big money - but it is rare, too, and it can't be relied on. 

That's why you need a long-term, realistic plan.

The people who succeed have a "portfolio" instead. This is true in all strategies - for stocks, bonds, currency traders, even holders of precious metals. All serious people have a "portfolio", and it's no different in binary options.

I believe in having as many broker accounts as possible. I believe in having as many trading bots as possible. But that can be overwhelming for some people.

So, you need to create a plan for yourself and some goals. Here's an example:

  • My budget for the next 30 days: $2,000
  • My total trading bots I will get from Roy's MASTER LIST: 3.
  • My "paid" signals services I will sign up for: 1
  • My broker I will use to make manual trades: BinaryCENT
  • My income goal: $500-800 per month consistently.
  • My long-term goal: $5,000 to $10,000 per MONTH EXTRA income.

You can compound your earnings and get there eventually, even with a small amount. You just have to be realistic about your income.

Step #4 - Diversify, diversify, diversify your portfolio:

As I discuss with my mentors, it's important to to have multiple income streams (not just one) and trading systems all working at the same time.

A good place to start to find your income streams is "My Top 5 Income Streams" article.

The next place to look is my Master List, of course. On my Master List you will find the absolute best binary options trading robots, in addition to excellent manual signal services.

Here's a hypothetical example of how YOUR online income stream portfolio could look:

AUTO-PILOT BOT: BinBotPro working on auto pilot.

MANUAL SYSTEMS: Gold Digger, Auto Binary Signals & Buy/Sell Trend Detector, all used to receive trading signals to manually trade on.

BROKER: Use BinaryCENT as your main manual trading account. 

ONLINE INCOME SYSTEMS: Use Jean's website creation service & supplement with Google Sniper and the very low cost but excellent training program called No Cost Income Stream.

That's just an example! That's actually a pretty small portfolio above that you could easily expand on.

STEP #5 - Understand the difference between "auto bots" and "semi-auto" manual bots:

This is really, really important! 

A lot of people do not know this very important difference. 

AUTO: Most binary options systems are fully-auto trading bots that will trade for you, even when your computer is turned off. Examples include the excellent Professional Robot by George S., 100 Percent Profit Bot and Trade Fusion. These bots fully trade for you, you just sign up, login and turn them on, they do the rest of the work.

MANUAL: With semi-auto manual trading bots, they will offer you a selection of "signals" or potential trades and you have to manually select those trades. Examples include Gold Digger, Rock The Stock and Binary Boom. Those are the free ones. The "paid" signal services listed on my Master List include ABS, Franco's service, GPS Robot and Buy/Sell Trend Detector.

On my Master List, I always try to point out which ones are fully auto and which are semi-auto.

Here are some advantages of each type:

Auto traders - Easy to use, fully automatic and hands-free, not complicated at all.

Semi-auto bots - More complicated, but also usually more accurate in the long-term.

I recommend using BOTH types. It is good to have both auto bots and semi-auto manual traders in your portfolio! Do not be scared of semi-auto manual bots, because they give you more control and are usually very professional and serious systems. It's also very rare I ever see a semi-auto manual trader that is a scam.

STEP #6 - It is mandatory you read the educational articles on my website:

I do receive a lot of emails from people who have not read hardly anything on my website, and as a result they are not educated or informed on many important issues I discuss.

For example, someone wrote me the other day complaining about a bad broker -- I asked them if they had checked my "good and bad broker list" and used my "broker tip". They had not done either! 

It's very disappointing for me to see that. I assume, before people write me and ask questions, they have at least read most of my site and the most important articles I have listed on my top, right sidebar. I assume they, too, have also listened to a few of my important videos.

So, make it a priority to read some of the key, essential articles on my site and listen to some of my videos, all the way through. 

These important links include (bookmark them now): - Where our most recent articles are posted.

My Master List - The single most important page on my website. Read all of it!

My Binary Options 101 Guide - Great for "newbies".

My How Scammers Work 101 Guide - Very important so you don't get misled by scam, fake "review" sites that are everywhere - none of which I trust. Everyone needs to read this.

My Manual Binary Trading 101 video - Important for understanding manual trading.

My Twitter account - Daily updates on binary news and new testimonials. You should be checking it daily.

Of course, if you are not getting or reading my email newsletters, you are also missing out on vital information. If you haven't gotten them, just email me and I will forward the recent ones from the past month to you personally. You also always check the front page of for my latest newsletters which are posted there.

STEP #7 - Learn the nuances of brokers & trading: 

Everyone should have requested my "broker tip" by now.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is how they deal with their broker. 

First, it's very important to answer broker phone calls. It's important to communicate with your broker adviser. It's important to have a good relationship with them. 

Yes, some are pushy and some put pressure on you, but their job is to sell and get people to deposit. If people don't deposit, then the broker can't make any money off of the commission they make on each trade. That's just part of the business

Of course, it's also important to have a "go to" broker you trust for manual trading. The broker I love is BinBotPro.

There are also a few tips and nuances you should be aware of, as follows:

Sometimes trades aren't executed fast enough, and this is an industry-wide problem. Medallion App and others are trying to fix that, and so far the good performance of their software seems to reflect that. 

A poor Internet connection could really compound the problem for you, or a slow computer or a browser with security settings and bad anti-virus programs that will interfere with trading. Make sure your computer is clean, fast and running without a lot of programs in the background. That's how I run my computer. It's very fast and optimized.

Also remember that when you sign up for a new auto trading system, it may take a few days for the system to activate. Do not panic or get upset if you do not see any trades in your account for the first few days -- this is normal! Just be patient. You need to give your trading bot about TWO FULL WEEKS to analyze the market and begin trading! (If, after two weeks or so, no trades have been placed, then it's time to contact your broker and the trading software support team, because there may be a glitch or bug at that point).

You really need to have patience and a long-term vision! "Rome wasn't built in a day", as they say!

Trading at specific times of the trading day is important, but less so for automatic traders. For trading manually, you need to trade during the appropriate times. My Master List Trading Tips section lists these times, with a helpful way to find out the correct trading times for your timezone.

Something else I also hear about a lot that is very concerning is that people invest too much money into untrusted brokers. I don't think you should ever put more than $1,000 or $2,000 into a broker you do not trust yet. Always test them out first and see if they treat you right. Tell them you won't invest unless they demonstrate they are trustworthy and they will treat you right. I always do that! Usually, they treat me good because I let them know I won't put up with being treated poorly. That's a big reason why I don't lose money.

You should also never make really large trades, such as a single trade of $500, for example. That is very risky. That would only make sense if you had about $5,000 or more in your account.

We've also seen problems for U.S. Citizens and brokers. This is not always the broker's fault. In fact, the U.S. government and CFTC have been trying to block a lot of brokers from using binary options overseas brokers. I do recommend reading the CFTC notices at the bottom of my blog and website that bring more clarity to this issue.

How to deal with losses:

If you have more than five losses in a row, turn your auto-bot "off" and wait two days, then turn it back on. This has worked for me in the past to help turn things around.

Failure to read my "Good and Bad Brokers List" could really get you in trouble, too. Everyone should read it!

STEP #8 - Stay focused for the long-term:

It truly and absolutely amazes me when I get emails from people that say things like, "Roy, I just lost my first two trades! What do I do?" 

That is shocking to me. A handful of trades - even 5 or 10 - is not statistically significant! 

You need to test all trading bots with at least 100 trades, minimum!

Now, I understand the frustration involved if you've put $250 into an account, and you've made, for example, $50 dollar trades, and you've lost some money.

But being negative and panicking is not the answer or how you will find success.

I've had MANY examples of trading systems I have tried that started out "slow" or had some initial losses. Most of the time this is due to volatile currency market conditions. I've also had many examples where these same trading bots recovered their losses and went on winning streaks

These trading bots are not necessarily "magical" or able to always foresee or prepare for volatile market conditions. Sometimes big news events - like the Greek debt situation - can cause currency markets to go in all sorts of directions that no signal service or auto trading bot can anticipate, even the most advanced ones! You have to have a vision and plan for the long-term, not the short-term.

That's why you have to pay attention to the news and what is going on, and that's why I recommended those news and market links above in Step #1. I always keep up on market events and if there is a lot of volatility related to market news - such as China's Yuan devaluation - I will TURN OFF my trading bots, if I don't have a trading strategy ready to go to anticipate those market conditions. You can do the same, too. 

That said, indeed, there are some trading systems that are excellent and can produce huge profits in short periods of time. I'm always on the lookout for these types of systems, but they are rare -- and you have to navigate through a lot of scams, scammers, liars and other insidious people on the Internet who are trying to "hijack" or outright steal the good systems. If you're not monitoring my Master List, my Twitter or newsletters, you could easily miss out on these rare, short-term opportunities that fill up fast.

STEP #9 - Avoid the scams and bad systems out there!

This is still important to remind people of! Unfortunately, I still hear from people writing me who are falling for terrible scams!

I do my best to report the scams on my Twitter (which you should read everyday), and avoid the terrible, cheap offers that say you will earn "millions" in a week. Some of these phony offers are too ridiculous to even take seriously! 

You will notice that on my Master List, I focus heavily on the serious, professional trading platforms that actually work and are real trading systems, like 100 Percent Profit Bot. 

But some of the scams, like Robert Allen's Cash Code, these are not even real trading bots!

I've also been hearing a lot about some "investment" scams. For example, you will let a group of "professional" traders take your money and trade for you. Almost 99% of the time, these are scams. Yes, they will take your money. Yes, they will send you monthly "reports" on how you are doing (usually showing HUGE profits). But no, you will never SEE your money again! These are dangerous scams!

Again, the most important thing you can do is simply email me and ASK me if you are suspicious about something. I will either check it out, or give my opinion. 

I also continue to see people falling for fake "review" sites set up by scammers and bad brokers. These very advanced sites use Photoshop techniques to lie, trash and tarnish good trading systems. Sometimes they will claim a system uses "actors" when it does not. I have seen so many lies on these sites. Sadly, people fall for it and get misled. These fake "reviews" sites always funnel people into their own scam products they make money from.

STEP #10 - Capture winning streaks by trading smart:

WARNING: This section is VERY complicated and complex!

I will be posting some currency graphs here to demonstrate how you can use chart movements to your advantage. This is more complicated, however, for newbies. That said, I do recommend reading this section so you can better understand market nuances. 

If it's too much, stick with the auto bot traders -- they already have these algorithms "built in" so you don't have to learn all of these complicated charts and financial terms. 

What we are looking for primarily are price actions - overbought and oversold positions with currency pairs that you trade with in binary options. Now, let's analyze a few of these graphs below. 

We're going to use an IQ Option demo account to demonstrate these techniques (note: a big "thank you" to my mentor Salman for these images):

[Section not finished, more coming soon]

[Section not finished, more coming soon]

Ok, that's all for now. 

I will be updating this article with much more information. This is just a preliminary draft. I recommend bookmarking this link and visiting it each week as we update it.

God bless,

Here's some extra motivation from the wonderful Robert Kiyosaki, author of the famous "Rich Dad, Poor Dad":

U.S. Government Required Disclaimer: Roy Watchdog is not a broker, financial adviser nor does he trade your funds or accept funds from any individual traders or clients. Please read the terms and conditions of your broker and understand that trading involves great risk. None of the personal opinions above are meant to be taken as "financial advice" or imply you will make any money in 30 days, more or less. Roy Watchdog is not a licensed financial adviser. Trading involves risk, may lose value and there is no guarantee of profit or gain. Nothing Roy says is intended to imply you will make money, are promised to make money or guaranteed to make money. Trading is extremely risky and involves high volatility, and most people lose money trading. Do not make investments unless you can afford it or you are prepared to lose money. This website is for entertainment and marketing purposes only and should not be taken in any way as financial advice. US traders should only trade with licensed US brokers, like Nadex, and absolutely nothing Roy says is directed at US Citizens, period. Understand Roy has material connections to some products on his website and/or the links in this newsletter, and he may receive affiliate referral commissions as is legally permitted under the law and is common practice. Roy gives affiliate commissions away in his $1,000 monthly giveaway, even though he is not required by law to do so. This is stated in compliance with FTC reg. CFR 16 part 255. Roy is required by US law to post this disclaimer and say the things in this disclaimer. Roy has taken many steps to protect his identity and personal information as disclosed in his site disclaimer due to the threats he receives from bad brokers and criminals. Any and all harassment, threats, libel, slander or defamatory remarks made against Roy Watchdog will be met with legal action and law enforcement authorities will be alerted. Please read our disclaimer for full details. 

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