Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Robert Allan's CASH CODE System SCAM - A total farce fleecing thousands of their money!

CASH CODE SCAM - Robert Allan's fake system REVIEW:

Watch out for this one! The Cash Code scam is sweeping the world, fleecing millions of unsuspecting people of their hard-earned cash. Learn more in my review below. 

Robert Allan's system is not even real, and is being used to funnel people to scam brokers. The claims made in the video are outrageous, and they are lies. The photos of the huge bank accounts they show are also totally fake, in my view. 

cash code scam

"Cash Code" is a really dangerous scam, and it appears seemingly reputable website NewsMax is supporting it! See the email below. Were they hacked? Is this a real NewsMax email? It appears so, but it's possible it's also a scammer or hacker impersonating NewsMax:

cash code review

Nothing about Cash Code video appears to be real. Nothing about the system appears to be legitimate at all. Cash Code makes a lot of crazy claims, but it's not backed by anything real. 

Please, please be careful! I HOPE my review of Cash Code will keep you from using it and will save you your money. I am so tired of these "you will make millions in a day" nonsense scams that I am going on an all-out attack to destroy each and every one of them, and let people know to avoid them! Dr. Robert Allan is just part of the problem! I've added an update to my Master List, too, listing the top new scams -- you'll see it if you scroll down a bit.

My goodness, if you want something REAL try Home Profits Group -- where we are posting LIVE, real shots of our accounts on my YouTube channel -- or ITC, where you can copy the trades of pro traders. Don't fall for these cheesy scams! Use something that works. My Master List is a good place to start.

God Bless, 


Some other updates below from my newsletter:

I wanted to get a quick update out to everyone:

First, I've gotten a lot of emails and I want everyone to know I will be answering them as best I can later today.

I wanted to give some clarification on how ITC works: first, I don't have much control over their proprietary software. I am linked up through my trading accounts. ITC uses 50+ brokers. Their list of brokers is very large. So, there have been some issues, namely with Option Mint and Ivory Option. I have been told and assured by ITC's staff that they are pushing both of these brokers to properly implement the trades copied from the Master Trader accounts.

Beyond that, I have been getting some very positive testimonials and news from people hooked up to good brokers who are allowing all the Master Trader trades to be copied perfectly. That was our hope, that this could really help people!

Also, as time moves along, the attacks against me are going to increase. I have been told by a close source - a friend in the industry that I trust - that notorious scammers are going to "unleash Hell upon you, Roy, because they've been given a large sum of money by certain brokers to attack you on all fronts using all methods possible. They may try to shut down your site, and will definitely attack your Master account at ITC."

I need your prayers and help now more than ever.

In hard times, I turn to scripture...
"Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. Resist him, firm in your faith, knowing that the same kinds of suffering are being experienced by your brotherhood throughout the world." 
 -  1 Peter 5:8-9

21 Days To Riches WARNING: Be careful with this new system, I need to do some more investigation on it. The video is very vague and looks fishy. Automotive Profits and a few others also look terrible. I'm seeing all kinds of bad products everywhere, so be careful!!!

UPDATE: 100 Percent Profit Bot still doing great.

I know some people have had trouble with this trader for various reasons (usually the brokers),but without any doubt this is one of the best auto traders out there. The success stories are numerous and real. It has a real community of traders behind it.

Here's a new testimonial I just got, with some astounding profits:

"I have been using 100% Profit Bot – Fantastic! 
26K to 135k in 2 months. Lost about 20k toward the end of June.  It hurt but I kept the faith and the Bot and I have regained 9k this week." - Mark (email me to ask for Mark's email and usually he's ok with sharing it if you want to ask him questions)


  1. hi Roy; you are absolutely right about cashcode, I lost my $250 in less thavone day, I wish I had known of you sooner, I am keeping up on your newsletters constantly now, i tried unsubscibing from cashcode but I'm still getting more than 30 emails a day from them

  2. do you have any information, scam or not, regarding Wealthy Affiliate?

    1. I was looking at Cash Code, glad I read this. I was in with Home Profit Group which sends you too BinaryBook for your broker, I lost over $100 very quickly, and have requested what I have left for a withdraw. Was not happy with my results.

  3. I have had a problem with cash code too? They said I would get their software but all they did was to send me to their brokers site? I have paid the broker 250USD AUD337 asked the broker to send my money back..but they keep stalling, its been 2 weeks now. Pls be very careful with cash code. O.C. Australia.

  4. am happy to visit this site. please here is a list if soft ware am getting in my inbox .
    certified profits
    fisher method
    trading edge

    can you please recommend a binary soft ware trading system to us

    1. How do I connect google trader or hft shield too my cherry trader account, or even go options, your help would be appreciated, I am a newbie, thanks

  5. WOW! That was close... Had already started the process of enrolling in Cash Code when I decided to check "Scam Watchdog.org". Thank You for what you do. Needless to say I did not sign-up...

  6. OMG! Ty for informing us with the truth. This is the second scammer I've come across within two days.

  7. Well, I too was going to give cashcode a try. Now that I know it 's a scam I will definitely delete all their emails and promos! Thank you for exposing this scammer.

    Another question I have in mind is, why can't we report these people to the authorities and have them brought to justice like those Ponzi schemers?

  8. Guys never trust Cash Code and their Ads showing such fake things. No one will ever become a millionaire like that Stupid Says in that video, I almost lost 1000 US$ within a month.

    1. When it looks to good to be true then it's a scam.

  9. Was going to try cash code until they said I had to put 250.00 in my broker account. I did not do that. Receive e-mails everyday saying my commission payment has been credited to my account. Tried sending e-mails but always get failure to send. If you use links they provide always goes to video. SCAM!!!!!

  10. I also have been emailed by cash code. I told Robert Allen that I didnt have the money, and asked him to loan me money since he was so wealthy. I got a response and "he" said he understood that I didnt have any money to invest, but when I got the funds, to let him know. Cash Code also said that they were cutting me a check for $ 69,000 and I never sent a dime. That was 1 week ago and a cash code email pops up and says confirm email to claim my earnings, but when I did it went to sign up page time after time. I suspected it was a scam from the begining but " free " got my attention, had to check it out. If it sounds to good to be true then it most likely is, there's a reason for that saying !!!

  11. This was my first and most likely last venture into binary options (aka flip-a-coin gambling).

    Cashcode first says you only need $250, but my assigned broker (OptionMint) as a $350 minimum. Made 16 trades and I'm at a 41.6% win rate; a far cry from the "over 80%" I was told via an email to support. Then there's a $127 discrepancy on my account; rep via chat told me "that's the balance" and tries to contact my rep, but never retuened my calls. When I tried logging on today, its giving me a screen with another broker logon...support asked if I have an account with the other broker. I don't and they don't know what the issue is.

    Logged on to OptionMint and closed out me account and got a cheesy message saying. "Thank you will be contacted" (precisely that, poor grammar and no punctuation. Wouldn't be surprised if I'll get a call tomorrow...

  12. Just lost my 250 in less than a day. I was gullible

  13. Was gullible , lost my 250 in less than a day, read this too late.

  14. Yes I was approached through my F/b but through a family friend she had in contact me asking if I had been in contact with CFDA Agent cause I was going to receive financial assistance from them. Then she sent through contact info I got in contact with Peter Rochelle Mercy through f/b. It was Robert Allen though that I had to go through and it was a lottery ticket scam not financial assistance that I was entitle to but to receive the money I had to send $250 via money gram store for the money to be delivered to my door step haven't giving him a cent but he did asked for my Personal info including Income estimate along with attachments of my Proof of ID. which worries me cause not knowing what he could do with that info..

  15. Thank you!!!!!!! "Gullible" is the word, though if i did not look at this page. The cash code huu? SMH nast week i actually talked with one of the brokers an i told him i had got scammed before (but really didnt lol) just to see what he would say, and he seemed like a nice guy. He told me that he will take care of me just trust in him, so i told him i would put $250 first in the account just to see what would happen, and then he told me i needed to put $350 in, and thats when my thoughts started but i was really going to by this friday!!! And i was happy that i finally had somthing that i can count on and be able to work with.........but i was wrong, so so wrong, and so by reading this page completely changed my mind about that cash code nonsense!!! , they need to be exposed for what they are and castef out of what they are doing to us. So thank you a lot and i know whom ever stumbles apon this page will GREATLY. APPRECIATE you and the time and efforts . thank you ROY! and much SUCCESS!!!!!��������

  16. Could you help me set up hft shield or google trader to my broker I choose thank you , and yes cash code is a scam ,thanks for the heads up

  17. Wish I had found your site when I first Googled this program. Lost my money within a couple days.

  18. Barbara S. Yonkers, NYSeptember 16, 2015 at 11:55 AM

    This is NOT the Robert Allen of multiple income streams.
    This is Robert Allan AN not EN.
    Please correct the above in your review to avoid lawsuit (you look out for us, we need to look out for you too!)

  19. I feel sorry for the people who got scammed. I'm just wondering can't Robert Allan get arrested for scamming easily since we all know how he looks like?

    1. The person is probably an actor, and the name is fake. The real person is hiding behind the actor, remaining unknown and difficult to find and arrest.

  20. i wanna thank each and every one of you for your posts ive been reading blogs n forums for the last 15 years and have to say they are a lot of help.. when you read about a new sytem and they cant even punctuate correctly then thats a red flag for me.. i was about to sign up for that cash code system thingy in the past.. but my golden rule is always do your research when it comes to programs such as cash code.. my research before i signed up brought me here to this blog... so people stop getting scammed n do your research because that saying thats posted above (if it seems too good to be true then it probably is)..it didnt just arrise from nowhere... theres been others been scammed daily so just be smart about making that easy money.. better yet.. money will never come that easy without some sort of undoubtable knowlege or step.. so make either one and your sure to prevail. dont be the one who figures it out too late

  21. I tried cash code and fortunately my bank declined the charge. Now that I know it's a scam, I will close the account asap.

  22. Well, I suckered in..$250


  23. I received an email and watched the first video then the second was trying to get me to sign with some broker.

    So While the video was running I searched for "Robert Allan Cash Code Scam" and found this. I shut down the video and thank you for this positive scam alert!

    I am an actor and could tell the "testimonial guy" Damen was really just acting, haha bad actor!

    Sincerely yours,
    F. Ed Knutson AKA Colonel Mason in Big Sky TV show. (BigSkyTVShow.com)