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MILLIONAIRE BLUEPRINT REVIEW - Is Millionaire Blueprint a scam or real?

millionaire blueprint review

Millionaire Blueprint Review: I've seen it before, and now it's back. IT IS A BIG SCAM, HERE'S WHY:

You've probably heard of Millionaire Blueprint or the logo - that's because it's been released before at least twice. That raises my "red flag" meter immediately. 

Also, I find the video to be a little 'cheesy' and it makes some really outrageous claims. As I tell my newsletter list and mentor members, it's best to avoid the systems that make big claims. For example, "You will make millions with this software." It usually doesn't work out that way. 

What we're really after are good trading systems that make winning trades 70 to 80% of the time. We're not necessarily looking for software that will make us millionaires in a week, because they either don't exist, they are very rare or they get taken down and attacked by hackers immediately.

Let's face it, we know either the governments of the world or bad brokers don't want people having access to software that will make them millions in a week or month. Those types of software may exist, but will the public get access to them easily? Not likely. That's why I look for good trading systems with a long-term winning result, with a real, reasonable expectation of return.

With "Millionaire Blueprint", I'm skeptical. They've also associated themselves with Walter Green, even though they have NOTHING to do with the Free Money System. So watch out for these guys.

Here's my most recent newsletter from July 1st, 2015:

I wanted to get everyone a detailed update on what's going on:1) There's a new opportunity out that's really caught my attention, and that's Peak Profits Formula.

There have been a few new systems come out the past week, and I've checked most of them out, but so far Peak Profits Formula is the one that's held my attention. It's got a great video, very good testimonials and a solid, new approach to trading:

millionaire blueprint

I recommend checking out the video here.

2) Julia A. gave me an update on Rock the Stock via email, here's what she said, "Hi Roy, we just asked Big Option for a $500 withdrawal, and we expect that to get through by next week. We will give you an update on whether it went through or not. We're also still doing good with Rock the Stock! It's a little slower this week, but we're still way up and very happy so far. We're SO excited about making this money, it's going to help us a lot if this keeps up!!"

3) I also have a Rock the Stock update: I was finally able to get some of the stock trades to go through, and I had quite a few winners and a few losses. However, I haven't been able to access my Ivory Option account the past two days, so I'm concerned about that and I've written their support asking what is wrong. I'm encouraging people to write me if you have questions or a testimonial to offer on it.

4) A lot of people keep asking me if "BinaryOptionRobot" is a safe system.

I had a friend who lost about $1,500 pretty quick with it, so I don't recommend it at all. In case you don't know what I'm talking about, here's a screen capture of their logo, which you may recognize:

millionaire blueprint

Avoid it! It's got a very convincing sales page, but like I said, my friend lost money -- fast-- with it and I've heard of other people who have, too. There's also another one with thesame name, and it's also lousy, too. I would avoid both of them.

5) I wanted to note that on the previous private bot I recommended, it really turned out bad for me and a lot of others. I lost a lot, first my initial deposit then a second deposit of $500. It just didn't do as promised. I'm not mentioning the name here since it was a private offering, but for the people who asked for it, please write me and give me your testimonials on how you did. So far, I've gotten quite a few replies that coincide with my experience. I'm very disappointed, and I won't be recommending their products again if they ask me to.

6) PRIVATE GROUP UPDATE: I've been giving this invitation out to a select, few people, so if you're interested just write "" OR reply to this email and ask for the "Private Group Invite". I feel VERY good about this opportunity, and when you see what it's about, you will, too.

There's also a new system out that I thought looked interesting, so here's the link.

7) TRADING TIP: The EUR/USD pair is hot, with the U.S. Dollar gaining heavily on the Euro recently. If you know what you're doing, now is the time to make trades on this currency pair. You can do this with Rock the Stock, too, and most of the systems on my Master List. If you can watch the charts, always make the trade in the opposite direction on upswings and downswings. So, if the Euro is gaining on the USD, place a "Put" trade on the Euro. I've made a lot of extra money the past ten days just following this strategy on this pair since it's so hot right now.

REMINDER: Always check the main page of my website for new updates at the top.

And PLEASE read my website carefully!!!

I just wish people cared enough to educate themselves and read my site and get the truth. It's very disheartening when people write me who haven't read it at all.


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Here is our new logo:

millionaire blueprint

millionaire blueprint

Disclaimer: none of the opinions or advice above is meant to be taken as "financial advice". Roy is not a licensed financial advisor. Trading involves risk, may lose value and there is no guarantee of profit or gain. US traders should only trade with licensed US brokers, like Nadex, and absolutely nothing Roy says is directed at US Citzens,period. Millionaire Blueprint may or may not be a scam, Roy hasn't decided yet. Please read our disclaimer for full details. 


  1. hello Roy great to be part of your good work, please i signed up for tokyo bot and i will appreciate if you can help me out with the deposit because i can't afford it. i also sent you email. thanks and God bless.

  2. Hi Roy , how are you doing ? i know that you got a lot on your plate these days, especially with those unscrupulous Brokers and Scammers . I am truly sorry to have heard about your Facebook page being hacked,that was really unfortunate. It just goes to show that those demons will stop at nothing in order to stop you from doing what is wright. I would like to know if you heard of the Selfmade Millionaire Software. I would like to know if you heard of it,or if you probably already reviewed it ? If not can you please check it out. Thank you.


    1. Thank you. And I haven't heard of it, I'll look into it -- God bless, Roy