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The Fisher Method REVIEW - Is The Fisher Method a SCAM or REAL?


the fisher method review

'The Fisher Method' IS A SCAM 

If you want to sign up for The Fisher Method and join Jacob Clark's system, just click here for the official site.

Jacob Clark also even offers a personal guarantee with The Fisher Method, but we do not believe him:
fisher method scam

Here's more from my recent newsletter:

Monday, June 15th, 2015 - ** NEWSLETTER UPDATE **:

Some quick updates: Rock The Stock was released today and looks very good. I'll be signing up today and I can't wait to try it out.

I'm also advising people AVOID the following systems: Armchair Millionaire, Cash Code & Atlas AI. One of my contacts in the industry wrote me and said each of these came from a marketing "outfit" he says he doesn't "trust". So I'll be investigating that a bit more.

Important reminders: if you sign up for a trading bot, sometimes it can take a few daysbefore it starts trading. That is normal. It's also important to answer phone calls. If you don't get it set up right with the broker, it may never trade properly. The brokers are required to activate it and sometimes they don't unless you speak to them by phone.

Mentor update: I've also replied to everyone who signed up to my Mentor Program the past week, so you should have emails in your inboxes from me today.

Coming soon when I have more time: a video giving updates on all the trading bots, how to get Apple Bot to trade more effectiviely, and an update on the CTOption/ABS strategy (email me if you want to know more about that strategy and I can explain it).

Thank you for reading, and here is the newsletter I sent yesterday:

I'm now in Europe. I'll be in Brussels, Belgium for the next few days and then I'm off to Cyprus and Israel to begin the process to start my brokerage. I've also been joined on this trip by my lawyer's paralegal and one of his staff. So, they are my "team" and will be helping me set all of this up with the appropriate E.U. regulatory agencies.

Yes, the attacks and threats I get are very hurtful, but we will continue forward no matter what.

Some other important updates for everyone:

1) While I set my brokerage up, I'm still looking for good opportunities. I've updated my Master List to reflect what I think are some of the best ones available, like The Fisher Method and Alpha Traders. I've also removed some of the old bots that weren't working anymore. I hope everyone takes a look at it.

2) Be careful about following links in marketing emails you receive! There are a lot of copy-cat and fake emails; they look like they are from a trading bot you might have signed up for but are really from hackers or bad brokers. I recommend using my Master List as a reference point for checking out these different products. I actually avoidclicking on any links I get from marketing emails I receive - so, to find out about any new products I usually ask some of my trusted contacts in the industry to give me a verifiedlink first.

3) WARNING: There's a new system out called "Atlas App" or Atlas bot, and I'm recommending people avoid it. I received this testimonial the other day from a friend:"Just wanted to let your subscribers know that I just signed up with the Atlas. Stay away. I funded with 300.00, and after 7 losing trades I shut it off. What a joke, and there is zero customer or tech support."

4) I appreciate all of your emails of support. Even if I don't always respond, I always read them. I do get countless emails, so if I miss you, just send your email again so I catch it. I've been incredibly busy, so I'm behind on a lot of things. I hope to get a lot more videos out and updates on the trading bots and how they are doing soon.

5) People keep asking me what broker each trading bot uses. I wish I knew the answer to that, but there is no way for me to know. Most trading bots use between 15 and 30 brokers. The "private bot" I've been offering uses only a couple of good, select brokers, so I've been impressed with it.

6) PLEASE READ THIS!: A few people have gotten upset with me because they lost money with bad brokers. I wish I could prevent that, but I really can't do anything about that. Some people have said I "knew" people were going to lose money, which is a lie and ridiculous! I have no way of knowing what is going to happen, I usually have no way of knowing which brokers people will sign up with when they get a trading bot.

I wish people would not blame me for what these bad brokers do! I'm trying to set up my new brokerage to stop the bad practices in the industry! It really hurts me that people blame me for what these brokerages are doing, when I have no control over what they do!!! I do my best to expose them with my "good and bad" broker list, but I'm not perfect and I can't always know who is bad and good. (For more on this, please read my site disclaimer.)

7) A new bot I can't talk about yet is being released in the next day or two, so I may send another newsletter about that soon. It looks incredible. I will post it on my Master List, too, so check up on that in a day or two. I always try to recommend the best ones, and avoid the "gimmicky" ones that promise "millions" in profits or have corny videos -- those are usually terrible. Monday Update: The bot is called Rock The Stock and looks excellent!

8) With NoFeeOptions.com, we hope to offer up to 25 free $1,000 cash accounts to the first sign ups. These will not be 'bonuses' but real cash you can withdrawal. We'll have more details in the future on who will be selected to receive these free accounts. Beyond that promotion, we hope to have other promotions, such as weekly cash prizes.

That's all for now. I just wanted ot get this update out while I had some time in my hotel.

God bless,


Previous update:

$750 USD for Joylynne Navales

$750 USD for Annamaria Kiss.

Both of these wonderful women wrote me heartfelt messages that let me know they REALLY needed help and this money. Stay tuned for next month's $1000 (or more) giveaway. If you didn't win this time, don't give up!


I want to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers for my brother Greg, who's cancer is now in remission. He sent me an email and wanted me to post it: 

"THANK YOU soo much for all of your support! Roy sent me your thoughts and letters during my hospital stay and it really helped me! We all have to have faith in our Lord and support your each other in life and when I was down you all supported me anyway even though you do not even know me. Thank you again." - Greg T. in Denver


Some people have not heard about my mentor program yet, so click here to check it out (if you sign up, it may take up to a week or more for me to respond personally, so be patient!). 

If you missed the past two newsletters, I've posted them below my review of Apple Bot and review of Profit with Cindy. They are also always posted at the top of ScamWatchdog.org for anyone to read. Or learn more about The Fisher Method on my Master List.

Thank you for your continued positive comments posted at NoFeeOptions.com, too!

Here is our new logo:

God bless,

Roy T.

NEW PRIVATE BOT (Update 6/15/15: spots are still open!!! -- if you've already written asking for it, this is the same system I've offered the past five newsletters):

I've been given exclusive access to a limited opportunity. You can write me at ChristianityNewsToday1@gmail.com and ask for the new "Private Bot". Openings are pretty limited on this one, but it should be open for a while. Once you see this bot you'll see why it's in limited release and why it is private.

(I may also have a NEW private bot coming soon, based on some talks I'm having with some new developers creating a very exciting new trader that will only be open to 50 people, so look for updates soon. I will let everyone know that it is a NEW private bot being offered when that happens. It's not The Fisher Method, by the way, it's something different).

Don't forget, all my newsletters are now being posted on the front page of ScamWatchdog.org
fisher app review
The image below I have posted in one of my articles, but I like it so much I thought I would share it:

fisher app review

Disclaimer: none of the opinions or advice above is meant to be taken as "financial advice". Roy is not a licensed financial advisor. Trading involves risk, may lose value and there is no guarantee of profit or gain. Please read our site disclaimer for full details. 

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