Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Apple Mobile Bot REVIEW - Is Apple Stock Bot a SCAM or REAL?

apple mobile bot review

Apple Stock Bot Review - The #1 trading release of 2015? Find out in my review below. 


Gunnar Erikkson's new AppleMobilBot is one of the hottest new releases in the binary options world this year. I've been talking about it for a while - I've had exclusive access to the software during the beta testing phase, and I'm in personal contact with some of Apple Bot's software developers.

Yes, Apple Mobile Bot is a REAL bot. 

Yes, it DOES work. BUT... we DO NOT RECOMMEND IT.

But what are my results so far?

apple stock bot review
Well, right now it's May 26th, 2015, and I haven't had any trades yet in my account. This is normal. There was a big holiday weekend and Monday was a "bank holiday" across the world. I expect the bot to begin trading soon. There are often delays once you sign up and fund a broker of a few days before a bot begins trading. 

I really encourage people to read the Apple Mobile Bot website. There's so much great information on there that explains how Apple stock works and is connected to the binary options market (now, a few people have noted a couple of misspellings on their site. I've seen them, too. What you have to understand is that the software developers are German, and English is not their native language. They've made a few mistakes, but they're trying to make this system available to Americans and English-speakers around the world. I expect some of these mistakes will get fixed soon). 

So far, I'm just so impressed with "Apple Mobile Bot" and how it uses the Apple stock to track trades across the binary options markets. This is a really innovative new system that everyone should try. Yes, there are scams out there, like "Profit with Cindy", which I've exposed as a scam in this review here. But not everything is a scam, and I know for a fact Apple Stock Bot makes real binary options trades.

Read below for my latest newsletter: 
apple stock bot

Mon., May 25th, 2015 - ** NEWSLETTER UPDATE **:

Dear Newsletter Members, Friends & Family,

The Apple Stock Bot or "AppMobileBot" is officially being released on Monday. I've had a few discussions with their customer support team, and it sounds like they worked out some "kinks" and issues they had with the pre-release last week. I'm looking forward to see how the bot performs this week (remember, it's a bank holiday in many countries on Monday, so trading should really get going on Tuesday).

NEW BOT OUT THIS WEEK: "Wealthy Wheat Trader" -- it looks VERY interesting.


A testimonial from a mentor member:

I've been under attack recently, and I don't often do much to defend myself. But I felt it's time to stand up for myself more.

I recently received a wonderful testimonial from a mentor member of mine by the name of Aljay Leodones from the Phillipines. Here is what he wrote me the other day (he also plans to provide a video testimonial of support soon):

I'm very, very sad that I've read countless of attacks to you everywhere on the internet. I've lost count as to how many were referring that you are not a true person at all. I did not believe any of it no matter how "heart-breakingly convincing" it all was. I just kept remembering what you said in all of your videos and newsletters.

That money you gave to my family was pure blessing, Roy, and I can't describe how happy I am knowing you. I may not be able to talk to you in this lifetime but if given the chance I would wholeheartedly thank you. It is truly a blessing that my father is starting to get better but he can't walk and talk straight yet. The money you gave us was indeed a big help even if it wasn't that big but it was enough to buy some food for us for a whole week and thank you for that.

We're planning to make a Thank You video if it is fine with you Roy to go see and hear it. God bless you always." - Aljay

PLEASE READ: Update on NoFeeOptions.com and my software: 

I've been planning a trip to Europe later in June to begin the process of forming my brokerage -- NoFeeOptions.com. I've also dispatched a legal assissant from my legal team to start filing paperwork and get the process going. To be licensed by CySEC takes quite a bit of time and requires a very sizable bond and insurance, so it will take time. We hope to get it done within three months.

I also wanted to give an update on my software -- we've had to delay things due to new CFTC and SEC regulations this year that have greatly impacted U.S. traders and options trading within the U.S. These new regulations greatly limit who I can give my software to, and how I -- as a U.S. Citizen -- can disseminate it. My lawyers have advised that I simply cannot give it away under the new U.S. laws.

In addition to that, some of the threats I've received from mentor members has really disheartened me. Some of these threats have been incredibly vicious and mean-spirited.

Sadly, these people seemed to think they had a "right" of ownership of my software. They believed they could simply demand I give it to them, or threaten me if I didn't. Their claims are baseless, and we are persuing legal action against those who have sent threats. They never bothered to read my site disclaimer, which has been featured prominently at the bottom of my website since my site was created. My disclaimer has always clearly stated that no one has any right to my software, it offers no guarantee, no contract, no promise it will be given out and is not for sale. It is not a commercial product. I apologize if there was any confusion, but I thought I was quite clear that I will not ever give it out unless I trust the person I give it to.

I do believe some of the confusion has been caused by bad brokers who have posted all kinds of lies about me on the Internet. These brokers are using what are called "false narratives", which is a method of psy-ops often used in corporate espionage.

We believe some of these efforts are coming directly from bad brokers who are desperate to stop me and destroy me; some of their methods are very advanced and appear to use fake Photoshop "evidence", fake online personas and other techniques to create lies and "noise" to confuse people; they post on forums under different accounts to create a false "consensus".

I do sincerely apologize for not being more clear in the past few months about what has been going on. We hope to release my software from a regulated and legitimate company in a European country or from Israel, so we follow U.S. law.

WARNING: Watch out for "Profit with Cindy".

Read my review on this misleading new system, which I'm trying to warn people to avoid.

Walter Green Update:

I've just completely lost access to this system the past week, just like a lot of people who've written me. There seem to be so many problems and issues with it. This is very, very disappointing. I believe the issue is the brokers. They simply will not support a trading bot that is as potentially effective as Walter Green's system. When my brokerage gets online, I hope to offer his trading program to the public, for free. We will test it out and make sure it is the real one and that it works.

Giveaway update:

I will announce my $1,000 giveaway winners in my next newsletter. As I said in my last newsletter, I plan to increase the giveaway to $1,500 or possibly even moreI apologize for the delay - I've simply had so many requests it's been time consuming to read them all and find the right people to give this money to.

I still ask for your prayers and support. I also greatly appreciate the comments left on NoFeeOptions.com -- that kind of public support means a lot to me.

God bless,

Roy T.

NEW PRIVATE BOT (Update: spots are still open and it is a good system -- if you've already written, this is the same system I've offered the pasts two newsletters): I've been given exclusive access to a limited opportunity. 

You can write me at ChristianityNewsToday1@gmail.com and ask for the new "Private Bot" (this is different from the previous ones that closed to the public). Openings are pretty limited on this one, but it should be open for a while. Once you see this bot you'll see why it's in limited release.


Don't forget, all my newsletters are now being posted on the front page of ScamWatchdog.org along with this Apple Stock Bot review.


  1. Hi Roy this my first time on your site.I'm glad i found you, lol,,I've always wanted to get into trading options now that I've found your site i can began to educate myself. What i really LIKE about YOU is THE fact YOU are A CHRISTIAN FIRST, AND HE IS FIRST IN YOUR LIFE, TRULY IT SEEMS YOU ARE BLESSED AND HIGHLY FAVORED..KEEP ON DOING WHAT YOU DO AND THROUGH YOU. YOU CAN MAKE MANY BELIEVERS FOR HIM!!!!! KEEP ON MAKING A DIFFERENCE...

  2. Hi Roy!! :)
    Peace Be with U Brother!!!
    Thanks for ALL YOU DO for us!! What a Huge Blessing U R!!
    I'm curious Roy, may we use CTOptions or any other broker
    we want with this AppleBot or not?
    I noticed alot of brokers that they use, that I don't trust!
    Also, what do you think of 'TradersWay' ?! They are a prize winning,
    FOREX broker that is now offering Binary Options!
    So Glad :) that your brother is recovering!!!! God is SO Good!!!!
    Prayer is the only thing that changes things, AND PEOPLE!!
    Every Day with Jesus is better than the day before...