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REVIEW: Artificial Intelligence App (AI APP)

Dr. John Clark's Artificial Intelligence App or AI APP - This incredible new system is only open to 100 sign ups. I'm very impressed and excited about this platform so far. Must-watch video. See my review below:

artificial intelligence app review

June 14th (Updated!), 2015 - **EXTREMELY IMPORTANT UPDATE**:

Dear Newsletter Members, Friends & Family,

This is one of my more urgent updates, so I hope everyone reads all of it (I may re-send it again later this week, as so few people seem to get my newsletters sent to their inbox):


It's pretty rare I see a trading robot like this. I think everyone should sign up and check out the video interview with Dr. John Clark, it's very educational and informative. There's only 100 sign ups, so I don't want anyone missing out. This bot has not been fully released to the public yet, but Artificial Intelligence App has been made available to me and a few, select mailing lists, as far as I know. We will be integrating it with my software. You will want to have "Artificial Intelligence App" in your portfolio.

artificial intelligence app review

Note: Binary Bank Breaker (Pecunia Pact is on "stand by" and may not be integrated due to some issues we've seen with it. Do not sign up with Pecunia Pact! I regret providing the link in my previous newsletter, because we're seeing serious problems with it.)

PROFESSIONAL ROBOT by George S. is setting records for positive testimonials:

I've never had a trading bot produce this many positive testimonials. I've had people writing me all week reporting their success, and while it's early, this bot is clearly doing very well for people. Here's a real testimonial and screen shot I received from Sonita K:
"I just wanted to report to you about the Binary Robot by Professor George S. That I have been using it for about a little over a week now and my over all view of this bot is that it's been working VERY well ... At the beginning it was very slow! It took about 2 days before I got my first signal put into work, however this really does work and the performance is quite impressive!" - Sonita K. (if you would like to talk to her, email me and I'll forward you to her)


Click here to go to my MASTER LIST and sign up for Professional Robot by George S.

NEW TRADING BOTS THIS WEEK: Each of these I’m now investigating, but I feel reasonably confident they present promising new opportunities at this


I know the binary options world can get overwhelming, so I want to break things down for everyone so we're all on the same page & present some news and updates for everyone -- it's so important to read all of this:

- I created my software so I could get stronger, better signals: my software - Super Signals System ver. 2.41 -- uses advanced algorithms and market data processing capabilities (in combo with my trade signals from all of the trading bots I connect to it), including Bollinger Bands, parabolic SAR, Stochastic with 8-3-3 datas, RSI with 8 periods, MCAD with 8/13 periods and Keltner Channel analytics. It is the most advanced trading software available today, in my opinion.

- Get ready for version 2.55!
For my new Super Signals software version 2.55, I can't wait to tell people about it

- Thank you for your support about Shiva Krishnan and his threats.
I'm sure he feels regret right now, but as I said, once you threaten me, our relationship is permanently over. My understanding is that he plans to continue to publicly attack me. It's sad to me to see a person go down a path of destruction as he has, allowing anger and greed to fill up within him. Thank you for all of your words of support, though. It shows me there are still many mentors who I trust.

- Thank you also for your support for my brother, Greg, and his cancer battle. He's doing better, and I've forwarded to him many of your cures, remedies and health suggestions. He's very appreciative! I can't wait for him to get back on his feet, because we're "trading buddies" and he's been using my software for quite a while himself and doing great.

 - I'm trying to help people. I want people to know I do this because I know how much people are struggling. I know the financial pain so many of you have been through. I've been there. I had a very hard time during the 2008 financial crisis and nearly lost my home. I will never forget that. I know there are bad brokers, I know there are bad trading bots, but through all of this -- working together -- I think we can find a way forward. I'm trying my best to educate people on how to successfully trade binary options, because it can change your life, you can quit your job, pay off your debts and create a passive income -- you just have to follow my lead and educate yourself by reading my site and contacting me and asking questions.

 - Why I integrate so many trading bots with my software: As long as a trading bot achieves a 51% long-term win rate, it will be integrated with my software. As of this writing, my new version 2.55 will have 82+ trading bots integrated with it!

 - Building a portfolio of trading bots using my Master List works: The people who are developing a large portofilo of systems from my Master List are doing well, and reporting to me they are making a moderate but reasonable monthly income. This is exactly what I would expect.

 - Some trading bots don't trade very much! I've had a lot of people writing me concerned their trading bot isn't trading enough. Well, every bot is different. For example, Pro Binary Robot tends to trade slower and more carefully, and that is a good thing.

 - Remember, Forex / currency markets are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week -- but most brokerages close on the weekends. Sometimes their customer service departments are not open! This does not mean trading stops, as you can still trade on most accounts. The best time to trade is 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. U.S. Eastern Time (adjust based on your timezone).

 - It's important not to turn off all of your trading bots. Too often, I hear of people who turn them off after a few losses, only to completely miss out on big winning streaks. For example, 100 Percent Profit Bot had a big loss for me in December, but I stuck with it and I've gained all my losses back and then some. I didn't give up on it. You have to stay in the game to make money. Your account may also get deactivated if you never trade.

 - If a bot is not trading, contact your broker and let them know you want to trade and that it's not doing anything. Usually, they will help you, because they want your account to be active.

 - Some of the older trading bots -- even older ones on my Master List -- are simply not working like they used to. There are usually server problems and connection problems, to where my software can't connect to them. That's why I'm adding NEWER and better bots, all of them are listed at the top of my Master List. Each year they are getting better and more advanced.

 - There are still bad trading bots out there, like Auto Money App or Live Profits. They usually use old trading algorithms! They use old code and they are not very good, and get re-packaged over and over. I try to look for these and warn people about them as best I can. I also test them with my diagnostic software and most only have a 25-40% win rate. As always, wait until I test or at least endorse a trading bot before you sign up for one.

 - Always, always check my Master List for the latest updates. READ MY "TIPS" SECTION AT THE BOTTOM!

 - Version 2.55 of my software should be ready no later than early April. 
However, due to the recent threats by Shiva Krishnan (which I discussed in my last update) and other incidents and issues, my lawyers and I have decided to use a more stringent in how we talk about my software publicly.

 - I can't help or fix everything. I get a lot of people writing me who have issues with brokers or trading bots, and a lot of it is beyond my control. I think a lot of times people's computers are broken or not working right, or they are using anti-virus software that is interfering with their trading bot. Sometimes they are not using the best browser. I personally use Google Chrome. I wish I could help more, but some of these technical problems are beyond anything I can help with. I also can't help with most broker issues, either -- although I DO know the brokers respect me, so if you have a serious problem, sometimes I can put a word out and help by contacting the broker.

- Look for a new $1,000 free cash giveaway announcement soon. The people who read my newsletter will be rewarded. Sometimes I get a few affiliate commissions here and there, so I try to give all that back and some of my own cash. While I don't talk about it, I also send people money through PayPal now and then to help them with bills or financial problems. The reason I say this is because I'm alwasy being attacked and it's very depressing and disheartening for me to see all of that negativity -- and people say I don't give away any real cash, which is not true at all! 


Keep me updated at my main email at - even if I don't respond immediately, rest assured I do read every email.

Let me know how you are doing in building your portfolio of systems and in your progress.

God bless,

Roy T.


As I state in all of my newsletters I send out, I do not check *this* email, the one you are reading from right now. This email is called "". Instead, I mainly use "". So, if you replied to this newsletter or any past newsletter, I probably never saw your email. Please only write to Thank you.

Some more tips about CTOption + ABS strategy:

For people with low capital to start, I recommend using CTOption (minimum $400 deposit) with Auto Binary Signals, and updgrading to their 8-week "Pro Training" module. This has been working for people. You can read more on my Master List or below there are links to my previous newsletters with this topic discussed. You can also use the excellent singals from Binary Options Elite Signals, too, or Quantum Binary Signals. Use these signals and trade on them in CTOption, it's that simple. NOTE: DO NOT USE Auto Binary Signals' "recommended brokers"! See my note on my Master List in the "paid" section where I discuss this in detail! By not listening to me here and paying attention, you really could hurt yourself! Use CTOption as your broker with ABS! It works better than their "recommended brokers"! 



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