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verified trader review

New, free trading robot has many exciting features, but appears to be an old scam.


I was initially very impressed with Verified Trader, because they use the verification site to verify all of their trades, and to verify that the trading bot really works.

But soon we found that it was a SCAM, and now here we are TWO YEARS LATER and they are re-releasing it in 2017. 

Please, please avoid the "Verified Trader" scam. It is an old system that did not work, and now years later they are re-releasing it and re-packaging it. Beware of this scam!

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God bless,


Below is my newsletter:


Dear Mentor Members, Friends & Family,

I have been away from home and dealing with a lot of family issues, so if I haven't responded to your emails yet, that's why. I'm a little behind and there's a lot to catch up on, so here's a run-down of some important news this week:

ROY'S INITIAL REVIEW of PROFESSIONAL ROBOT by George S.: Well, it's finally here. I've been hearing about it for about two months from some of my trading friends, and it's definitely living up to the hype. I've signed up and I've been trading about five days now, and my results are outstanding. Professional Robot is a very impressive new trading platformeveryone should have and will be integrated immediately with my software.
WARNING - WATCH OUT FOR THIS ONE: "Jacob Adams" and his "Ultra Binary Auto Trader" is another fake trading bot designed to fool people into thinking it is real. They copy and paste a lot of elements from real trading bot sites and fool people into using them. So beware of this one.

NEW TRADING BOTS THIS WEEK: 2015 Millionaire is brand new and looks to be an improved version of last year's trading bot. I recommend checking it out, as we plan to integrate it with my software. It really does look pretty impressive! Mobile Binary Machine is also a new one, which I have not investigated at all yet but looks very interesting.

UPDATE ON MANUAL SIGNALS PROVIDERS: I think Binary Options Elite Signals is an excellent signals provider, so I recommend it. I also think Auto Binary Signals and its 8 week "Pro Training" program is also a "must".

Remember, these systems are manual signal providers, not auto-trading robots. There's a big difference, though both are good ways of making trades. I recommend using Binary Options Elite SignalsQuantum Signals or ABS with my recommended broker, CTOption, to make manual trades yourself, if you have an interest in manually trading.


Last month's giveaway winners are Stella Njoroge of Nairobi, Kenya, Africa and Krisztina Horvath of Hungary.

Stella won $500 cash via Western Union:

verified trader

"I am so excited to hear this! I've just reached home at 9.00 pm and seen this great email regarding your decision. At first i thought i'm dreaming after a difficult, long day at work. Roy, i can't thank you enough for your kind help.You are a true servant of God. Be blessed." - Stella

Krisztina won $500 cash via PayPal:

verified trader scam
"I'm so so so happy for chosing me for the giveaway! I can hardly express my joy. And that it's $500, it's like a dream for me! I can not thank you enough. If you were here I hugged you. Thank you very very much! For us, in our situation, it's truly life-saving. We've been going through so many difficulties. Now we've got a chance to change this dwindling spiral in our life, to stop years of struggle step by step, little by little. You don't know how much it means to us, Roy." - Krisztina

Stay tuned for my next giveaway - I'm always looking for people with good hearts who are deserving and in need of a financial boost.

DO NOT MAKE "MINIMUM" DEPOSITS OF $250: People still aren't depositing enough funds into their trading accounts. I'm still hearing reports of a lot of people who deposit the minimum -- usually $250. It just tells me they are not reading or paying attention, as I clearly state on my Master List I do not recommend or endorse making minimum deposits. I recommend slightly larger deposits, above $350, if you sign up for a new bot. Please read my Master List "Tips" section for the full explanation as to why this is important.

MY SUPER SIGNALS SOFTWARE MAKES TRADING SO MUCH EASIER: One huge benefit of using my Super Signals System ver. 2.41 software is how much easier "life" is when I'm using it. Since all of my trading bots connect to it, all I have to do is log them in once and I'm done.

While I do check up on my individual brokerage accounts and trading bots (all 70+ of them), I only do it about once a week. Once my software is set up and running, I no longer have to tediously check every, single bot every day. I just spend most of my time using my software, trading when a "super signal" hits, and communicating with my programmers on how to improve it.
I TAKE YOUR PRIVACY VERY SERIOUSLY: Recently, a mentor member of mine made a very big mistake. At first, I was very upset at what happened: this person had used an email list of my mentors and took it upon himself to send dozens of them a personal message talking about my software. While he did not say anything I was upset by in his email to everyone, I was very upset to see everyone's emails exposed and misused.

Unfortunately, back in November, I had made a mistake of not using the "blind carbon copy" method for one of my emails. This resulted in this mentor member being able tosee all of the emails of other members. However, that did not give this person a right to send an unsolicited email -- without my permission -- to those people.

I take every effort to protect people's privacy. I always ask for permission to use anyone's name or email. I use Godaddy's secure email marketing system now to make sure your email will never be exposed to anyone else, and that spammers and scammers can't get ahold of it. So this upset me greatly, to see an unsolicited email sent out to all of those people who trusted me to protect their emails.

I've forgiven this mentor member, and I plan to help him out with a new version of my software that I hope will work on his computer. I know he made an honest mistake.

WAIT FOR MY REVIEWS AND RECOMMENDATIONS: People are still signing up for scams like Auto Money App or the out-dated, now-defunct Free Money System, and not waiting for me to review them or reading my updates! What a shame! Please do not be enticed by new systems I haven't checked yet, because some of them are scams. The scammers are getting more sophiscated, and seem to be trying to copy real trading bots -- some even have fake broker websites they've set up that look like the real thing! They just straight away steal people's money. Ask me first if you're curious about something!

I READ EVERY EMAIL I RECEIVE: I wanted to let people know I read every, single email I get. If I don't reply, at least know for sure I read it. Sometimes I may not reply unless you ask a specific question, simply because I get so many emails and responding can take a long time; I try to prioritize my replies as efficiently as possible.

YET ANOTHER THREATENING EMAIL: Someone wrote me the other day threatening to take my private mentor member materials and post them on the web. I prefer to keep that material private between the members I invite and allow to join. This person broke that trust. While I don't really mind the materials being published, I am very concerned about this unstable, mean-spirited person trying to slander me and distort my mentor program with lies and obsfuscations.

As a result, I've discussed with my lawyers further safeguards we are going to have to take with regard to giving my software away to the public and closing down my mentor program to new sign-ups. There seems to be increasingly more threatening, dangerous, hostile people swirling around try to stop everything I'm doing. It's a shame these bad people are trying to overshadow and stop the good people who just want to improve their lives and help their families.

I really ask for your prayers and support right now, because there are a lot of "gatekeepers" in the industry who don't want things to change, instead they want things to stay the same. They don't like how I'm trying to bring truth to the public, and bring software to the public that really works.

I WILL TRY TO ADD CLOSED CAPTIONING TO MY VIDEOS: I'm going to try to add closed captioning to my videos for people who are hard of hearing. I've been contacted by a few people who are either deaf or very hard of hearing and can't understand my videos, so I will look into trying to do this.

I APPRECIATE THE PEOPLE WHO CARE AND ARE SHOWING A GENUINE EFFORT TO LEARN: I appreciate mentors who pay attention. Those who do pay attention, and who have clearly read my materials, will definitely be in line in the future for my software.

Those who don't pay attention -- or worse, those who reference "" as if they are a legitimate source (which they are not whatsoever) -- are people I'm not likely to want to give my software to.

A WEBSITE INCOME SYSTEM I RECOMMEND: A lot of people like Jean's Super VIP Program website creation system. It's not related at all to binary options. Instead, it's a way to quickly set up a series of websites that will make you money. Jean and her wonderful son, Randy, will set them up for you and get you connected with an Adsense and Chitika account (these are ad companies that pay you to show ads on your websites Jean will create for you). This is a great system for people who don't have websites of their own and don't know anything about "SEO", but want an expert to set it up for them. It's surprisingly low cost, too, considering what you get. Here's my review and here's a link to have a look at it. I still get people writing me who seem happy with this system, so I thought I would mention it (you can learn about my own websites via my Top 5 Income Streams article).

NEW VERSION OF MY SOFTWARE COMING SOON: Look for more news on my new version of my software -- version 2.55 -- which we're quite excited about. It will have more bug fixes, more interface improvements, more trading bots added to it, and more brokers to work with, too. I've also now officially added Brokerage Capital as a broker I will be using with my software.

I know some mentor members using my software have had a few bugs. This is happening because my software was never intended for public use when we designed it. It was designed specifically for my computer. As such, it never underwent beta testing, or quality control tests. We're seeing some bugs, but that is to be expected, since people using it are using it on computers with different operating systems and set-ups. I'm confident the next version will fix most of those issues.

GIVEAWAY FUNDS GO TO A GOOD CAUSE: I received an inspiring photo from Manette L., who won $333 in my giveaway two months ago. She used the funds to help buy school materials for children at a Phillipines day school called San Vicente Elemenary. It makes me very happy to see the money going to something that is helping others, so I thank Manette for using the funds for that purpose! Here is the photo:

verified trader

God bless,

Roy T. @

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