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Auto Money App REVIEW - This new binary options trading bot is a HUGE SCAM.

AUTO MONEY APP REVIEW - It is a massive, laughable SCAM!

Please, please read this before you invest in "Auto Money App":

Auto Money App is a new binary options offering that sets the bar so low, so odious, so duplicitous, I am ranking it as the worst scam of 2015:

auto money app review

First of all, the "Daniel Rosenberg" mentioned in the video is an actor. The entire video is made up and fake:

auto money app scam

Auto Money App has no legitimacy whatsoever and does not even work as a trading bot. Daniel Rosenberg is an actor and nothing about his story is real. I've made a deposit and tested it with my diagnostic software, and it does not even make remotely "intelligent" trades. It appears to use some kind of "random number generator" to pick trades, at random. 

You will lose all of your money with the Auto Money App scam! 

Please read the rest of my website and my newsletter below to get up to speed on binary options news: 

My previous newsletter from a few days ago is below (a lot of people told me they never got it, so hopefully sending it a second time will get it to more people), plus some NEW updates below I wanted to add:

1) I'm away from Richmond this week seeing my brother, Greg. He has cancer and is undergoing chemo treatments. He's "out of the woods" so to speak, has a very positive prognosis and we're very hopeful. Thank you for the prayers and support!

2) Open Source Spy is a new trading bot, and I made a deposit last week and so far I'm impressed. It made a few trades on Friday and all of them were in the money. As I said above, it's worth a look, but too early to tell if it's going to provide long-term success.

3) If you want a bot that seems to virtually never result in negative feedback (at least on my end), I would say Tokyo Bot has proven to be a solid choice. 

4) I've had some more questions about my software, and there is an important point I wanted to make:

My goal is to connect trading bots to my software with a win percentage (long-term) over 51%.

Now you have to understand that 51% is not good enough to individually make profits, due to the broker payout ratio. However, if the data algorithm is connected to a trading system aggregator like my software, the 51% or more win rate is a huge boost.

If I can combine enough systems all with win rates above 50%, we begin to see a win rate that continually improves, and reaches beyond 70 to 80%. Since my software is so finely-tuned and optimized, and numerous thresholds have to be reached before a signal is given, we see a win rate between 96.5 and 98.7%. Truly extraordinary! But it requires powerful software to achieve. That's why my software has cost over $30,000 alone to develop, and took months to fine-tune.

I wanted to explain this, because I see people frustrated with some of the individual trading bots. Yes, I completely sympathize. Now, if there were a broker that paid out a full ratio, we could make money with a 51% winning bot. But that doesn't exist, because brokers have to make money, too. So we do need to achieve an ITM or win rate into the 60-70% range to even achieve profits, but this is very possible if we combine the power of multiple trading bots.

Again, as I've noted elsewhere, professional traders across various mediums -- stocks, Forex, commodities -- all use the method I'm using, of using multiple data inputs. Individual trading bots can rarely achieve that level of efficacy alone (though I'm always on the lookout for a "blockbuster" trading bot, because sometimes they come along. In fact, there is a new one coming out in about a week that I've been given personal, secret access to, and I can't wait to share it with everyone when it gets released, so that will be coming soon. We're also seeing better and more improved trading bots this year, over last year. The science behind it is always improving).

5) You also have to watch out for scams. There are "trading bots" that get released that are out and out scams and don't even work -- at all -- like Larry's Cash Machine. There are scammers that want to basically copy the templates of real trading bots and fool people into using them. My theory is these scammers are highly sophisticated, and manage to even fool brokers into working with them. They have marketing teams that basically say, "We've got a new trading bot, we'll send you clients," and the brokers go along with it.

6) Bad brokers show up more commonly for people in the United States. This is because the U.S. government only wants U.S. citizens to use their single "approved" broker called Nadex. Unfortunately, Nadex is a lousy broker and uses old technology. The "bad" brokers, on the other hand, are happy to weasel their way into the U.S. market and offer their services. It's something you just have to watch out for if you're from the United States. (I'm able to get around it because I have an address and second home in Croatia, and European bank accounts and credit cards.)

7) Some more testimonials on my software are coming. I've spoken with a few people using it who are willing to go on camera and offer some detailed testimonials.

8) I'll award the $1,000 giveaway this week. I've been so behind and overwhelmed, this has gotten put off longer than expected. I also have a lot of people who wrote me at the special email, and it's a lot to consider! But I'll get to it.

9) SCAM ALERT: There's a new Internet money-making scheme / binary trading bot out called "Auto Money App". Please avoid this. I believe the video is fake, and I think it's the same people behind the awful "Quick Cash System" and a few other bogus systems.

10) A few days ago, a few people reported a browser warning popping up saying could be a potential virus / hacking site when they visited the site. This was a Google warning. After I got these reports, I contacted my hosting provider, Godaddy, and we discovered code that was placed on the site that would fool Google into issuing this warning. The warning is automatic and Google's anti-phishing algorithm detected it. The code was placed there by whoever got into my site, to discourage people from visiting it.

I want to assure everyone that there is zero threat from visiting my website.

11) I still encourage everyone to watch my latest video, "Build a Portfolio of Systems and Hedge Your Losses," since I discuss and cover a lot of pertinent topics in it.

Success in binary options is about education. The more you learn, the more you absorb information, the more you try, the better chance you have at creating a long-term passive income. That's why I've put so much into my website. I want people to become educated about binary options, because there is so much garbage information floating out there posted by scammers and bad brokers that is misleading people.

God bless,

Roy T.


I have a VERY important announcement below that I hope everyone reads:


Last week, I rewarded 49+ copies of my software to people on my Mentor List who have been with me for a while, and have been working toward being ready to use my software.

However, what was not disclosed at the time was that about 15 "dummy" copies were given out to people we suspected to be a "rat" -- a scammer or someone associated with a bad broker working to attack me and destroy me on my Mentor List.

When I say "we", I am referring to my lawyers and a few private investigator friends I have. We have been watching the Mentor List carefully, and we had good reason to believe a scammer or bad broker had attempted to join a while back to get my software.

We felt a good way to reveal who this this person was would be to send out a "dummy",non-working version of my software, to see if he posts a video or tries to attack it as "not functioning". We figured once he had the dummy, non-working version of my software, he would show his face.

And that is EXACTLY what happened. We "smoked" him out.

He has revealed himself to be an enemy and someone trying to destroy me. We suspect he is behind multiple threats and attacks, and he has also posted a YouTube video attacking me.

Below are screenshots of a couple of exchanges between myself and him privately on YouTube's messaging system.

First, he sent me a threat (this is one of a few threats from him):

auto money app

Then he revealed himself as being in possession of the "dummy" software and was complaining it wasn't working:

Based on his writing style and other means of identity detection, we have determined who he is, and we have determined he indeed was one of the 15 or so people sent the dummy, non-working software. It also appears there is more than one person involved.

I want to reiterate to people that I am under attack. I am also being very careful who I give my software to, as well. This is not something I take lightly. I've spent over $30,000 dollars on my software and I will not tolerate it ending up in the hands of scammers or bad brokers who want to sell it or shut me down.

Due to this incident, all future mentors will have to sign a non-disclosure agreement. My laywers have been on my case about this, and have demanded that I not give my software away any longer without more safeguards and protections.

I hope you all understand. You have to realize my software is so powerful, and could help so many average people make money, that there are forces out there working hard to stop me. They do not want this out to the public! My site was hacked again last week, as well. I've been receiving more and more threatening emails, as I showed my in latest video. I need your support and prayers.

I will have more on this developing situation in an upcoming video and upcoming newsletters. We are still trying to determine how to handle this situation, and what legal recourse to take against the person above. He is already issuing baseless personal attacks against me and my family via his YouTube channel and the video he recently posted attacking me.


There are a lot of new trading bots coming out this week! However, the only one I've deposited with and tested is Binary Machine. I'm including the link here and adding it tomy Master List so people can check it out. So far it looks really good!
As for the other bots, I recommend not getting involved until I sign up and deposit with them. I already had one person who didn't listen to me sign up with Larry's Cash Machine and they lost $500 almost instantly, just like I did when I tested it. If they had waited for my review, they would know it's a scam and would have never lost that $500!

HERE IS A BRAND NEW SCREEN SHOT OF MY LATEST VERSION OF MY SOFTWARE - VERSION 2.41 - This month's profits are now at $32,260 and growing each week and going right into my bank account via bank wires from CTOption:auto money app review


I know all of the information on my site is overwhleming, but I wanted to post another simple list for people to help keep everyone on track:

 - Create goals for yourself! Build a trading bot portfolio. Make a goal of $100 income this month, then $250 next month, $500 the next, and before you know it you will be making a good passive income. You have to be focused! Read my site for guidance, too. I get a lot of people asking me questions that have been already discussed on my site.

 - If you have to read my site and Mentor materials over again to remember everything, do it!
 - My software is 100% real and I've been giving it away every month to Mentors just like you.

 - Due to the fact my software was never optimized for public release and never underwent quality control testing, there have been a few people who experienced bugs and connectivity problems with their various computer set ups and operating systems. We're working on fixing that and releasing new versions every month.

 - My software combines the signals of 70+ trading bots to make highly accurate trades.

 - For my software to work, you need a minimum of 20+ trading systems from my Master List. If it's not on my Master List, then it is not compatible with my software. Keep in mind, with 20-30 trading bots, Super Signals will not be frequent, they will be rare. You can still make money with them, however, but not nearly as much as I do or other Mentors with 40-50+ bots connected. Even with 70+ systems, there are days I may receive just one Super Signal. This is because we continue to optimize my software to eliminate any chance of a losing trade.

 - My Master List is the most important link on my website, not only for the reviews of different trading bots, but for the good and bad broker list and other information. 

 - Most brokers are "marginal" and they are out to make money, so I only use the best ones, like CTOption, to make trades and get withdrawals to my bank account.

 - Building a Portfolio of Systems (click here to read my article on this) is important to hedge risk and hedge any losses from poor-performing bots. The biggest mistake newbies make is not having a portfolio of systems!

 - People following my advice are already reporting to me their successes, which I post as real testimonials on my Master List of trading bots all the time. The people with more trading bots seem to be doing better, as I would expect.

 - For people with low capital to start, I recommend using CTOption (minimum $400 deposit) with Auto Binary Signals, and updgrading to their "Pro Training" module. This has been working for people. You can read more on my Master List or below there are links to my previous newsletters with this topic discussed.

 - If you listen, read and pay attention, I'm happy to give you my software. If you are a scammer or working for a bad broker, or someone trying to steal my software and re-sell it, we will find out out -- just like the person (or persons) above. I have a private investigative background and so do my friends, so you will not get far.

 - Despite the set back above, where we had to "smoke out" a rat, I plan to still give my software to everyone via a non-disclosure agreement. Do not give up. It may take longer to get all that worked out and streamlined, but we'll get it done in the coming months. In the meantime, we continue to work on improving my software with new and better versions.

With that in mind, as you build your portfolio, you can still plan on getting my software in the future.


I recommend checking out Big Profit Generator, which I've made over $1,800 using since I signed up. Very impressive so far. Good brokers, too. 
(Please note: I did not use the demo account. They offer a demo account for new sign ups, and one person complained about the demo account. I have no experience with it, so I cannot speak to it, but I wanted to let people know someone was upset about it for some reason.)


Millionaire in 6 Months, Double Comma Club, Internet Profit Formula, Auto Money App and Earning Expert are all new systems coming out this week.

PLEASE WAIT until I've reviewed them to use them. Some of them could be scams, like Larry's Cash Machine (my review)! Another one to watch out for is "My Online Business" - this appears to be a scam! DO NOT put your money into "My Online Business"!


My brother, Greg, is suffering from cancer and in the hospital in Denver, so I will be visiting him over the next week (thankfully, his case is curable and he's doing well!).
During this time, I will have my laptop and try to post updates and respond to emails. Just keep in mind things may slow down a bit while I'm gone, in terms of some of the projects I'm working on. Thank you for your understanding and prayers and support - I read them all!

God bless,

Roy T.

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  1. Hello Roy. I want to really thank you for this alert. Luckily, I was able to remove my $250 deposit (on 2/21) and made NO trades from the linked auto app of a UK broker called Royal Binary (probably because I did it late on Fri. 2/20) and presume they do not trade on the wknd. Anyway, please recommend to me your most trusted system. Thanks again!