Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Jet Set Club is a SCAM! Check out my review of The Jet Set Club...

the jet set club review

The Jet Set Club is a SCAM!

I've decided to give "The Jet Set Club" an "F" rating for the following reasons:

  • Poor customer service.
  • People aren't being given the signals software when they make a deposit.
  • The Jet Set Club is using "scam" brokers like CiTrades and CVCOptions.
  • The signals performance is poor.
  • People's money is being stolen by these scammers.

I thought The Jet Set Club was a decent binary options trading bot when it first came online, but after about a month after it's release, it's clear this is an awful system and the creators behind it are thieves.

There are far better systems out there, like Daily Binary Profits ver. 7, and many others on my Top 40 List.

If you made a deposit with The Jet Set Club, I recommend asking for a withdrawal immediately and trying to get your money back. 

More Updates...

It's been a really busy week, but I wanted to get this update out to everyone. Right now I'm working on some new videos, so make sure you're subscribed to my YouTube channel so you don't miss out (click here for my YouTube channel).NEW TESTIMONIALS! ECT Bot, Millionaire Money Machine & Crisis Killer are working and making people money:

The top three systems on My Top 40 Binary Options Systems Master List continue to deliver some pretty amazing results. I thought I'd share a few emails I've gotten from people who've used them. They gave me permission to post their quotes:

ECT Binary Bot:

"wow amazing roy -- 12 winning trades and only 4 losing trades for a profit of $247 this week!!! it's really working wow thank you." - 
Najal S., India 
"Ok Roy, ive been trying so hard to find a binary bot that worked and i think i finally found it, you were right about ect bot -- I have to give you an update on ECT BOT! I can't believe it's really working but I just made $558 this week from 14 winning trades its AMAZING!" - Sadie S., Hot Springs, Arkansas, USACrisis Killer: 

"so last week i only made $28 but this week i've had four winning trades in a row and now I'm up $135 in my account. I'm also using BigOption and they've been really helpful and i even got a withdrawal from them last week for $200, that was really encouraging. thanks again for recommmending crisis killer." - Paul. H., Boise, Idaho, USA

I've also had a few people write and say Millionaire Money Machine is working out well for them. 

I also think there are still some great systems worth trying out on My Top 40 Binary Options Systems Master List, including Daily Binary Profits ver. 7The Trade Power andFast Income App.
It's good to see some success stories! Not all of the trading bots are legitimate, so you have to be careful. For instance, Binary Pro App and My Cash Bot are both huge scams, which I exposed in my reviews of them. There are also some really bad brokers out there, like CiTrades and CVCOptions, so watch out for them.
SPECIAL INVITATION to Newsletter Subscribers:

NEW Internet business opportunity system out - "Income Black Box"

I have been given exclusive early access to a brand NEW Internet home income buisness opportunity offered for a limited time exclusively through this newsletter and only a few others. The people working on this project approached me and asked me to exclusively try out their product and so far I'm really impressed.

I loved the video and some of the materials they sent me. I'll have a review up soon after I'm done testing it, but I wanted to get this out now. This might be a great opportunity for people looking for a low-cost, cheap alternative to binary options. Click here to check out the video, it's really exciting, I enjoyed it.

Cash giveaway update
I also wanted to give an update on my November cash giveaway. I'm going to probably do what I did last month and give four people $250 via PayPal. Just write if you are in need. I only want people who really need the money to write and tell me their stories. I want this money to go to people whoneed it the most. 

Also, if you need a few dollars, just write me at my main email and I'll try to help. It's easy enough for me to send funds through PayPal, so I don't mind helping people out now and then.

I'm making so much money with my Super Signals software I don't mind helping out. I've made over $100,000 dollars this month alone using it.

God bless,

Roy @

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