Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Insider John's Binary App 810 REVIEW - New binary options trading bot is a HUGE success.

REVIEW: Binary App 810
binary app 810 review


Well, there's really nothing else like Insider John's BinaryApp810

For the first time ever, the winner of Banc de Binary's official trading bot contest has released his winning bot to the public, for free.

John "Insider John" Callaghan is an award-winning expert binary options trader who has made millions of dollars over the past few years. He developed a top-tier trading bot software called BinaryApp810 that made him rich, and now he's sharing it with the public.

insider john review
John Callaghan receives his Banc de Binary award
This bot has produced more positive feedback than any other trading bot I've reviewed. More people write me every week with positive results than anything else I've ever seen (see testimonials from my newsletter below this review). People love this bot, and they love John, his honesty and his story.


YET ANOTHER NEW TESTIMONIAL 2/15/15"BinaryApp-810, 2/9/15 to 2/13/15, 20 trades with 16 profitable, 'wow'  $535.00 profit." - Marty C. 

UPDATE 2/6/15: NEW TESTIMONIAL FROM PATRICK G.: "I just downloaded Binary App 810. So far, so good. Of the five closed trades, all were in the money!" 

UPDATE 2/1/15: NEW TESTIMONIAL FROM SHIVA K: "Binary App 810 is amazing. I made $286 last week. Am still trading only $25 lots." NOTE: It's important to sign up for "multi-broker mode" for the bot to work best. Once you sign up, they will explain how to use multi-broker mode. 

UPDATE 12/19/14: This system is BY FAR generating the most positive feedback for any system so far. People are doing well with it, but keep in mind it is a semi-auto signals provider, not an auto-bot. If you want an auto-bot, try any of the other systems on this list.

GRADE: A+ (note: this is a PRELIMINARY REVIEW. More testimonials and information will be added to this review in the coming week!)

Pros: extremely accurate trading bot, backed by the excellent reputation of expert trader John Callaghan. It uses a multi-tiered 3 broker system to receive data, which is small-scale version of my Super Signals Software. Very impressive!

Cons: it's a two month trial, and after that it's $4,999. But I've been told by an inside source that John does not plan to charge people for the system. You will get to keep his bot for free. Period. And I'm very sure about that.

I highly recommend watching the entire video that introduces you to John Callaghan.

God bless,

Roy @

My latest newsletter & testimonials:

Friday, Nov. 28th, 2014 - Roy's Newsletter

Dear subscribers, friends & family,

I'm more excited about this newsletter than just about any I've sent out in a while. There is a lot for you to read below, so get ready!

First off, I've been getting some very positive testimonials from people about "BinaryApp810" and My Binary Revenge.

Here area couple of them included below for you to check out. Below, Maja used BinaryApp810 and HER FIRST 16 TRADES WERE WINNING TRADES!!! Look below:


Sonia signed up for My Binary Revenger and her first trades were 8 WINS and ONLY ONE LOSS! That's amazing! Check out what she said below:


Both Insider John's BinaryApp810 and My Binary Revenge are proving to be great systems that are producing a LOT of winning trades. They seem to be a couple of the best trading bots ever offered to the public.

I recommend signing up for them as soon as possible, because as I've talked about before, it's best to get in early before they fill up or close down to the public.

November's $1,000 Giveaway Winners!

Below are the winners of my November $1,000 cash giveaway.

I want to thank everyone who wrote me and shared with me their personal stories of financial struggle and heartache. I received about 100 emails. I read each and every one. I wish I could give everyone money, because everyone who wrote me deserved it!

But I could only choose three to receive $333 dollars each:


I chose Jon Minor from the U.S. after he told me about his financial struggles, faith in God and desire to help his 4 year-old son have a better life.


I chose Raman P.A. from India after he told me about his difficult life there and his desire for a better financial future.

I chose Syed Muneeb from Karachi, Pakistan after he told me about the six people in his family who are desperately struggling, and how the giveaway cash would help them so much.

For those who did not win, just stay tuned for next month's giveaway. I'm not sure what I plan to do yet, but don't give up hope. If you're on my newsletter, then that means you're eligible! I want to help as many people as I can this year and into next year, so I hope by next year I can give away thousands and thousands of dollars to my newsletter subscribers who need the money the most to help pay bills and afford deposits for new binary options trading systems.

I appreciate when people update me with their progress

Some people have written me and they've said, "Roy, I don't want to bother you." But I don't mind getting emails, I just may not be able to respond to every one of them, since I get so many.

do want people to update me on their progress and how they are doing with their trading experiences. I want to know so I can spot any scams and alert people. We all know what happened with My Cash Bot and a few other awful systems. They started out well, but once it was apparent they were scamming people, I alerted everyone as fast as I could. So all of your feedback helps a lot. Remember, my main email

Building your binary trading system portfolio

Something I'm going to be talking more about is how to build up your trading bot portfolio using my Master List of systems that I use.

Preparing for difficult economic times

As I talk about in my latest video, I believe the United States is headed toward very difficult economic times. The whole world is also still suffering from the economic crisis of 2008. Right now, our Federal Reserve is printing billions of dollars a day to keep the U.S. economy afloat, but it is barely working, and at some point there will be consequences for printing so much money. People are already struggling and barely getting by, wages are stagnant, while rent and utilities costs continue to rise. Things are so bad that people can barely feed their children, in some cases. Our media doesn't really talk about it, but things really aren't getting better.

That's why financial preparation is so important. That's why people need financial relief so badly.  That's why I want my software to help people. I know if more people can get it, more and more people will benefit.

Why it's easy for rich people to make even more money

I know $5,000 or $10,000 is nothing for rich people. They can invest that easily and make money easily. They make money in the stock market, Forex market and binary options market because they already have so much money to invest in the first place! If you have one million dollars, for example, it's easy to invest that in a high yield, dividend paying stock and you will make thousands of dollars a month in free income.

That is the luxury of being rich. And poor people don't have that option. They just don't have the investiment capital to make a consistent, long-term passive income. That's why binary options are so special, so unique: it gives the "little guy" a real shot at making big money!

My message to everyone is don't give up. I've been blessed with a great secret, given to me by a friend in the binary options world. I've spoken about it a little before, but I plan to tell people more about who this person is in the future. He is part of the reason I created my software. I believe the Lord led me to him, so I could create my software and make it available, for free, for people who are struggling who need it.

God bless & have great Thanksgiving weekend,

Roy @

p.s. Below are screenshots of the transactions made for my giveaway winners. I'm providing this as a means of full legal disclosure so people can feel confident that I really do giveaway my own money.



  1. For the binary app 810, does it require to have three brokers to run the system?

    1. It does not. One will work just fine.

  2. Hey Roy.... I am so-o-o impressed with your hugely-informative articles on binary trading,
    I wish the good lord had sent me here a few days earlier.
    As it happened, He arranged for an affiliate marketer (a name that is mentioned nowhere
    on your pages, so I won't repeat it now) email me a link to John Callaghan's
    Binary APP 810 webpages.
    The marketing material and John's videos persuaded me to fund Banc de Binary.
    The Banc acknowledged receipt immediately... but I haven't heard another word#
    from the Cllaghan Equipe. Their blurb tells me I will "automatically" receive
    instructions to access the software.
    I emailed "Support", no response as yet. It is possible of course that
    Banc de Binary ask about my trading intentions... but I'd expect all the
    programs and advice would come from the master trader.
    Any thoughts?
    Best from downunder

    1. Thank you for the words of support!

      I would wait a day or two for the confirmation email to go through. I keep hearing this can take about a day and there are delays.

      God bless,


  3. Extremely helpful newsletter, Roy! The update for 'Binary App 810' AND 'Binary Revenge' so timely.

    I'm especially appreciative of the reminder you've shared again with everyone about the ECONOMY CHALLENGES that plague the globe. I'm not a fatalist. I DO believe that Goodness and Righteousness WILL PREVAIL. But, 'the masses' are indeed being tested, and may continue to be for some time. -- It's refreshing and faith promoting to run across selfless people like you...who are sharing their knowledge, tools, and personal convictions, to truly help others PREVAIL amidst these challenges.

    I join many others I'm sure, in expressing gratitude to YOU...Roy Tribble, for ALL you've done...and continue to do for 'this community'. THANK YOU, my friend. May God continue to bless you in all aspects of your life, and especially lift you up and preserve you physically, as you pursue this most meaningful mission!!

    1. Thank you so much! I truly wish more people would find my site, because I keep getting people writing me things like, "Roy, I just lost $15,000 to this bad broker!" Well, it's so bad, because all they would have had to do is write me and ask me if the broker was ok or not, and I would tell them. I would also tell them to NEVER invest in ANY broker with THAT much money unless you 100% TRUST them. Ever. Even I won't do that with anyone except CTOption.

      God bless,


  4. To day I have joined Binaryapp810 and thier broker BEE option . I will trade it when i have money

  5. HI Roy. I've been searching as many informations as possible about Binaryapp-810. Can you convince me that this is not a scam? And, I live in Indonesia, some of brokers don't allow bot to be used for people in some countries like mine.(means bot won't work) Can you make sure that we are from Indonesia can use bot like Binaryapp-810 without problems? I really want to use it, but with the problem I often hear, I think twice to invest my $250. In short words I want to know if the brokers are okay if the bot is used by Indonesian and from Indonesia.

  6. If you want to use 2/3 brokers do you sign up with same email or different email for each broker?

  7. Roy,I Lost all my hard earned money joining some AFFILIATE PROGRAMS,PTR,PTC,ACX and PROFITCLICKING maybe around $3k-$5k.Its a BIG MONEY for me here in the Philippines.I SUBSCRIBED for some binary options hoping to cover up my losses but still my hard earned money gone.I subscribed the auto trader software just because of the Guaranteed profit per day based on their campaign but in the actual trade the results was so EMBARRASSING.I subcribed ROBOTFXTRADE,MILLIONAIRESYSTEM.CO & LEGALINSIDERBOT.Check my trade results from LEGALINSIDERBOT;LATEST TRADES
    Date Asset Type Amount Status Payout
    27.11 18:15 GBPJPY CALL 25 LOST 0
    27.11 17:35 AUDUSD PUT 25 LOST 0
    27.11 16:10 EURAUD CALL 25 LOST 0
    27.11 15:20 EURUSD CALL 25 LOST 0
    27.11 14:45 USDCAD PUT 25 LOST 0
    27.11 14:00 EURUSD CALL 25 WON 45
    See All Trades

    © Legal Insider Bot 2014

  8. Thanks for the great info on these binary trading systems Roy. I'm grateful for discovering your site today. This has answered a lot of questions for me about the bots that i've seen for the last year or so. I've traded some in the past with a company called TradeRush. I won for about 2 days, and didn't read the fine print about withdrawing funds from profits made with bonus cash. Once I talked with the broker who was impressed by my $200 deposit on sunday night and my $1480 balance on tuesday before noon, he was interested in how i did it. I had explained about a manual strategy i had learned from an English trader, i started losing trade after trade. I finally ended up withdrawing almost 600.00 in the end. I waited a few weeks and decided to try it again with the same broker and lost my entire deposit. I haven't traded since then, but since I've discovered your site, I can find confidence in knowing that someone has verified the validity of the claims made by some of the program robots out there.
    I have a question about a couple of brokers that claim they have great bonuses on deposits and insured trades to eliminate risks. Can you please find out if Cedar Finance and Regal Options are upstanding brokers and are these trades even real?

    1. You are welcome, and yes I think both of them are good brokers.

  9. Roy, What do you know about Cedar Finance and Regal Options? They claim to have great bonuses on deposits and insured trades to eliminate risk! Please let me know if you know or find out either way. Thanks in advance

  10. hi roy aim in tanzania i really read your advice and i wish to start trading with binary app 810 by john insider, i hope it will make up to me bcoz iam new in buziness

    1. Ok, good luck, you should definitely get it.

  11. Hey Roy, first off I want to thank you for putting up with all my questions lol. sometimes I do have a bunch. My latest on has to do with the Binary App 810. Once it is funded and we have selected a few trades.... since it is a software program, do we have to leave it open and running on our computer? I mean, since it is getting pretty late and there is still quite a bit of time left, if we close the app, will we lose the trades we have placed? Reason I ask is (other then it's 2 am here, is that I am only allowed so much usage per month, and this seems to be eating it up pretty quick! :( thanks alot!

    1. It is semi-auto and yes I would keep it open at all times. If you have usage problems only use it when you have free Internet, and you should be OK. And no you will not lose the trades if you close the app, don't worry.

  12. Hi Roy,

    What if banc de binary block my country? Can I still join Binary App 810 using other broker? Would you like to reviews goldstriketrading[com] please?

    Thanks for responding me

    God Bless You

    1. You can try to.

      I've discussed Gold Strike Trading in my latest newsletter, which I hope you are getting.

  13. Hello there,
    I went on the site johns binary app 810 very interesting I might add. However after going through the steps it does not tell me the minimum to invest to start with. Can I just invest the 250 like others out there. Hope so cause I do not have much. Thank u kindly.

    1. Yes, you can, though I would invest more like $400 or $500.

  14. hello roy im in the united states i cant work because i have a leg medical problem i dont have legal working permit because im from other country i came here 1 year ago and my situation is really bad my family is goin to sale a motorcicle they have and are goin to send me 250 to open an account in a binary opcion broker is a loan im goin to take i cant collect more money so i want your advice please do u think is saffe for me to invest in app 810 i was searching on line for job and i found and i want to invest because im tired of this miserable life no body hires me any where so i want to work by my self thank you very much for you time.

  15. Hi Roy
    binary 810 is semi- auto, does that mean ill have to sit in front of the computer wen i do the trades?
    do the brokers they recommend really payout on time, having a problem with my broker (gtoptions)wen i want to withdraw.

  16. I used this for the first time last night. The interface could use a bit of tweaking and I started out 0-3 but rebounded nicely and I'm 65 up after really just playing with it and getting used to it.

  17. I looked through many media sites and such and everyone says binary app 810 is a scam. I really liked the video, but the evidence really aims at it being a scam. Can all those people really be affiliates trying to destroy binary app 810 or are some of them real people?

    1. It's mostly competing products saying it's a scam and promoting their OWN product. Watch out for sites like that. All the testimonials I posted are real and I now and then I STILL hear good things about this bot.

    2. This is a very good question hope that our brother Roy will answer as i a, also waiting for the reply I got scam with professor george the software made some money for me but within 24 hours I was told to open another account with brokers LBinary and it was deactivated

  18. Hello Mr Roy.
    I want to join your app 810 ,so how can i join it and i want to know that its app have any information about Binary Options Signals