Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My Cash Bot REVIEW: My Cash Bot is 100% a SCAM!

my cash bot review

My Cash Bot REVIEW - Yes, it's a HUGE scam

Don't use this binary options trading bot, known as Albert Glenn's "My Cash Bot". They are stealing people's money and scamming people. They use awful brokers, like CiTrades, which are known to steal people's money. 

Their trading "bot" does not work, either. My Cash Bot (www.MyCashBot.com) uses old, out-dated trading code that results in more losses than wins. I initially thought this was a good system, but after further testing and investigation, My Cash Bot may be one of the biggest scams on the Internet. They are not genuine! Do not trust My Cash Bot!

my cash bot scam

My Cash Bot's customer service is also awful. They do not respond to emails, and when people try to get the signals software, sometimes it's not even given to them. They just take your money and don't even let you use the software -- which wouldn't really matter, since it's going to lose money anyway!

There are far better systems like those verified on my Master List of binary options systems.

Hopefully, this review will keep people from losing any money with My Cash Bot. They truthfully are one of the worst systems I've EVER seen in all of my time investigating binary options. Whoever is behind that system is engaging in criminal activity and I will look into reporting them to the FBI and FTC. 


Some newsletter updates below: 

There are a few issues I want to address so we're all on the same page.

First, I want to thank all of you for your dedication, effort and desire to use my software and change your financial futures for the better. 

Many of you have shared your life stories with me and your struggles, and I greatly appreciate your openness and honesty. 

Important updates and SCAM alert:

I have received some pretty disturbing reports about a new system I've been using called BinaryProApp

I thought this was a good system, but I've had some bad reports from people using it. It appears they aligned themselves with some very bad brokers and they are providing very poor customer service. I am advising people *not* to use this system anymore! 

I'm also asking for those who have made deposits with BinaryProApp to let me know how things are going. If you've had trouble with this system, let me know, because I will be updating my review of it and I want all of the information I can get to warn the public.

There are many other excellent systems to use, including Tokyo BotOz RobotBinary Auto Trades and many others on my Master List. I like all of them and I'm getting good reports about them.Truthfully, most of the issues relating to these systems have to do with the lousy brokers they are sometimes connected to. Please don't worry too much about this, because you can connect all of these systems to my software and use *any broker you like*. You can find one you trust and begin making money with them, like the one I use, CTOption.

So, don't worry too much about the bad brokers. 

I've also updated my Master List with more systems. I'm updating it every few days now. 

Some other questions people have:

I hope this update has been helpful, and if you have any questions, please ask. If I don't respond within two or three days, please re-send the email. Sometimes emails either don't go through, go to my spam folder, or I just miss them. It's hard to manage all of the emails I get, but I try. 

I also appreciate all of the emails and prayers and support for my health. 

I'm doing better, but I'm 62 years old and I really need to prioritize my health. This software has taken over my life, but it's worth it to me to fight. I believe the Lord led me in this direction, to create this software, and use this idea of combining signals -- it really works, it's like nothing else I've ever used or done, I think it's something special and I'm glad to share it with you. 

God bless,

Roy @ ScamWatchdog.org 

p.s. remember, My Cash Bot is a scam! 


  1. Hi Roy

    Thanks for the update on this! Are any other systems using this broker or is this a fake broker that was set up specifically for this system developer to facilitate the scam? Just curious!
    Julie H

    1. No, CiTrades is real. There are two ways CiTrades infiltrates the market: first, they align with a scam bot like My Cash Bot -- OR they get included in rotating broker "wheels" of 20 or 30 brokers that are offered by legitimate trading bots.

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