Thursday, March 10, 2016

Roy's Binary Options Personal Mentor Program

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Welcome to Roy's Binary Options Personal Mentor Program

This program is free of charge and I am not selling any product of my own.

Below, you will send an email to me and I will send you some materials back to get you started on your binary options education journey.

In the materials you will be sent, you will learn about:

  • How you can easily find solid, long-term success with binary options.
  • Why many FAIL at binary options, but others SUCCEED and make tremendous money.
  • A comprehensive review of how the binary options world really works. All the behind the scenes secrets.
  • Simple trading tips that will give you a big edge.
  • Insider info on who in the industry can and cannot be trusted.
  • My easy, recommended methods that you won't learn about anywhere else.

In signing up, you will join a wonderful group of mentors all working together to become successful traders.

To give you an idea of how my mentor program can help people, here is a testimonial posted from mentor Jim Reynolds:

"Roy you are truly a God-send! I want to thank you for your Mentoring. You are right that you have to be educated! Your guidance really helped us. GOD BLESS!" — Jim R. 

How to join our team today:

Roy's Binary Options Mentor Program can be joined by sending an email to "Roy's Mentor Program Sign Up" and ask to be included -- please provide your full name, too.

Remember: send an email to and place in the headline, "Roy's Mentor Program Sign Up". Include some basic details about yourself as well, so I can get to know you a bit. I will respond within 24 hours, usually, but sometimes it make take me a few days. Look for my email & add "" to your email "white list". 

Read it! Important: If you cannot or do not follow the basic instructions I've outlined above, you will not be added to my mentor program or join my team of traders. 

You have to send the email with some basic details about yourself, and ask to be sent the materials. You have to then wait and look for my email reply. It will come within a few hours or few days, at the most. I only have interest in helping those who are serious about trading binary options.

I do have people who write and simply do not read, listen or pay attention at all, and they are filling up my mentor list and it's leaving out people who deserve my help. Please do not waste my time, and save this program for people who really care and want help. 

I also do not use "auto-responders" or other nonsense like these fake "gurus" like use - I read every email I get and send my materials by hand, personally. 

Also, keep in mind some spam filters are very aggressive and will block my reply - to ensure you get it, add "" to your "white list" of emails or safe list, so it will go through, or check your spam folder.

God bless,


Disclaimer - READ THIS! Your email will be safe and NEVER be shared with a third party! This program is designed so I can have personal contact with you, and help you with any personal needs or questions you may have. It's also designed to share some of my personal secrets, which I prefer not to make public on my website due to some of the threats I've received from scammers and bad brokers.

Please note that I am not a financial adviser or an "expert". I am merely offering some of my personal opinions. I do not advise on financial matters, i.e. I don't tell you what to do with your money or make promises to how much money you will make. U.S. Citizens should not make investments in unregulated brokers and should only use the regulated U.S. broker called Nadex. I am required to make this statement due to U.S. Government SEC and FTC regulations. Please read my site disclaimer at the bottom of my website and blog for more information.


  1. Can i start with walter green prog first but the problem are the funding of early min deposit of usd 250 which are quite costly for me due to budget tight....pls advised...i do want make money quickly...tq

    1. Keep going after thw scams roy and exposing what works or what doesnt thank you I am making 3000 us monthly because of you and could you verify if german binary robot or nobert is real

  2. I've been reading your blog for a while and i have signed up for your newsletter , and am really interested in the binary trade,
    but i face a major problem, i can't signup to your masterlist signals because am from
    NIGERIA. I need to know if there is a solution to this because am really interested.

  3. hellow Roy !
    i've a question can i use on of the listed system ??? i have only 250$ to deposit . i want to deposit in walter green's system can i choose just one system ?

  4. Hello Roy,
    Thank you for a very interesting blog, from now I follow you 100%. You mentioned in your text "Most of these advanced systems are free, often for a limited time. I do whatever I can to jump on those opportunities and GET those systems while they are free.
    ", what happen when they start to force me to sign up (not free any longer), means I need to deposit at least $200 on each of them (20x$200=$4000)?

  5. These free systems that start you out,do you have to buy them at a later time for the super signal to keep working?

  6. Hai Roy, thanks for reply, i am newbie for this binary things...there are so many binary is insider legal bot which pay whether i win or lose, the other one which capture my attention is insured profits whereby i win usd20 if win or pay usd2 if lost and the one is free money systems. So my questions which one i should start first since i love to make fast money asap and which one is the best user friendly prog plus good customer service ...?


    1. Hi,I just heard about it and just watched last night the video of Walter green and I signed up and it requires me an information of my master card?or visa etc. Is it ok?plus I don't have have only debit card for savings account.I'm willing to take risk but of course it has to be the right one.will you help me on this one? Thanks

  7. Thank you very much for answering my questions. I know that you live the U.S like me so I have a favor to ask you because no one has truly give me a definite answer to this question. You know that the U.S. is very strict with their tax policy so if I trade binary options, do I have to pay any tax toward the government with the money I won from binary option? Also, I live in the state of Missouri and I know that tax policy varies from place to place. I am still a beginner to this system and I just want to make sure I am going on the right path. I hope you could answer me back ASAP so that I would feel safe and comfortable trading without any worries.
    Thank you a bunch. You provide me good knowledge and background about trading and I am very appreciated.

  8. Hello Roy

    I have heard many successful stories from you about Free Money System by Walter Green on how you earn good profits from just starting with $300.00. So, I have some curious questions to ask you before I join their system. First, are they still a reliable source and system to use compared to other profit making system? Second, how do they contact you in order for you to make a trade? Is it auto? Third, did you actually make to at least $1000.00 after your first day with the system? I I wish you have a good day and please respond back.

  9. Hi Roy, i joined a program called click,copy cash and would like to know if you are familuar with it? I did exactly what they said and it is a free program, but you have to purchase a hosting site called pro cloud hosting, which i did $89 then you have to purchase traffic,which i did another $100 and thats all i got and no where to go for support. So now i have nothing, no website and i have tried to contact the owner whose name is josh but no luck with that either. any help would be appreciated.

  10. Hi Roy,
    Do you still recommend Option Navigator as a system to use with your Super Signals?

  11. Is 24option a scam ?

  12. Anyway, I would say that most of these systems works well (as stand alone system) during their first few days/weeks of release to the public after which the signal accuracy is reduced, thereby wasting people's investments. (That is what I feel about Free Money System)

    Therefore my advise to anyone who wish to use a single system to auto trade is to do so at the earliest stage of the system. Get it immediately it is released and use it to make profitable trades. Once it become washed-down, dump it and go get another new system.

    Just my2cents


  13. hey ROY how good is insured profit software to start trading?? there is also a another software which is 500k project. they both are on your super-list. so between them which one is good enough to start ???
    please leave a reply............

  14. Hey Roy:
    I just gotta ask you this. Why are you limiting the super signal trade to be sent to only one broker? Maybe it's just my greed or perhaps curosity kicking in, but I know many brokers limit the amount you can place on each trade. Therefore, it would seem reasonable to leverage your funds to an even larger amount, the signal could be sent to several brokers when the trade is placed for the super signal rather than just one. Furthermore, if each systems' broker was used in a rotation along with a primary broker it would also take care of any inactivity to each broker account. I've read through your posting but I haven't seen this addressed. Perhaps I missed it.

  15. Hi Roy,

    Is Walter Green system still works? I need help. I'm currently unemployed and ready to take Walter green system. I need to know if it's still active and working. I've watched your video on youtube. I am a born again christian like yourself and I already trust you because of your relationship to our Savior Jesus Christ. I need help. My name is Jonathan by the way. Thank you.

  16. Is 350.00 as a start capital, can give me an income after 3 months? is it Ok, if I compound may earning to the capital?

  17. hi Roy im glad i came across your website..Roy i have sent my request to be a part of your group ..can you please tell me how does this system really work? like what is this software about like can you brief me about it?

  18. wow i have learned so much from reading all these questions , Roy you are a good man and amazing how many people you help , i just signed up for your news letter and am excited if you got your auto platform off the ground for the binary trading thanks for all you do sincerly James Breakiron

  19. Hi,
    Good day! i've been visiting your site always, and reading those articles about those binary signals provider scammer. i trusted all your opinions and reviews with this rampant indulging system out there. i am newbies in binary options and wanted to get profit for a living however, i almost wipeout my account due to lack of knowledge, all my trades end up for a guessing, so i stop for now, and try to learn more. these past few weeks i've been doing intensive research on the net. and then i find those signals that could help traders gain profits eventhough they are a beginner. so i had this idea maybe i need this ti incorporate with my trading so i could recroup my losses. so i visited again your site try to get an answer.. however, you do offer your super binary signals,...i did my review also to watch the videos.. i am so much interested to that.,i am willing to give myself time carefully to read instruction..but i think its just for limited people only,. i wish i could get a spot to it. and try it to have success also... keep it up Sir, its always been wonderful to read and hear about your site..

  20. Greetings Roy, happy new year and blessings to you and your family. I have literally spent most of my weekend going through your videos, and other additional things, you name it. It would be an honour if you would reply to my email a****publishingltd (a)gmail. I honestly believe now your site is one I will follow from NOW on and you as a person.

    I look forward to your reply.

  21. Please Sir,
    Do response for my comment dated December 30,2014, using Anonymous name. apologized for not leaving any email add.

    I am hoping for your Reply.
    Thanks & Happy trading 2015

  22. Roy, I congratulate you for the great work you come doing for the world community who hope to find a reliable real decent income that lasts a long time, your newsletter has reached me and the show details as the forex comes mercadode very good comment, excellent.

    Continues to help the thousands of fans who constantly rely on your good jucio and analysis of the different systems.

    Greetings from Peru


  23. I really hope its not close yet... I couldn't sleep after found your site... really excited to get your replies back!! God BLESS you

  24. Hi Roy, i'm from chile.., can i join your mentor program list and start making money by following your instructions or i have to live in the u.s.? thank you for your time, i hope i can join you.. i really need your help and i want to learn from you.

  25. well hope i can get the oportunity to be part of your group, i really need to start making some extra cash i even wil teach my wife all necesary for her to do manual trading since i cannot quit my job yet

  26. Hi Roy, you seem like an extremely honest and genuine man. I'm extremely interested in your program but could you confirm if it is possible to join if i live in England?

  27. i like to join your siginal please help me roy

  28. Hi Roy,

    Thanks for your update. By the way, can you give us which one the best of binary option robot for newbie like me to join? I always got your update through email. By the way, how I can get your software? Do I have to fund all brokers or robot that integrated on your software? Thank you for your respond. Take care and good luck.

  29. Hallo Roy,

    I'd like to know your opinion about Binary Boom software, whether it is really worth or is it a scam?

    Thanks for your time!

  30. Hi Roy,
    I'm really interested in ur program Looking forward. Thanks

  31. Dear Roy, I am very much interested in your program but could you please confirm if, it is possible for me to join since I live in Malaysia?

  32. am very glad i came out to see good things ahead at last after lots of boring moment with binary trading... have sent a mail to the E-mail provided about the program..
    thanks and God bless

  33. Hi Roy, I sign up with the "One Two Trade brokers". The guy who is my trainer, said I have to pay $3000. I told him I don't have that amount of money. He already took $400 and insist me to try to came up with another $2600. He said it's harder to trade with a small amount of money like $400. Please Roy, tell me would I trust this guy?

  34. Hi Roy I've registered with Walter green Millionaire plueprint please tell me, is it really?

  35. Hi Roy i just registered with Walter green's binary option please tell me if it's a better option


  36. Hi Roy,
    Is trading auto pilot on binary options real? which is the best system to sign on?

  37. I have been reading your posts regularly. I need to say that you are doing a fantastic job. Please keep up the great work.
    binary option tips