Monday, July 7, 2014

REVIEW: Cash Cloud Commissions system is 100% A SCAM! I PROVE IT!

Cash Cloud Commissions review - just another scam?

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The Cash Cloud Commissions system makes big promises. They say you can use their tools to make hundreds of dollars almost instantly. They claim in no time you can make $1,000 a week!

It looks good at first

This all sounds like a lot, but they also have another trick up their sleeve: it's "free"! That's right, they offer all of their tools and training videos for free. Sounds great, right?

But there's a catch

It's not free. Within no time, they want you to sign up for their "cloud" hosting package! It's ridiculously expensive and a rip off. I've included a screen below:


Didn't take long until they wanted my credit card info!

I can get anyone a domain, hosting and website builder package for $12 for one, whole year from Godaddy. Click this link for the coupon. $12 dollars sounds a lot better than $269, doesn't it?

They wanted $269 for hosting my website! That's outrageous!

While Cash Cloud Commissions may offer some free training tools, the entire system is a scam to lure you into packages they profit from. There's no way you need to spend that much for a hosting package. I can promise you, that's how they are making their money. They're making a lot of money by getting you to sign up for a hosting package for that much.



PROS: Offers some free training stuff, but you have to sign up for the hosting package first.

CONS: It's a rigged game. The hosting package alone is a huge rip off. The other things they'll want you to buy to "set up your website" will all benefit them. Their income promises are all a joke and made-up lies.

What actually works? Check out my reviews!

There are systems that do work. I've bought, used and tested all of these, and benefited from them in my own online ventures:

I love Google Sniper (my review) for newbies who want to setup income-producing websites. They actually have real training courses that are very extensive. CB Passive Income (my review) is a great, well-qualified intro to affiliate marketing. And finally, I really like No Cost Income Stream (my review) (corny name, good product); they offer 89 training courses on how to get started working from home. It's a really detailed product produced by a well-known Christian website designer for a low price ($37 at this time of writing).

To make some fast cash with a lot less effort, I recommend Jean's income system. Here's my review of it.

To find out how I make money online, read "My Top 5 Income Streams & PROOF of My Online Profits."

So, some things are scams, but not everything. It's a shame products like Cash Cloud Commissions distract people from what works.

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  1. HI Justin,

    I was just on the verge of wasting my money on this Cloud rubbish, but had second thoughts when I saw the ridiculously expensive hosting account.

    Fortunately I came across your review, which opened my eyes. That free stuff caught my eye immediately, but that is a complete lie when you look past that and the cost of that hosting account.

    Thanks again for saving me a lot of money; I really appreciate it.

    Best regards


  2. Lucky to come acrosd ur blog.
    Got an email from gary ambrose promoting this product.
    .surprised a reputable n seasoned marketer would refer such scammy thing.

    1. I'm sorry to hear so many people are being impacted by this awful product. Thankfully, people are finding my review and it looks like I've prevented a lot of people from losing their money on this thing, or at least dissuaded them from thinking of buying it.

      $269 just for a cloud hosting account is outrageous and totally unnecessary! Most of my websites only cost me $12 per year from Godaddy -- and that includes the domain, hosting AND a website builder! You don't need anything else!

    2. I unfortunately did get caught and paid for the hosting and domain pkg and now they want me to complete the page so they can build it. It has been about a week and half since I did that and was waiting on his webinar to learn more but due t an outage I lost out on that too. Do yo think I can cancel the hosting package anyway? I paid for 6 months

    3. Please do everything you can to get your money back. Contact your bank, if you can't. The entire thing is a huge scam.

      Look around my blog, there are PLENTY of better programs that can help you. I've got some great reviews on my right side bar. I recommend Binary Matrix Pro which is FREE. Or just email for some help.

  3. Thank you for an honest review. I am so tired of these reviews from people who are only trying to sell the product and they don't give you an honest review or haven't even tried it themselves. I will definitely check out the programs that you are recommending. Thanks again.

  4. I wish I came across your review. I signed up but they did absolutely nothing that they promised. I put a hold on my credit card so they don't think about charging me again. I researched before I signed up but I'm thinking they were bogus reviews that are trying to sell the product. Thank you for your honest review.

  5. How can you send an email out about the guy and say you trust him and now you say it a scam?

    1. I literally haven't the faintest clue of what you are talking about. Send an email out about who? Who is "him"?

      What does "him" have to do with Cash Cloud Commissions? I think you might be confusing a couple of different products.

  6. Men those dirty moggots got me too. I really wish i saw your site. I later found out that it was a scam. I ask them for a refund and they woundnt even. Try answering the email and so on. thanks for the aditional info though.

    1. Thanks, I wish I could have helped you!