Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Jean & Randy's Super VIP 7 Day Cash Money REVIEW

"The Super VIP Program is the perfect system for newbies who want to buy websites and make money with them. It's only $2.95 to join Jean's income wheel. Click here for the official site." 

    - Roy T. @

UPDATE: I will be removing this review shortly, as this system will close to new applicants soon. It's best to sign up immediately to get in. If you have any questions, email me personally at and I'll try to respond within a day or two.

MAKE MONEY WITH YOUR OWN WEBSITES: Does the Google Super VIP Program (click here for the official site) system really work?

This is a very interesting and promising offer for people who are completely NEW to making money through websites.

Making money with websites is really intimidating for someone who is completely new to the industry - but it's something most people would LOVE to make passive income with.

Wouldn't you love to have a few websites that run themselves and make income for you every month? Maybe $500 a month? Or $1000? Or even much more? 

I know the person who has created the system above personally. Her name is Jean Jett, and she's an Internet entrepreneur, along with her son, Randy.

We've been sharing trade secrets for a few years now and I completely trust her. She makes $50,000 a month online (don't believe that's even possible? It is! Keep reading for proof). 

She's offering for a limited time the ability of members of the public to buy into her huge income stream system. This is a GREAT system for beginners to start making money online!

What do you get with it?

You actually get a domain and 300 websites (normally, this would cost thousands to pay someone to set up for you). 

She does it all for you. Then she advertises it for you. Then you make sales through Adsense and other ad platforms when people visit your 300 websites. She's able to do this because she has the system in place and everything set up already.

Again, this is a perfect way for absolute beginners and newbies to get a website and start making money. 

Once Jean gets your site up and running (it takes 6-12 weeks to get people visiting it, and that's normal), you can make HUGE commissions and big money with ad sales. Some people are making $2000-$5000 per month. A few lucky ones are making $25,000 a month (don't believe that's possible? Look to your right on my blog side bar to see how much money *I* make online or see my income proofs here).

Why does Jean want to give all of this away?

Just as companies "go public" and sell stock in their company, Jean has gone public and is letting investors join her system. She benefits because the more people in her system results in more income for her through Adsense. 

She helps you, and by you joining, you're helping her. It is a mutually beneficial arrangement, but it's limited to a handful of entrants and will be closed to new entrants on Jan. 25th, 2015. Sign up now or never:


Will I make money guaranteed? 

Nothing is guaranteed in life, but you can give yourself a real shot at making passive income with this. 

Jean will get you a domain, build you 300 websites and begin promoting your site through her huge cash wheel system she's taken years to develop. 

You should have success, if all steps are followed and you give it 6-12 weeks. 

The more you invest, certainly your chances of big-time income go way up.

I'm recommending this system as one of the fastest, quickest, easiest ways to jump in on the Internet money making machine. You don't have to waste time with long seminars with gurus, or motivational nonsense, or grueling training programs (that said, I still recommend my Super Signals system for maximum online profit, which you can learn about here -- yes, it's completely free).


Did you know REAL people make HUGE amounts of money online every month?

I know a lot of people are skeptical, but it is a cold, hard fact that tens of thousands of people make huge incomes online. 

Google, Inc. even includes in their newsletter "success" stories of people who quit their jobs and now work solely online off of AdSense income (the same income you'll get with Jean's system above). Check out my review of Google Sniper for more on that. 

Here's a few screenshots of real accounts and the huge income they get (this is via the Super VIP Program above), I thought I would also share it here, too: income proofs.

Or, you can just read my Top 5 Income Streams and Proof of Profits post to see how much I make and how you can use the methods I use. Yes, I've taken real screenshots of my own accounts so you can see how much I make. 

Don't believe me? Just email me and ask for a TeamViewer session. If you don't know what TeamViewer is, it's a program that will show my computer desktop on your computer. It is used in the web and Internet industry to verify information all the time. I want to motivate people and show them this really is possible for anyone!

Why are you telling me about this? 

I'm a friend of Jean's and I wanted to put this review up. There are also some nasty reviews out there that are promoting competitor products and other junk (see below), and I wanted to put this up so people get the real story. 

But WAIT, will I get rich right away? 

No! Some people seem to think they're going to make money right away. They won't. That's impossible. This is an purchase in your future so you can have a passive income. It takes 6-12 weeks. 

For any site that I set up, it takes me usually 3-6 MONTHS to start making money. That is normal. That is how the Internet works. Some people don't seem to understand that. No one can create a site and start making money in a day! They are LYING to you if they promise that!

Search engines like Google reward "aged" sites, not new sites somebody created in a day. That's why Jean's system takes some time. Don't buy it if you don't have any patience! Google is smart, and they don't rank highly sites that were just created. They like older sites, so it does take some time.

Is this really a legit product? 

It is a real product. Jean's system is just like my system. I have tons of websites that make money through multiple income streams. She also has a system like this. What she's offering is that you make a small purchase of a size of your choosing. It's like buying a stock. You're buying into her system, you're investing in it. 

Are these reviews saying it's a "scam" even real?

I've read all of the reviews on this product, and one prevailing theme is that people give up after a few days or a week. Jean is very clear that it takes a minimum of 6 to 12 weeks to begin to see traffic. That is normal. No website can be created and make money right away! It takes time. If these clients don't make a ton of money right away, they get upset, ask for a refund and leave comments or write reviews saying it is a scam. That kind of greedy and impatient attitude won't get you far.

I also notice a scam site ironically titled "ScamXposer" has left a ridiculously negative review full of lies and spin on their site. They've also posted a bunch of clearly fake comments below the review from upset so-called "customers" who bought Jean's system. Notice how on this site (see below) there are ADS for tons of other products they're trying to sell? Watch out. Any site that has ads everywhere is bad news and not objective (note that my blog has zero ads. I loathe ads!). 

Since they can't make any money off of Jean's system, they want to just trash it and hope you buy one of their systems. Notice how at the end of the review they encourage you to buy one of their products? Here's a screen shot from the bogus review, look how he's trying to get you to buy one of his "five star" reviews of products they're trying to sell -- HA! It's so sneaky!

The end of the ScamXposer review for 7 Day Cash / 7 Day Test

What about positive reviews?

There are plenty of positive reviews for 7 Day Cash Money. Here's one right here, that gave it 4.5 stars out of 5. Notice how this site only has one generic ad on it that clearly states "advertisement" next to it? Notice how this site is not really to push or sell anything? That is a legitimate review, like many of I've found. I also get GREAT feedback on it from people who've tried it -- they love it!

But have you used it?

This is one rare product I have not bought or used yet, because I really don't need to because I already make thousands of dollars a month online. That's why I'm not giving a full grade review yet, like I do with my other reviews. I'm not going to lie and say I've used something that I haven't used! I may buy it just to check it out. Since I know her, I'm happy to post this review and endorse what she's doing, and I also get positive testimonials from people who've used it, too.

I've already got a huge system like Jean. I've thought of opening up my own system to the public, so they can join in. We'll see! Stay tuned. I may open it up to a handful of select investors on my newsletter that I know, probably not more than 20 people. Jean has a bigger system and can take in more people, but spots are limited.

Click here for the limited entry Super VIP Program.

Write me personally at my email if you have any questions.

If you have an interest in binary options, I recommend my binary options mentor program.

God bless,

Roy @


  1. I found this review of Jean's 7 day money system. It seems to be the most realistic review of this system. Can you tell me what you think of this review?

    1. It's a good review... Here's a quote from the review:

      "I have been using the system for six months, but I never got the amount of dollars ($3,500 to $25,000) they told us on their website. For the first 2 months I hardly earned $100 to $150 a month on an average. Slowly income has increased day by day. In the Best month I have made $2000. On an average I’m making $1600 a month. Among it 30% are from Google Adsense and 70% is from click bank."

      That sounds realistic.

      But there is someone who left a comment whining that they shouldn't have to wait 6-12 weeks for it to work. That is nonsense. I create websites all the time and it can take months to get traffic going to them.

    2. Did you go for the $2.95 offer or the larger program? If so which one?

    3. What I am concerned about is the numbers she advertises. After reading that review, I am quite skeptical of the numbers she posts? However, I don't doubt that this system works.

    4. I think the largest program is the most likely to offer the best long-term benefits, through the VIP Program I've listed above.

      I think she uses the numbers of some of her TOP performing clients. Yes, not everyone is going to perform that well. But even if you invest $150 and make a few hundred over the course of a year, you're ahead. Hopefully, you do much better than that, and make a consistent monthly income. I think that's very do-able with her system.

  2. 300 websites...that's a lot. Are they all super generic 'copy/paste' type of sites? My point being: What's drawing people to these websites to begin with? People are so net-savy these days and the search engines are so powerful, one barely has to finish typing what one is looking for before the words auto-populate the search bar.

    So again - what's drawing traffic to these sites to begin with?

  3. Hi Roy, thanks for the review...being a newby in all this internet marketing thingy, thought i'd give a try with this Super ViP Program.
    Hope it works for me.


  4. One of the first business I tried on the internet, way back when. I had such high hopes, maybe she has gotten better,
    still looking the same and wearing that same outfit. Showing the same ad. Roy I think you get good results
    because they see scamwatchdog. what do you think? ( I mean all the sites that you investigate) jean huh?

  5. Hi Roy,

    This was one my first experience of the internet with Jean and her son several years ago. I guess I didn't wait long enough to get results. But now I plans to give it another try based on your recommendation, Roy!