Tuesday, November 15, 2016

FAP TURBO 3.0 REVIEW: Forex auto trader bot is the biggest story in 2016 or is it a SCAM?

fap turbo 3 watchdog review
Fap Turbo 2016 Binary Watchdog Review

 is the top rated Forex auto bot trader ever released. Can Fab Turbo 3.0 match its predecessor?

NEW for November 2016:

I wasn't even going to address in this review whether this product is a "scam" or not, but I figure I'll just get it out of the way right now: Fap Turbo is not a scam

In fact, it's one of the most exciting pieces of software I've ever seen or that has been released worldwide in recent years.

It's produced millionaires

FapTurbo is a Forex trading robot that has proven to have produced a number of millionaires and countless people making six figures a year. It's basically opened an unlimited spigot of profits out of the Forex market.

It's verified by various accounting firms

Some people are so skeptical they still refuse to believe something like this can work. Well, Fap Turbo has actually acquired a few accounting firms to prove their software produced huge results on trading platforms in real time.

Here's a screen shot of one of them:

fap turbo 3 watchdog review

85,000 people have bought Fap Turbo

The popularity of the product has been huge. There are countless positive reviews for it all over the Internet. There's no question it works and it's been a huge success for thousands of people. FapTurbo has been around for years and they continually update it to make it better.

I'm sick of people saying Fap Turbo is a scam! It is NOT. Read this:

fap turbo 3 watchdog review

But how complicated is trading Forex?

Forex is extremely complicated. If you want something simpler, I recommend binary options and Auto Binary Signals (my review here) or anything on my Master List (see top, right sidebar). 

Binary options are very simple. Forex is very complicated without software like Fap Turbo to help you along. 

We recommend reading the huge Fap Turbo site carefully. They have a comment section on the main page with many questions answered there.

There is also is a FAQ also posted on their website, click on the image below:

fap turbo 3 watchdog review

How much money do I need to start with?

Usually $50 or more. We recommend $250. Some Forex brokers accept less than $250, unlike binary options brokers.

How do I find a good broker?

FapTurbo is integrated with the excellent, top-rated MyFXChoice and Tallinex Forex brokers. FapTurbo will help you in setting up your Forex account if you have never had one. 

Signing up for either of these brokers is 100% easy and automated through FapTurbo. 

Good news: as of this writing, you can start with a very low deposit amount with either broker, as low as $10!

We will be updating this review soon with a recommended Forex broker, but FapTurbo will help you along, too, in finding one.

Can you really make huge money with Fap Turbo?

Yes, though that depends on various factors, such as your Internet speed, Forex knowledge and commitment to the FapTurbo product. 

It just takes buying it, having a Forex account set up and funded and starting up the software. (You do need to know how it works, and how Forex trading works. FapTurbo can help you learn.)

Have you bought it?

I have bought version 1 and version 2 in the past (this review was originally posted in 2014), but not the new version yet. I wanted to get this review up because I'm getting ready to purchase Fap Turbo and I want to be ready to give it a thorough review in a month from now after I've used it. 

A full grade review is coming. If it fails to deliver, I'll report it, but I consider that unlikely.

Until then, check out Fap Turbo at this link.

God bless,

Roy @ ScamWatchdog.org


  1. Does this work as well roy ? You didnt follow up

    1. I've bought it and it's tremendous. I'm just getting into Forex now, but I haven't put a lot of time into it because I'm busy with binary options. But FapTurbo is the real deal.

    2. There is this guy Elliot that bought the Bot and has been posting live weekly results each week for the past 41 weeks. You can check it out for yourself at fapresults.com. Does it work as an EA? Yes it trades automatically for you as per all the recommended settings 24/6 on a VPS. Has the results been profitable over the 41 weeks so far? Not so far. But don't take my word for it check it out for yourself.

    3. I just looked at it and he shows a profit of over $200 in his account. So I'm not sure what you're talking about, it looks like it's working!