Sunday, June 29, 2014

REVIEW: No Cost Income Stream 2.0 and Real Coaching Club passive income guide.

No cost income stream review


I just bought the No Cost Income Stream 2.0 & Real Coaching Club work from home guide. We're going to find out if it really works!

You may have heard of it, as it's been around a while. It's produced by Eric Holmlund, a famous internet marketer who's made millions online, a family man with six kids and a devout Christian. The first No Cost Income Stream product sold very well and was very popular, and seems to have genuinely helped people work online. Their main angle is to help you get started without spending hardly any money (I know this works, so this is an approach I like).

What I liked about No Cost Income Stream, and why I wanted to check into it, are some of the new methods they teach that I haven't been using.

Here's a list of what the program offers:

No Cost Income Stream contains 89 videos and tons of other training materials, and they've lowered the price to only $37 from $197 for the next month only.  So far, it seems like a great deal for the money, as I've been using it for a few days and the production values and information they are presenting is top-notch. I'm already learning some new techniques I was not aware of.

I'll update this review in about a month after I've used the product and gotten familiar with it. Until then, if you want to check it out yourself, here's the link to it. A really good video plays, it's worth watching.

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