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My Top 5 Income Streams & PROOF Of My Profits - UPDATED FOR 2018!


Anyone can work from home online and make money. 

So how can you do it?

I wanted to put together a basic guide for how to get started working from home and making passive online income so you can do it just like I do.

Yes, I make a very good living simply working at home on the Internet.

I'm going to show you how I make money each and every day using the following products, platforms and revenue streams that you can also use yourself. (I'm also going to show you PROOFS, below, of my incredible online income. Scroll down to check them out! Talk about motivation!)

The platforms below work. With patience, time and commitment, you can enjoy a passive income just like I do. 

While I do this full time and make over $50,000 a year entirely off the Internet, you can do it part-time or in your leisure time (and that's not even counting my huge income from binary options $500,000+ last year and more this year!)

Once you get that first deposit into your bank account, you'll feel so good you'll want to just keep working harder at it.

Remember, to be truly successful, you want to develop multiple income streams.

Before we get to my recommendations, let's start off with a healthy dose of motivation.
Let me show you my accounts and how much I'm making every month...


Here are five real screenshots of some of my income from four of my systems...

2018 UPDATE: "I am still making money from the income streams listed below, many years later!" - Roy

This will give you a taste of what you can achieve working from home. (If you have ANY DOUBT about the veracity of these screenshots, email me and I'd be happy to do a TeamViewer session showing my accounts, which is a live video stream of my desktop to your computer):

This one was a big one!


Yes, all of that above is REAL MONEY, directly deposited into MY BANK ACCOUNT every month.

"Roy, what are the systems I need to make this happen for me?"

Good question! 

Let's start off with the top 6 things I recommend online, in no particular order (and they're things anyone can do): 

  1. Google Sniper 3.0
  2. ABS / FinRally Strategy 
  3. Z-Code Platform
  4. Secret Websites / Jean's system
  5. Binary Options
  6. Forex Mentor Pro (NEW!)

Now let's dig deeper on how you can take advantage of these systems like I have:

#1 Google Sniper 3.0 (click here) 

As I explain in my review of the product, this system is like taking a college course (but much, much cheaper, I believe it's only $47 as of this writing). It takes even less time than a semester-long class. But it's the same concept. You're buying this product so you can learn how to create a website, bring traffic to it and sell ads and products on it, so you can create a passive income stream that will last far into the future. 

I bought it a long time ago and it helped me launch my career online. I now have about 25 secret websites that use methods I learned from Google Sniper

I make money through Google's Adsense program (this blog you are reading now does not have ANY Adsense ads on it whatsoever - but my secret websites do). It takes some effort, but anyone can do it.

PROS: Good for beginners wanting to create passive income websites, good training that will help you for the rest of your life, low price. You're not going to believe the amount of money George Brown makes!

CONS: You need to put in about three months of real effort to have a chance at success. (buy it here)

#2: Auto Binary Signals

auto binary signals

Binary options is a new way of trading currencies and commodities that is much simpler than buying and selling stocks or trading traditional Forex (see My Binary Options 101 Guide for Newbies to learn more). 

Why binary options? 

1. Easy to use.
2. Fast profits.
3. 100% automatic.

4. Far, far easier than Forex, or even stock trading.

But without a proprietary system that can process thousands of daily market fluctuations and signals, you will have your work cut out for you in doing painstaking research on what trades to make. ABS (click here) does the work for you. 

All top options traders use systems like ABS, but those products can cost thousands. ABS is a product designed by Roger Pierce, a top Forex & binary trader, for the general public and is very cheap.

Read my review of ABS for an in-depth guide on how you can buy this product and get it set up, and within a month or two you could be making sound, profitable trades with a very high success rate (if you want to open a trading account so you can use ABS, I recommend FinRally, the #1 binary options broker.

PROS: ABS (click here to get it) works, great customer support, very EASY for those not familiar with finances or trading. Very low cost. One-time fee. No recurring membership! Sold by a 100% USA-based company, money-back guarantee.

CONS: Binary options can be a bit complicated for newbies, so you also need to read my site carefully and read my Top 5 Links to Start Your Binary Options Education!

#3: Z Code (click here for official website)

SPORTS BETTING? Some people may be intimidated or even wary of a system that many consider to be a form of "gambling". However, sports betting is a science, not gambling. There are many sports bettors who make a successful career out of it, like Wayne Allyn Root.

But without a platform that can process and digest countless sports statistics and data, you can end up overwhelmed. Z Code takes the research side out of it for you and presents you with highly-tuned algorithmic predictions on sports outcomes.

PROS: Boosts sports betting profit margins, been around forever, based on science and statistics, nice user interface, A HUGE, consistent income is possible, and people LOVE the Z Code product. (buy it here)

CONS: Not for those who don't love sports or who think sports betting is "gambling". That's OK if this is not your area of interest, keep reading!

# 4: My Secret Websites

There are secrets here I prefer not to reveal publicly. I have good reasons for this. I have never revealed many of the websites I make money on. I keep my most prized sites close to the vest, some of which make THOUSANDS per month.

PROS: Everyone should have a website, great way to make passive, hands-free income. Learn more how you can do it using Jean's system below or click here to read my review of her system.

CONS: Takes work and effort and website coding knowledge, most people don't quite have the patience to make it happen. For people who don't have the time for it, without any question, some of the top free auto-traders on my Master List are a better option.

# 5: Binary Options

Without any doubt, binary options are an exciting and incredible new way of trading. I recommend starting off on my Master List for the best auto bots available, 100% free and automatic.

Remember, my Master List is the place to start!

For manual trading with one of my Top Brokers, try Franco's system. He's a real, live, pro trader, and you can copy his trades. Here's my review and you can sign up here.

Huge income possible with the right system/good broker.

PROS: Easy to use, fun way to learn trading. Some people make thousands a month, or per week, with the right system. Learn about some of their success stories by clicking here. The best part? It's all automatic! Just turn it on and let it make trades for you.

CONS: Market conditions greatly can affect earnings and income, and some bad brokers can affect the trading bot performance (use my Good & Bad Brokers List to avoid the bad ones). It is extremely important to read the educational materials on my website, and join my free binary options Mentor Program.

# 6: Forex Mentor Pro

I have been talking about Forex for a while now, but it can be more complicated than binary options.

The good news is that Forex brokers are 100% regulated and safe, and Forex can offer a great long-term passive income.

I recommend getting started with Forex Mentor Pro 2.0, a wonderful program for getting started. This is the one I am using to learn more about Forex and it's fantastic so far.

Click here to visit their main site.

: Only $1.00 for 7 days, then $47 per month (a very good deal for what you get). 100% legitimate and safe product that will lead you step-by-step in how to get started in Forex, and how to make it profitable.

CONS: Forex can be complicated. If you want an easier path, stick to binary options and systems listed above and below. Keep reading below for more opportunities.

Other methods that I like:

What about something easier and faster?

Another great way to start out quickly is to join someone else's income stream network, like Jean Jett's, below.

UPDATE 10/16/17: Jean's system is now full and closed to new customers. She is offering a secondary survey program, which we have not reviewed yet.


The concept here is, in a simple way of speaking, a way to get started by owning your own websites.

Jean and her son create the websites for you, and literally do all of the complicated work for you.

One person who does it is a woman by the name of Jean Jett, who has a huge profit network, and works along with her son, Randy Jett. She's opened it up to a limited amount of subscribers.

Do I need to spend a ton of money to get started? 

The answer is ultimately "no", but you have to invest some money. 

I actually spent thousands to get started. Thousands. But you don't have to do that. Most of the products above are cheap and under a hundred dollars. You do have to make a commitment and try. You do have to make some purchases. People who don't want to spend a dime won't get far. 

Did you know that I spend hundreds of dollars a month just to maintain my websites and keep them fresh in the search rankings? I'm spending money all the time to make money

A positive attitude is key!
I've met a lot of people who have a VERY negative attitude about working online. They think everything is a "scam", they never stick with anything and never really try.

I ALWAYS have a positive attitude about everything I do, and if a product isn't a scam and delivers, I make the best use of it, even if it isn't going to make me rich overnight. 

A positive attitude will get you far -- but greed and negativity will destroy your chances at success. 

Want my honest opinion?

What's the best strategy to start with? 

Out of all of them -- personally? -- I would recommend Auto Binary Signals for everyone and use it with FinRally.

This what I call my "ABS/FinRally combo strategy". 

ABS/FinRally (or one of my top brokers) is a great "one-two punch" that will help you make money. And you can make money quickly.

LOOK: Here's a real testimonial I just got from someone who did just what I suggest above:

"I opened up an account from your site with $250. After 6 trades, I'm up to $613 using the ABS 'Perfect Match' signals! I won 4/6, the two that I lost were not with in the suggested time frame..." - Josh Boulter 

HERE'S HOW YOU START: You'll make a deposit with FinRally, then buy ABS and use their signals to trade on with FinRally as your broker (read that again if you don't understand it, we are talking about manual trading, not auto trading).

Keep in mind: ABS will suggest brokers to use, but they are not the best. Use my Top Broker FinRally.

A lot of people use ABS' "recommended brokers" but that is a BIG MISTAKE. ABS will work with any broker!

Also, if you want the BEST binary options auto traders, visit my Master List.

I hope this helps! Email me if you have further questions, especially if you need help with my ABS/FinRally combo strategy, OR try out our new FinRally/RTG Strategy here.

How about NEW opportunities for 2018?


Buy domains cheap -- like "" -- and sell them at 20x to 100x the price you bought them!

Have you ever heard of buying and selling domains? Some of them go for HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars!

Now, imagine if you had bought "" in 1993? It would be worth probably $200,000,000.00 dollars by the time the Apple Corporation was ready to buy it from you.

Most new domains only cost $9 dollars or so. With Domainer Elite Pro, their system shows you domains for sale and helps you buy the best cheap ones and re-sell them at a higher price.

This is a REAL product. This is not a scam. It works. The interface is simple and easy to use. Even Roy has bought and sold domains in the past, "I have had some success doing exactly what this product helps you do. If you can find a good, cheap domain, it can be easy to re-sell at a big markup to a company that wants it."

Jamie Lewis is a legitimate domain seller, with over $400,000 dollars in real sales on huge domain sales site Flippa. These are REAL testimonials, REAL sales, REAL results. ANYONE can do this. Do not miss out on the low price being offered until Sept. 24th! Click here to learn more.

*NEW* Microcap Millionaires

This is a fantastic product if you trade stocks. There are a ton of stock programs out there, but this is one of the best, and one of the more low-cost ones. We've vetted it to make sure it's not a scam or waste of time, and it's not. This is a very good group of people.

The hottest picks for stock trading for 2017: Click here to learn more.

*NEW!* Fiverr Success - LOW COST!

Fiverr Success is a very high-rated guide to getting started making money on Fiverr. You really need this guide to get started.

Yes, you can make a living on Fiverr, but you need a guide like this one to do it. Good news? It's incredibly low-cost, click here to learn more.

*NEW!* Tai Lopez's 67 Steps - You've probably heard about it, now try it yourself:

Tai Lopez presents this wonderful opportunity for anyone looking to change their lives financially.

Tai is the "real deal" -- a rags to riches story -- so take a look at the video and learn more about him and what he's offer. I LOVE this product!

*NEW!* My Funnel Empire - JUST RELEASED, will close soon, do not miss out:

Create your own online funnel using Bryan Winters' existing online money-making empire. This is the perfect way to plug into an existing system of online profit-making. Very easy steps to get started.

This is how the "pros" create a massive online income funnel system, all on auto-pilot, all hands-free once you set it up!

This is an easy "no brainer", everyone needs to sign up now for this. I recommend the Diamond tier. This is very low-priced for what you get!

Be sure to bookmark this page, as we will be updating it with new opportunities throughout 2018.

God bless,

Roy @
 (with a BIG THANK YOU to my webmaster, Jim, for helping me update and write this article).

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  1. Nice list. I been doing research for ABS for a few days to look for any bad review and really couldn't find any. The only one that I found that called it a scam was a person that didn't even bother to try it. He wrote a review just analyzing the product page and saying things like you have to spend money to buy it and since you have to spend extra money to deposit money into a broker. He called it a scam. It's so hard to find a real review these days. Almost all the website that I came across just repeats or summarize the sales page.

    1. It's really true, these "review" sites do not even try the product, they just trash them and usually try to promote their own product. Very dishonest.

      I don't sell my own product. The only sort of product I have is Super Signals 5.1, which is 100% free when we release it, but I need regulatory approvals to do so.

  2. Hi my name is Dave. I understand that this will cost money to gain money but what I really want to know is, is it possible to "quit"? I just want to do this until I get the money for college I'm hoping I don't have to do this forever.

  3. Hi Roy! Primarily I want to thank you about this article, because thats that I wanted to know, is it really possible to make some profits with Binary Trading with autopilote. I have tried one of those trading systems , my called "SafeTraderApp" and I can say only the worst, I deposited 250 Euros and that all gone after 3 days and 14trades on autopilot. Than on my email someone wrote about Gambling system (SportsCashSystem)which cooperate with Z-Code, so as I am a big sports fan I tried. And yes, this is good way to make some money, I make $400-600 average per month, Im spinga this for about 4months, but now Im interested in your ABS system. So what is the fee to use it, and what amount I need to deposit?

  4. Hi Roy,
    Thank you for your directives and pray God to keep using you as our guardian angel.

    All the best and happy weekend- Arinze Ajiero from Nigeria

  5. Hi Roy,

    Your love for humanity has made you the guardian Angel of humans who acknowledge you.
    Just make sure to take proper care of your family.

    Happy weekend !

  6. hi mr.roy
    sorry am still confused about which is the best for me to start to make online money i need just generate 50$ per day or more but u give many option to select so am confused for real i don't known which one its better between google sniper or trading or making affiliate marketing i confused help me on it please
    my email this was my email if u can help me contact with me through my email thank you mr. roy

  7. Hi roy

    Scam or not ?

    1. It's a scam, follow him on Twitter @royscamwatchdog, you'll see it there, & he updates frequently.

  8. Hello Roy, when reading your recommendations a few months ago I decided to join Jeans and Randy's Super VIP online income stream. I went ahead and bought and paid for 11 domains.( this is what they gave At the time I couldn't get a Googles ads account but I was assured by Randy that it wouldn't be a problem because he recommended because he said that they paid out better and also Speedy ads. Being a newbie I trusted them and their advice and was constantly in touch with them, I subsequently spent more money with them to promote my own sites through Paypal , and after all this time since the beginning of September when I first joined I have not earned one single cent. When I asked for help and advice they would just ignore me. We are now at the end of December and still not heard a word from either Jean or Randy regarding my refund request.I am deeply disappointed with this crowd and I would like to draw your attention to them and ask you not to promote them as you do because I feel that this is a scam. I have all my emails and screen shots of everything I've communicated to them from the beginning. So maybe it's time that something is done about them so that no more innocent suckers such as myself will get caught out ... I'll be emailing you more details . Thank you for your urgent attention to this scam !

    1. It's not Randy or Jean's fault if Google does not add the site to their search rankings.

      You have to understand that Google is the one that ultimately controls everything. I have many sites that Google has destroyed or removed from search rankings for no reason. It is a constant battle. That is why I create new sites -- like -- to keep up, in case Google destroys my other sites.

      That is out of Randy and Jean's hands. They do their best to give you the power to start many new websites and promote them, and get started. Beyond that no one can guarantee that Google will add and rank your site in their search engine. It's a real battle and I may write an article about it sometime.

      Now, if you DO get ranked on Google, you will make a lot of money, and Randy and Jean provide all the correct places to do that (AdSense, Chitaka, etc.)

  9. Roy Ive made over $8000 with ABS thank you so much for your recommendation! its an amazing product!

  10. Hellow Roy,
    I Like This Site. It`s a Great Site With Great Tips and Great Money Making Opportunities.
    The Top-5-Income-Streams are really Great.
    Proof of Your Huge Income from Binary Options ($500,000+) last year is a Huge Motivation. I like your Transparency.
    Yes A positive attitude is key!
    Thank you Roy.GOD Bless You and Team.
    Mentor Member.