Thursday, October 30, 2014

FOREX TRENDY REVIEW: I just bought it and I'll be updating my experience with it next month.

Forex Trendy promises to boost your Forex trade success ratio

I've just bought this fascinating new product to compliment Auto Binary Signals with my trading account. I will be updating this review in a month to show whether this product helped or hurt my income, with graphs and charts showing the change income.

I want to find out for sure whether it really works or not.

Here's a testimonial that jumps right into what it does:

"I use this software every day together with my own system and two EAs. I execute trades only when trend drawdown is below 15% so I decreased the trade frequency, but I got two times better results. I am also interested in pattern recognition, I haven't tried it yet, but it looks amazing!"
  -- Julien Labonne, Florida, USA

Forex Trendy does just as its title suggests: it uses advanced algorithms to show the best trends on the top currency trading pairs, like USD/EUR.

The product is well-liked and there are many positive reviews of it online. I've just got it running and I like the look of it. I wanted something to compliment Auto Binary Signals so I can increase my profit margins even more. 

Adding products like this gives you a huge advantage over just blind trading. You need something like Auto Binary Signals to begin with, and adding Forex Trendy can only help you.

A great supplement to increase your income? We'll find out.

So far I've made nearly $9,000 with Auto Binary Signals, so I hope Forex Trendy will only help my income.

The product is also incredibly cheap, at only $37 every quarter. They offer a 60 day money back guarantee, too. As I noted, I'll update this review fully in the coming month once I've tested the product. 

Click here to check out Forex Trendy.

How do I start trading binary options?

If you need to sign up for a trading account, I highly recommend CTOption. They are the broker I use. They offer a 100% deposit bonus. So if you deposit $250, you get $500 total. They paid me my bonus after about one month of trading.

I've also bought Quantum Binary Signals, and I'll be updating that review as well in the next month. I like combining products like this, because they tend to serve to up my trading success rate and profits. The more information from more sources, the better off you are.

Note: Forex Trendy is primarily used with regular Forex trading accounts, but can also be used with binary options. I use it for both.

God bless,

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