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REVIEW: Z Code sports betting system

The Z Code Sports Betting System helps me rake in $4,000 to $8,000 in profits each year

Years ago, in learning about sports betting, what I found so interesting was that many sports betters bet sports as a living. As a job. As a career

At the time, that really surprised me! I just assumed sports betting was another form of gambling.

One of the most famous sports bettors is Wayne Allen Root, a former CNBC TV host and
2008 Libertarian Party Vice Presidential nominee.
He's a sports bettor. That's what he does. I couldn't believe it when I found that out, since I knew him more from the political arena. That's an example of how sports betting is actually a legitimate career! 

But... how is that a real job? Isn't it gambling?

No, it isn't. Playing Craps or Keno is gambling. Sports betting is a science. The best sports bettors in the world make a very good living doing what they do. 

Part of their success lies in spotting mistakes the Vegas line makers make and taking advantage of them. These mistakes are rare, but they can be costly for the casino if a shrewd sports bettor catches them. The mistakes, for example, would include point lines on a football game that may not have accounted for an injury to a key player before game time.

The other side of sports betting is knowing just a little bit more than the Las Vegas handicappers. It's a job that requires full time research and usually a commitment to one or two major sports, like football or basketball. You must know the ins and outs of every team, every detail. If you do, you have a good shot at making a return on your purchase.

If, on average, 52% of your bets are winners and 48% are losers, you can reasonably "beat the house" and enjoy a long term profit and career.

ZCode makes it easy for newbies to make money betting sports

With sports betting, I've also lost, but some of the wins over the years have more than made up for the losses. Now that I take it more seriously, in using a system like Z Code, I've seen my overall win rate increase from 52% lifetime to 64%. That is a huge increase.

Here's my proof of purchase from June, 2013:

So far my total profit has been great from the Z Code system (email me for more proofs, click here for my income proofs posted on this blog, or we can do a TeamViewer session for ironclad proof), mostly through NBA and NFL bets.

The reason I use Z Code is because the program uses advanced computations and algorithms I can't do on my own. They use a huge database of statistics and other variables to calculate good bets. Their system is proven and well-liked by the thousands who use it, and it's been around for 15 years, since 1999.

It is used by professional handicappers in Las Vegas

A little known fact is that handicappers in Las Vegas use the Z Code system to compliment many of the other software systems they use. They are more advanced in everything they do over what I do, but I do know they spend thousands on extremely expensive sports analytic software. Z Code is part of their repertoire, because I knew at least a couple of sports bettors that used it.

Anyone can do it and it's a MUST for sports bettors and fans

The great thing about Z Code is how easy it is to use.
Take a look at their site. It's easy to sign up and try it out. The interface is so user friendly. You can find the top picks and make a bet and let the system do the thinking for you.

Two easy steps to get started:

1) Get Zcode here.

Huge list of testimonials

One of the unique things about this product is how many positive testimonials they get from happy customers. Click here for a huge page of testimonials. I've never seen anything quite like it. After that, you can sign up here

View their full sales page here (it's really exciting to read and the video is great).



  • PROS: 60 day money back guarantee, one of the cheapest sports betting systems available (most high quality services are $500-1000 per month), extremely popular system and platform used by thousands of people, tons of positive testimonials, used by professional Las Vegas sports bettors, incredibly easy to use interface, one of the easiest and safest ways to make a consistent passive income.
  • CONS: Requires a certain level of commitment to the product and love of sports and desire to develop a passive income source.
  • ADDONS: I also recommend their Sports Betting Robot, a module I added on after buying the product. Works like a charm.

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