Tuesday, March 11, 2014

REVIEW: Insider Stock Provider makes big claims, but falls short.

I've reviewed a lot of products -- most are scams, some aren't (see my top product reviews on the right sidebar) -- but every once in a while there's a product that straddles the line between outright scam and legitimacy. Insider Stock Provider is just that product.

What this product claims to do is provide top stock picks based on their "experts" working "overtime" to find the best stock picks. It appears they've copied the famous Penny Stock Prophet (see my review here), going so far to even use their original banners (see above)!

Does it work?

I bought it two months ago and so far I've actually lost money. I've lost about $200, including the price of the product. I will be asking for a refund before the 60 day money back guarantee runs out. I've used a few of their "top stock picks" and each pick turned out to be a stinker.

It looks like they're just accessing well-known financial blogs to make their picks, and they're doing it all on educated guesses. You can do the same without buying the product!

Stay away from this one

While they do offer a money back guarantee, and they do provide some intelligent analysis, most of the product is over-hyped. There are much, much better products you could invest in, including my top work-from-home pick of all time (Automated Binary Signals) or a solid product like Google Sniper 2.0



PROS: Money back guarantee, decent stock advice but nothing special.

CONS: Expensive, hyped product, not much to back it up, bad stock picks, no "magic" with this one, looks like they copied Penny Stock Prophet and even stole their banner ads and altered them.

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  1. Thanks for the review. This thing looks like total garbage, so im glad i avoided it.

  2. Actually roy you are wrong u can make money with this service.

    1. Please explain how it is better than the other systems?

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