Tuesday, March 4, 2014

How Internet trolls crush online passive income dreams.

Some people think you don't deserve financial freedom

Something I've noticed recently is a proverbial a cottage industry of negative people who go around leaving comments and making blog posts about how you can't make money online.

They say every online money making product is a "scam". They laugh, scoff and snarl at any notion that the average person can make money online.

They leave snarly, sarcastic comments at the end of blog posts about how people who believe in making money online are "gullible" or "fools" or "suckers".

I finally got so tired of seeing it, I decided to write this blog entry and post a video about it (coming soon).

What motivates them?

I have a few theories.

For one, there are the scammers who attack one product while redirecting your attention to another. An example is this negative review of Google Sniper 2.0 on a website called "googlesniperw.com". This sleazy guy is actually promoting a different product while attacking Google Sniper.

There are other people who are simply angry and miserable because they've tried to make money online and they've failed. The best they can do is go around making everyone else miserable.

Then there are those who are just so skeptical they never give anything a chance or even bother to try.

You can find financial freedom online

There is so much hope out there, so much opportunity, so many good products that the average person can use to make money online passively and free themselves of their financial burdens.

There are things that work. I have used them, and I do make money using them!

Check about my reviews of two great products, both of which I use and I have had success with (albeit mild success, but the products do work):

REVIEW: GOOGLE SNIPER 2.0 - Can you make passive income on the Internet using it?

REVIEW: Automated Binary Trading system. Can you really make money this easily?

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