Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Military insiders: "Something big is coming" -- Dr. Bill H. Weld's Intelligence Report

Dr. Bill H. Weld's Intelligence Report

As some of you may know, after a lifetime working as a lawyer and a doctor, I've met a number of people -- through my golf country club memberships and through social gatherings -- who are very "high up" in the system, in government, in the military, in the corporate world. I've always held my views close to my vest, which has resulted in a lot of people quietly confessing to me some of their more personal knowledge, some might call it "sensitive" information.

Most recently, I've heard things from my sources in the State Department and the Department of Defense that concern me, and that I think the public needs to know. So I've put together these videos that go into considerable detail.

My Intelligence Report is a private, invitation-only, subscription-based report I've been mailing across the U.S. since 1993. I've never released any of the things I write about to the public before, but some of what I've been told needs to be shared with everyone.

God willing, with the help of my son, Bill Jr., who is a lot more computer-savvy than I am, my health will hold up long enough for me to share all this information.

Friday, August 2, 2013

"Mystery Diners" ratings continue to soar

End of Season 3 and into Season 4 averages highest ratings ever for series

In terms of pure entertainment, I have to admit, Mystery Diners is one of the better shows on TV. The hilarious bad acting, ridiculous restaurant scenarios they come up with and Charles Stiles' attempts at being tough and sincere are enough for me to still tune in every week.

We've gotten a lot of feedback from visitors to our site, MysteryDinersFraud.com, and we've had a few complaints that we're being "too hard" on the show. As we state on our web site, and as we have always stated, we are not at issue with The Food Network or the producers of the show; they are free to produce whatever they wish, so long as it does not harm or defame anyone. What do have a problem with are the restaurants participating in this show and receiving free, undue publicity under false pretenses. This actually presents a legal problem. These restaurants are regulated and some are members of the Better Business Bureau. If they are gaining an unfair advantage over competitors through fraud, this is a legal problem and question. You may not like it, but it is.

All we ask is that these restaurants insist that Mystery Diners place a disclaimer at the end of their show, so the audience may be made aware that the events are staged.