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Rapid Mass Profits REVIEW - Learn how this new money making method works. Scam or real? Find out.

rapid mass profits review


I've had a few people asking me pretty much the same question recently, "Roy, I'm struggling and I need something that is cheap or free that I can make money with right now. What works?"

And that's a GREAT question.

I know my Super Signals System may be out of reach for some. Yes, it will make you $25,000 a month virtually guaranteed, but it takes some time and investment. The people on my Mentor List are ready and prepared to do what it takes to make a huge income, and they will succeed, I will make sure of it.

But, for people who are struggling financially and need ONE product that is either free or really cheap, I do have a recommendation for you. There are a few of these lower-priced systems I've spoken about below throughout my past newsletters (simply scroll down for previous updates), but there is one NEW system I'm VERY impressed with.

That system is "Rapid Mass Profits".

Here are some benefits of this system:

  • A cheap 7 day $1 trial offer to check it out.
  • The average customer uses the $77 system for six months, proving it offers a very high retention rate, satisfied customers and good customer service.
  • The core product automates the process of "list building" - a proven and evergreen method to succeed online in any niche.
  • RMP Profit Xccelerator complements the core product by providing advanced training as well as customized templates and landing pages which help to further automate the product.
  • Automatic Traffic Multiplier offers masses of high quality, targeted traffic and accelerate the list building process with minimal effort.
  • Solid 100% money back guarantee, you cannot lose money.

This is a GREAT way to get an automated profit machine going. This is a very legitimate, solid, real system and method. I know what this product is offering -- auto list building -- is a proven way to make BIG cash online.

Potential NET INCOME of
Rapid Mass Profits range between $150 a week to $15,000 per month or more.

If you need ONE product you can focus on that can potentially generate INCOME very, very quickly (within days or weeks), this is what I'm recommending right now.

Check out their video. It's really good, very inspirational and professional:


Making money online is REAL and CAN HAPPEN TO YOU. I'm proof of that. I'm making literally $40,000 a month or more at this point due to my Super Signals System, Auto Binary Signals, Z Code, my network of 25 secret websites I've built from the ground up, Adsense revenue and other sources I discuss in my Top 5 Income Streams article.

Imagine if YOU could make $40,000 a MONTH? Can you imagine that? It would CHANGE your life.

It CAN be done, and YOU can do it. My Super Signals System is the IDEAL way of doing it. But if you are on a TIGHT BUDGET, I recommend Rapid Mass Profits as a really solid alternative. 

Stick with it, learn it, give it time and commit to the product -- and you WILL have success. Email me here if you have questions or need help.

God bless,

rapid mass profits

Roy @

Click Clone Cash REVIEW: Learn about Josh Owens' amazing system that changed my life.

click clone cash review


Some of you already know my personal story. I met Josh Owens years ago during flight change at SeaTac in Seattle. We talked over coffee at the airport coffee shop, and from there I learned about his incredible charity efforts and business ventures.

He showed me how he was making so much money, through his business "cloning" method. I took his information and advice and began using it myself. Without him, I wouldn't be where I am today.

Everything he says in his video is true. He's one of the finest men I've ever met. He's worked so hard to make so many people make money off the Internet. You simply cannot miss out on this rare opportunity.

As you can see in the video, if you watch it all of the way through, Josh Owens is "the real deal" and a great guy to work with.

Are you looking for something cheaper that will help you make money RIGHT NOW?

Check out "Click Clone Cash" here

UPDATE August 31st, 2014:

Their system is working again.
They've got a new customer service company they're working with, and they've got a GREAT program for people who can't afford something over $100.

Click Clone Cash is a good, cheap system that works

Check out Click Clone Cash here now. I've written about this program before, and if you saw my previous newsletter announcement, you know that Josh Owens is part of the reason I work from home today and I make so much money off the Internet. This man changed my life.


As always, write me here at my email if you have any questions at all. I respond personally to everyone.

God bless,

Roy @

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Fast Income Pro REVIEW - Matt Henry's new system offers a promising algorithm.

fast income pro

Fast Income Pro Review - Could this really make you $30,000 in one month?

"Fast Income Pro" is a software system designed to automate binary options trading. It is a free product. The system designers are partnered with the binary broker and through this deal they are able to offer it free for a limited time.

The software claims to have an accuracy of around 87%. This is a high number. I decided to test it with my in-house Super Signals software and it received a score of 8.8. That is a great score.

I have added it to my Master List of systems. The software appears to be a modification of previous software released in 2013. It appears they made some improvements to the algorithm.

Fast Income Pro is an excellent system

This is a very good system for newbies, and a high income is definitely possible, but there are many other programs I like better. We've seen people make huge incomes with Insured Profits and some of the other binary systems released. Of course, most of these systems are only available free for a limited time, before they go on sale for between $997 and $5000, typically.

I like Matt Henry's approach. The video is very engaging and he seems to be trying his best to offer something that can help people make money with binary options. I'm still skeptical as to the income claims, however. I don't think it's possible to make $30,000 a month with something like this, but $5,000 a month is easily possible

Fast Income Pro won't be free for long

I highly encourage people to jump on these offers when they become available. Obviously, I recommend everyone use my Super Signals System for maximum profits. But if you don't intend to do that, Fast Income Pro is a valuable addition to your passive online income arsenal. It may not make you rich, but I think it's at least a legitimate system.


I highly recommend if you're new to binary options to check out my Binary Options 101 Guide

If you're ready to take a serious effort into making big cash with binary options, check out my Super Signals System article that explains step by step how to make $25,000 guaranteed a month like I do.

Any questions? Just email me here. I personally respond to everyone.

God bless,

fast income pro review

2K A Day System REVIEW - "This is an A+ REAL system that does work"

2k a day review

2K A DAY REVIEW: New Internet passive income product offers tremendous tools

I've seen a lot of scams in my day, I've reviewed a ton of them, so when I heard about "2k A Day" I nearly let out a belly laugh.

$2,000 a DAY? Working online?

It sounds ridiculous. But I know it's not. Because last week *I* made over $2,000 in one day working online. Don't believe me? Check out my proof of income article. While I haven't updated it with my most recent big haul of income, you'll see that making money online is no joke and it's very real.

That all said, can 2K A DAY change your life?

I think it can. I've watched the product's video, I've signed up, I've done everything they instructed and I'm now using their system.

It's working. It's real. It's verifiable. It's a way of making cash I 100% endorse and understand, because I already do similar things on a smaller scale. You get a website and you start selling products on it through their in-house system.

You've got to get it now, because this is a time-limited offer

If you watch the 2K a Day video, you'll see what I mean. You'll see why it's so important to get signed up right now. You'll see why they are offering this, and why this is such a rare, and amazing opportunity. 

You're going to find out that what you're signing up for is going to cost about $10,000 in a few months when it hits the market. You're getting an early chance to use it, and there's a good reason why. You have to just watch the video to fully understand it.

*** Here's the link to the 2K a Day site ***

Here's my video review:

I'm also seeing a bunch of bogus reviews from competitors trying to trash the product. Don't believe them. I'm also seeing some nay-sayers and skeptics putting up reviews while it's clear they haven't even tried the system.

I don't know why people believe the crap these people spew. *I USE EVERY SYSTEM I REVIEW THOROUGHLY*. I test them. Some of them actually make me money!

Try out 2K a Day. Opportunities like this don't grow on trees.

If you have any questions, just email me here. Don't forget to sign up for my newsletter, either.

God bless,

2k a day

Thursday, August 14, 2014

2014 Millionaire Review - Stan Lutz has a new binary options system. Real or scam?

2014 Millionaire review 

2014 Millionaire Review: Is this the life-changing system we've been waiting for?

I'm officially adding "2014 Millionaire" to my Master List to be used to my Super Signals System

I've checked out the product, examined the back-end of the source code and I've determined they are using a system that is producing signal rates between 89 and 97%. This IS a very special software they've released.

They appear to have developed an entirely new algorithmic backbone. Typically, these systems are based on previous code that has been updated. It's rare to see a new product that uses an entirely new set of code. That appears to be exactly what 2014 Millionaire has done. I suspect after the free release period is over, they will charge a hefty sum for this software.

You have to watch the video

There's something special about this system. Watch the video, all the way through. The story of Australian Stan Lutz had me captivated. 

I completely relate to what he's gone through in his life. The ups and downs, all the scams he tried, all the systems he tried, all the lousy jobs he's had. When he found this new system and it changed his life, I found it really inspiring.

If this binary options system really does what it says, it could change your life. I've already tested the software backbone, and if my results are correct, which I think they are, the system should work just as they say it will.

2014 millionaire scam 

There's no way this is a "scam"

2014 Millionaire is totally free. Stan isn't trying to charge you anything, there's no place to put a credit card, there's nothing. They don't want your money. So I think this is a great system. I've already run it through my proprietary software and the signals its showing are very solid.

I'm already signed up, thank God. There's limited spots available. 2014 Millionaire will be filled up within hours, days at the most.

August 30th Update:

Performance for this system continues to impress me. It has boosted my Super Signals Software accuracy by 4.2% -- which is HUGE and is helping me make an extra $1,000 a week or so.

You CANNOT MISS getting this software before it is closed to the public!

I'll be adding my experience to this review in about a month after I've had time to use it, but for now, here's the official sign up page -- I highly recommend getting in on it before it vanishes or they charge for it:

**Click here for the official site**

Remember, if you have any questions or need any help, just email me here. I try to answer all emails I receive personally within a day.

God bless,

stan lutz

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My "Super Signals" System & MASTER LIST w/ Personal Mentor Program + FAQ

Dear reader,

Before we begin, if you don't know what binary options are, please read my Binary Options 101 Guide. It will open in a new window. When you're done reading that, come back here and finish this article.

For those who already know about binary options, keep reading...

I'm not going to waste time: I'm making $25,000 a month using the system below. If you follow it perfectly, you can make that much, too.


What I'm about to reveal is potentially life-changing in nature. You may be skeptical right now, but I promise you, if you take the time to read all of this article, you will feel differently when you are done.

It will start to sink in, "Yeah, I can see how this would work..." And you will then know what I know to be true.

NOW PLEASE, pay close attention... 

In a nutshell:

1. I've developed in-house software - Super Signals System Ver. 0.721 (it's cost me $11,000 so far to develop out of pocket) - to measure the signal accuracy of all binary options systems, like Insured Profits and Binary Matrix Pro.

2. I'm combining all of that signal data into single "super" signals that make incredibly accurate, near-perfect trades.

3. I've made a huge amount of money since implementing this system.

4. I'll teach you how to do it for free, and I will give you my software for free. As always, there are NO ads on this blog, and I have NOTHING to sell of my own and I charge nothing for my time.


Keep reading to find out the secret I'm using to make $25,000 this month...



If you fail to do so, I will not offer you personal support and you will not be able to join my mentor program (please keep reading to learn why it's so important to follow my instructions, and see the end of this article for more about my mentor program and FAQ below).

What I'm about to tell you will be unique to anything you have EVER heard before regarding binary options.

IF you follow my system that I've developed perfectly, you will make $25,000 or more the first month of using it.

Yes, you read that correctly...

$25,000 or more the FIRST MONTH.

I AM GUARANTEEING IT, too, because I'm using it and I'm making a huge amount of money.
The system you are about to learn about offers benefits and potential that will turn the tables on what you are used to getting from "gurus" and hyped-up email lists. 

NOTE: You do NOT need ANY trading experience or experience with binary options to use this system. Anyone can do this! (That said, if you're entirely new, check out my Binary Options 101 Guide to get up to speed.)

My "Super Signals" System:

You must start thinking very differently from how you've been thinking in the past. You must start looking at binary options differently. 

You must realize a couple of key points:

Most of these "free" systems provide good signals algorithms, but they alone are not good enough for long-term profits.

One or two signals systems is not enough. It's like a weak radio signal or TV signal. We need to boost that signal. We do that by signing up for and acquiring as many free "signal" providers as possible.

We will then combine ALL of that data and ALL of those signals, so we are able to get "super signals" with accuracy near 98-99.998%. 

Every time you make a trade with a super signal, you will win almost every time. You will start making an enormous amount of money.

How do I know? I'm doing it (see video proofs below).

Here is your game plan:

Sign up with as many free systems as possible (see below for my Master List of systems that you MUST use).

Sign up with the paid systems, too, if you can afford them.

Only make minimum deposits!!!

Completely ignore the brokers if they call you.


Your broker accounts are acting as savings accounts for the time being.

Once you have 15-20 systems, you can begin trading using my free software, and you will make $25,000 the first month.

Now you're on the right path.




Here is my Master List of signal systems - just click on each link and sign up.

Most of these systems WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE FOR FREE FOR MUCH LONGER. I recommend picking the systems that I've determined have the highest signals.

**YOU MUST USE THESE LINKS. I have double-checked them. If you fail to follow my instructions and you fail use these links, and you get scammed by a copy-cat site, I will not mentor you or personally help you. Read the rest of this article to learn why this is so important.**

FREE systems (I have given a "signals grade" for each system based on the computational models I'm using with my proprietary software. It's best to start with the systems that offer the highest signals grade and work down the list):

Insured Profits - Signals grade: 9.9 *** HIGHLY recommended

Trade Sniper - Signals grade: 9.87 *** HIGHLY recommended

Legal Insider Bot - Signals grade: 9.7 *** HIGHLY recommended 

Walter Green - Signals grade: 9.6 *** HIGHLY recommended

2014 Millionaire - Signals grade: 9.5

Hercules Profits Pro - Signals grade: 9.5 

German Binary Robot - Signals grade: 9.3

Safe Trader App - Signals grade: 9.1

Profit in 60 Seconds - Signals grade: 8.9

Fast Income Pro - Signals grade: 8.8

The Covert Society - Signals grade: 8.5

Toyko Bot - Signals grade: 8.5

Binary Matrix Pro - Signals grade: 8.3

The Secret Wealth Club - Signals grade: 8.3

Online Wealth Plan - Signals grade: 8.3 

Option Navigator - Signals grade: 8.2

The Binary Insider - Signals grade: 8.1

Auto Quick Income - Signals grade: 8.1

Millionaire Trader - Signals grade: 8.0

Fast Income App - Signals grade: 7.9

Binary Trading Blueprint - Signals grade: 7.8

Paid systems:

ABS - Signals grade: 9.9

Quantum Binary Signals - Signals grade: 9.7

Required systems:

KeltnerPro - this is a Forex Keltner Channel (wiki article) processing system. I've integrated it with my software, and my software does not work without it. It provides a 10.7% boost in overall signal accuracy.


People are getting scammed because they are going to copy-cat sites that scammers and hackers set up! 

These sites look like the REAL site, but they are scam sites! There are scam sites like and you need to watch out for, which I've exposed in other articles on my site, including my Scammer's Methods article.

I have a background in cyber crime, I'm a former P.I. and I have a Master's Degree from Michigan State University in forensic science. This is what I do. I know what to watch for, and I know how the system works. I know what these scammers are up to.

I have double and triple-CHECKED the above links to make sure they go to the REAL sites. You must use those links!

If you refuse to follow my instructions, I will not be able to mentor you or give you personal help. I'm tired of people not listening to me, going to scam blogs and sites, and signing up with sites hackers set up and then complaining to me about it.

I tell people over and over, by email, on this website and through my newsletter, FOLLOW MY INSTRUCTIONS and you will be OK. But some people refuse to listen and end up getting scammed. I've done all I can do, but I won't personally support those who fail to use my list above.

To recap: begin singing up with as many systems as you can. It does not matter which ones you sign up for at all, but try to pick the ones above with a higher signals rating. Just get as many as you can. You need about 15-20, minimum, for this to work.

If you follow what I said above, you will be making between $25,000 and $30,000 the first month of doing this system, once you have everything in place.

It is THAT powerful. No one else is doing this, except pro traders and insiders, and NO ONE TALKS ABOUT IT.

Don't believe me?

Look at my accounts & watch the tutorial showing my software:

Join My Master List Mentor Program

I will be announcing more about my mentor program in my newsletter. Make sure you are signed up to my newsletter!

Email me with your interest and I'll add you to my member list. I will personally mentor those who are serious about this; add "Mentor program" to the subject line:

I will NOT help those who do not follow my instructions, waste my time and who are not serious about this.

Those who are serious and follow my steps can expect to make $25,000 or more the first month of doing this, because the signals you will be getting will be between 97% and 99.99%. You will almost NEVER lose a trade. I'm not losing hardly any trades and I'm making a huge amount of money this month, as never before, since I started implementing my system.

Anyone can do this, even people without knowledge of binary options. Just sign up, get started, and I will help you along the way.


Q: Why do these "free" systems all require deposits with brokers?

A: The free systems are proprietary, advanced software algorithms that produce signals. The creators forge deals with brokers so they can offer it for free for a limited time. The brokers pay the software creators a license fee. Most often, these systems later become "pay for" systems that cost between $997-$5000 each.

That's why I do recommend people do this as quickly as possible, while most of these are still free.

Q: What if I don't have enough money for all of this?

A: You don't need to do this in a week. If you are short on cash, make a 3 month or 6 month plan to get your 20 systems. I'll still be here to help you. Making those deposits is like depositing into a savings account. That money isn't going anywhere, it's waiting to be traded once you have my free software.

Q: I want to trade and try to make more money so I can sign up for more brokers. Should I do this?

A: I do not recommend anyone trade until they are able to get Super Signals. It takes between 15 and 20 systems to start getting Super Signals. You can still trade, but I recommend using Auto Binary Signals if you do that.

Q: How much will I really make once I have 20 systems?

A: Between $25,000 and $30,000 the first month. One million per year is achievable. I will probably make $500,000 to 1 Million over the next year using this system.

Q: Why isn't anyone else doing this?

A: They are, but they are pros. What I'm revealing here is an "industry secret" -- it's something the gatekeepers in the industry will never tell you. They won't tell you because they have no money to gain by telling you!

It's all FREE what I'm doing, so it's not profitable for them.

Q: Why do I need to follow the Master List? What if I don't?

A: Scammers and hackers set up fake "dummy" copy-cat sites of these systems all the time. It's easy to copy code and create a site that looks like the real one. People get scammed this way ALL THE TIME without even knowing it. Then they end up hating binary options! What a shame.

Someone even copied MY BLOG a few months ago, and I had to use every legal recourse in my power to get that site taken down! Thankfully, I won, and it is gone now. But there are so many scammers and hackers, they are very hard to catch or even spot. I am VERY experienced with how they work, however, as my background is in criminal forensics and cyber crime.

I've done the work and research, and I've made sure my Master List contains links to the REAL sites. I recommend using it. By not using it, you put yourself at risk and I really can't help you at that point.

Q: Are you going to release the software you use to get super signals?
A: Yes. I'm working on it now. I want to get a public release beta version available. It could be done within one or two months. It will automatically combine all of your 20 systems into one signal, and search for super signals you can trade on.

I will be making video tutorials of my software available soon!  Here's an early screenshot of the version I'm getting ready for public release:

Why are you revealing this secret?

Because so many people are hurting.
I get emails everyday from people who are financially in so much pain. This system can work, it's basically free, and I'm doing great with it. I realized anyone can do this, and I can help them. And I want to help them.

Other "gurus" aren't going to tell you about this because there is no money for them to make. It's just a free way to gathering up signals and allocating them.

Here's why following the above strategy perfectly is so important:

I have acquired the counsel of financial advisers and mathematicians. I have determined that to gain the optimum "super signal" you need about TWENTY or MORE of these signal providers. You must then combine all of that data.

You can do it manually, but it takes time. You need a calculator and a note pad, at the least. It is VERY time-consuming to do it manually and it is prone to costly mistakes. You have to manually WATCH each signal that comes in with each system at the same time. Very hard to do.

I decided to invest in and create my own in-house software. I hired programmers, coders and software development experts to help me develop it. It's cost me $11,000 so far, but it's worth it. It is in its very early stages, but it is working. It simply takes the signals from 20 or so platforms and combines them automatically.

What you must do is start from the ground up and work toward getting 20 or so signals providers.

I hope to make my software available soon for free, but you can still do it manually and I can show you how once you get about 20 systems. 

A few, basic principles:

We want binary options "signals" so we can make the highest percentage trade. If we can make a high-success trade, we make money. To get those signals, we need advanced software.

That software processes data and performs advanced algorithms to produce an accurate "signal".

Most of these advanced systems are free, often for a limited time. I do whatever I can to jump on those opportunities and GET those systems while they are free.

If you can wrap your head around this and stick with the program, I promise you, there is a LOT of money to be made. $20,000 to $50,000 the first month.

Sign up for my Mentor Program here and ask to be included.

God bless,

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How I use "Super Signals" to make money with Binary Options




This is THE most important article you will EVER read regarding binary options

Due to an overwhelming response from my readership, supporters and the public, I've decided to reveal some of my secrets to how I'm making $2,000 a week with binary options.

Before we begin, I want to discuss, first, some of the mistakes newbie traders are making.

Let's not waste time... 

Newbies are having trouble with binary options (while the pros and seasoned traders are raking in the cash). Some people are making deposits, trading too quickly, without the knowledge they need to be successful.

Some of these free systems are hit and miss, too.

If you read my guide below and absorb it, you'll be way ahead of the game and on your way to making HUGE profits with binary options, just like I am.

Here are the "Top 5 Mistakes People Make with Binary Options":

  1. They only sign up for one or two free systems. You need to sign up for as many free systems as you can (sign up for them below). There's a very good reason for this (keep reading).
  2. They trade way too much, too quickly. I never advise people to trade immediately. In fact, if you use my system below, you shouldn't be trading at all at first!
  3. They don't listen to my reviews or follow my instructions. Time and time again, I get people writing me who followed a link to a free signals system from some dirty, scammy site. I tell people over and over: follow my instructions.
  4. They don't make the minimum deposit. You should only be making the minimum deposit for each broker (unless you have extra cash). The reason for this is that your goal should be to have as many systems as possible. Your goal should not be to pour your life's savings into one broker with one system - EVER.
  5. They don't have patience or a positive attitude. It takes a few months to become successful with binary options. The key, as I said above, is to sign up for as many signals providers as possible and stick with it.

Let me just repeat this again -- because it is so important: you must set out to sign up with as many free (and paid) signal providers as possible. Trust me. Keep reading to find out why, then it will ALL MAKE SENSE.

One or two won't cut it for long-term profits (I'll explain below).

You need TWENTY, minimum. I currently use 20 actively through my in-house proprietary software I've developed. Yes, I hired software developers, coders and finance geeks to develop software for me earlier this year.

It's cost me about $10,000 so far (but it's worked: I'm now making $2,000 a week, minimum. I don't talk about it a lot, but I'm making a lot more money since I figured this system out).

binary options mistakes people make

"SUPER SIGNALS" are the secret to my success...

Keep reading to learn about them...

Right now, your goal should be to sign up for as many free systems as you can.
If you can afford it, you should also get paid-for systems like Auto Binary Signals and Quantum Binary Signals (see below).

Here's a list to get you started: 

Here are some free systems you need to sign up for now and make a deposit with right now (but don't necessarily start trading, keep reading to find out why):

Insured Profits

The Covert Society

Hercules Profits Pro

Walter Green's system

Safe Trader App

Binary Predictor

Tokyo Bot

Legal Insider Bot 

(I'll be adding more, but the above are ones I have reviews for).

Pay-for systems you should have:

Auto Binary Signals ($97)

Quantum Binary Signals ($99)

Franco's System ($97)

Binary Matrix Pro (varies in price - very cheap)



Remember, the free systems are free because the signals software developers make a deal with brokerages to send them clients. That said, many of these systems aren't free forever. Or they are very limited releases (some only are free for a week or two), before they raise the prices to $1000-$5000 dollars for a software license.

You're lucky if you can get in early and get access to one of these systems, that's why you have to sign up NOW. 

Listen to my video that explains more:

Here's a basic game plan to follow:

  • Sign up with as many free systems as you can and make minimum deposits.
  • Don't even trade anything at all. Don't trade whatsoever. Think of your broker as a bank savings account, at this point. You're not ready to trade. Keep reading to find out why.
  • Work toward a goal of getting 10 free systems. Your long-term goal should be 20 free systems.
  • If you make minimum deposits at $250 each in 20 brokers, you'll have $5000 saved up. Plus, you'll be able cash in on some deposit bonuses once you start trading.
  • Once that is all set up, you'll begin combining all of the signals from each software system into one "super signal". These super signals will guide you on making near-perfect trades.


You will begin combining all of your systems into a "super signal".

With $5000 saved up in your accounts, and with your "super signals" now online, you can expect to make between $20,000 and $50,000 the first month. Long term? $750,000 to 1 million the first year.

That is how effective this system I've developed is. It's effective because we are taking 20 signals from 20 different software algorithms and data streams to receive a "super signal". No one else is doing this! No one!

If we only make trades when we get a "super signal", we have a 98.9% win rate. With that advantage, we can begin making large trades and winning those trades every time.

Yes, the free systems often work, but they are just one system. If you combine 20 of them together, that's when the MAGIC HAPPENS!

This has been working for me, and it can work for you. I haven't been talking about it much, but I am now, because the public needs to know about this. I also believe it's part of the reason why I've made over $25,000 with Walter Green's system. I did tell people I was using other systems with it, but I did not specify what I was doing. 

I still was not certain my "super signals" system was working, but now I see it is. Walter Green made a lot of people a LOT of money, but his system was really effective for me because I'm using this new strategy.

But won't this cost me a lot?

NO! In the process of signing up, you won't lose money at all. You're not even trading. You'll be saving money. You'll be building up a huge trading block of cash that you can then use with my system to ensure you not only won't lose, but you will make tens of thousands the first month of doing this.

Are you ready for this?

Remember, right now, all you have to do is slowly begin signing up with these systems and making deposits. You're actually saving money.

In time, and in following me and my advice, you'll reach a point where you can start trading.

I also intend to release my in-house proprietary software soon for free. We're still developing it. It makes this so much easier. It combines ALL of the signals from ALL of the data sources into one "super signal". It's incredible.

That said, you don't need my software. You can do it with a calculator and note pad. That's what I was doing at first, and it worked. I had all 20 of my free systems open on my computer desktop and I was watching the signals and making calculations to find the "super signals". It worked!

But it was slow, so I knew I needed a program to COMBINE all of the signals for me and process them automatically.

Remember, the more signals you have = the better chance of getting a perfect signal, or "super signal" and making a HUGE amount of money over and over.

Stay tuned. Follow my advice above, and I promise, you will be on a path to millions sooner than you think. But it takes some effort. You need to sign up as soon as you can to every free system I've listed above. This is so important. And if you can afford it, you need Auto Binary Signals and the other paid programs.

I will mentor a select, few people

***Once you have this all going, and you've made deposits with a minimum of 5 programs above, email me and I will mentor you. I will personally guide you on how to make this work.***

But Roy, what system should I start with?

It doesn't matter! At all! Just get as many as you can, don't trade (you can if you like, but I advise against it), and continue accumulating them. Make minimum deposits and move on to the next one until you have 5, then 10, then 20.

Then you will be ready. You also have nothing to lose. Your trading accounts act as bank savings accounts, you can just get the money any time if you need it.

Why does this work? How do you know this works?

It does work. It's a miracle. I believe the Lord directed me to figure this out and share it with the world. We're only at the beginning of this new journey together. 

I just put this article up. I'll be adding more information in the coming weeks. I recommend checking back here again soon. I'll be posting more verifications, more details, more advice. 


Here are some free systems you need to sign up for now and make a deposit with right now (but don't start trading -- remember, you need 5 or 10 of these minimum to use the system I use):

Insured Profits

The Covert Society

Hercules Profits Pro

Walter Green's system

Safe Trader App

Binary Predictor

Tokyo Bot

Legal Insider Bot 

(I'll be adding more, but the above are ones I have reviews for).

Pay-for systems you should have:

Auto Binary Signals ($97)

Quantum Binary Signals ($99)

Franco's System ($97)

Binary Matrix Pro (varies in price - very cheap)

God bless,

Legal Insider Bot REVIEW: The "ZERO LOSS" system with 500,000 USD Insurance. Real or scam?

Legal Insider Bot scam or real?

Legal Insider Bot REVIEW: Does it work and what does it offer?

NOTE: This product is EXTREMELY time-limited. The Hedgefund Pool ($45m) allows only 90 Applicants. It looks like about 70 have been filled. I have been told the system will be closed to the public by Monday, September 1st. Sign up IMMEDIATELY here and at least get your email on the list.

UPDATE: Legal Insider Bot is now officially included in my Master List Program and has shown a very high signal accuracy in proprietary algorithmic tests. 

What I'm excited about with the release of Legal Insider Bot is how it is backed by an actual insurance policy against losses, along with the backing of hedge fund manager for Bluecrest Financial, Greg Marks. Nothing like this has EVER been offered before. 

Normally, I'm skeptical of free binary options signals systems. Some are scams, some are over-hyped, but a few do deliver on their promises.

Most of them are free - and that's great - but not all of them stay free for long (they usually go for $997-5000 dollars after the trial periods are over). I use every single of one them anyway, because that is part of my Super Signals trading strategy and Master List free mentor program you can read about here.

This one is different. Legal Insider Bot is unlike any other ever released, and may set the standard for others to come.

Legal Insider Bot review

This software developer has gone out of its way to guarantee that their system works. They have, for the first time, persuaded some of the industry's biggest brokers to offer their depositors an insurance policy to cover any losses in their account as a result of using "Legal Insider Bot"! 

Legal Insider Bot Scam or Real?

You are backed by a $500,000 insurance policy by the broker

It's good to have as many signals sources as possible. Many of these systems do work and are based on advanced algorithms and data computation models that provide high-success signals, which result in successful trades and huge profit margins.

The problem is, some systems can be "hit and miss" in terms of performance due to what I call "long scale deviations" that occur when a system is used in short term tests vs. long term tests. Long term tests occur when the product is released and dozens of people begin using it versus the in-house tests that were done before it was released.

That's why nothing has me more excited right now than Legal Insider Bot. What they have done is offer something no one else has EVER offered: insurance-backed performance guarantees. This is 100% REAL and NOT a scam. I've checked it and double-checked it. The $500,000 insurance policy is REAL.

They've taken things to the next level to show they are serious about offering a solid product. 

Do you want something that is iron-clad and safe?

By signing up with Legal Insider Bot, your trading account will be protected by a huge insurance policy that guarantees any of your losses will be reimbursed for the first seven days of trading. You simply cannot lose with Legal Insider Bot. Greg Marks has done this because he believes his bot works.

This is an unprecedented move

If their software does not work, brokers stand to lose millions because they will be paying out huge sums in insurance claims if their system fails. It is very uncharacteristic of any broker to sign on for something like this, so they must be confident it works and that it's not a scam.

Limited spots are available and time IS running out to get in on this, so sign up for free NOW:


UPDATE SUNDAY, AUGUST 30th: Tons of positive feedback so far

I said I would update this in a week so here we go:

I've had eight people write me describing how Legal Insider Bot has been working, and only one of those people had a negative experience (it turns out they lived in a country that wasn't supported by the brokers). Everybody has had their lost trades covered by the insurance, and so have I. I lost four trades and got reimbursed just like they said. One person made $1,500 this week alone, another made $860 and another one made $566. Really, really impressive numbers so far for just a week of trading.

If you have any questions, email me here and I'll reply as soon as I can (bear in mind, I get about 100 emails a day!).

If you want to know how I make money with binary options, check out my "Super Signals System" article.

God bless,

Roy @

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Safe Trader App REVIEW: New binary software offers rare live testimonials & trade updates.

 Safe Trader App review

Safe Trader App Review - One of the safest, best binary options signals providers available

One thing I look out for when I get involved with a new binary options signals program is for verification of profits. Most of these software programs don't offer much of that. They make big claims, but fall short of proving them.

Is Safe Trader App different?

After studying, using, analyzing and investigating this software system thoroughly, I'm pretty darn convinced at this point that this is the real deal.

Something "Safe Trade App" does differently is provide a lot of testimonials and proof of profits. This is really important. It's clear the software works and is providing very good binary signals.


Do you want to make money?

There's no question, after my thorough testing, that this app is delivering very high signal success rates. I'm seeing a total account success rate of 88% out of 72 trades I've committed through this system. The total profit rests at $1003 in four weeks of active trading while using it with my Super Signals software. While I haven't used as much as I would like, it's clearly an excellent system and a much-needed addition to any trading strategy.

There's no reason not to use it

This is a free software for a limited time. It will soon be selling for a lot more. They're releasing it to the public to basically "beta" test it and provide people with an opportunity to make a lot of money, so they can use those testimonials when they finally sell it in their full release.

The people who get in now are the lucky ones. The people who don't get in now will have to pay nearly $5,000 to use it.


I have over 17 brokerage accounts and I use between 10 to 15 binary options software platforms like this one. I've investigated scams, exposed the frauds and I've found the gems that work. 

The reason I make over $15,000 a year trading binary options is because I use systems like these and take advantage of them. The people who stay on the sidelines and don't try them out, they don't get very far. THIS is how you make BIG CASH in binary options, by taking advantage of opportunities like this.

If you want something solid, safe with a good rate of return on your money, Safe Trader App is it. It's very safe, backed by great customer support and it's proven.

Unfortunately, they're closing it down very soon

I recommend signing up immediately:


If you have any questions, just email me here. If you would like to know how *I* make money with binary options, you can learn about my personal "Super signals" system here and my mentor program.

God bless,


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

HERCULES PROFIT PRO REVIEW: Become a beta tester and keep the profits? Is this for REAL?

Hercules Profit Pro


Incredible new binary options opportunity - become a BETA TESTER FOR FREE AND KEEP YOUR PROFITS!

Do you want to make a lot of money easily with the assurance it's not a scam?

How about being able to claim profits after trading for just one hour on a new, free system designed by the world's top traders?

That's exactly what Hercules Profit Pro is offering.

I'm blown away right now by the opportunity being presented with "Hercules Profit Pro". It's offering things that I've never seen offered before anywhere, and it's 100% free, no-cost whatsoever. You're crazy not to at least try this out.

Things you need to know:
  • It's designed by Charles Brockelhurst, an expert and well-regarded binary options trader and software engineer.
  • Huge, verified winning percentages between 88-97%.
  • Unbelievable honesty and transparency.
  • A special chat room service, so you can communicate with other traders, a first in the industry for a product of this kind. 
  • Uses software to find SPGs. 
  • Right now it is FREE, when it is released fully to the public it will be SOLD for $4,997.00. 
  • YOU GET it for free as a beta tester for six months before it is released.

Things you need to do now:
  1. Click here on the Hercules Profit Pro official link and complete the free sign up process.
  2. Sign up with the broker they recommend.
  3. Wait for signals to show up.
  4. Place your trades and withdraw your profits within a few hours.

Do you want to be one of the few people who will get access to this?

This system is a limited-release system. That means only the people who sign up within the next few days will get to use it. Why? Because they are using beta testers to use it before it's released for $4,997 to the public!

This is for select people. I was given early access.  

Certain people in the binary options world get access to these, and they will let the public get access to a brief period. 


I'm well aware of who Charles Brocklehurst is, because he's been around forever in trading circles. His reputation is beyond reproach. We're very excited he's finally released something like this to the public. This is a special moment for people who sign up now and get in on it, because their profits will be like a tsunami of cash coming their way.



IMPORTANT: If U.S./Europe visitors have trouble with the first link, come back and use the second link and give it a try.

Another thing I love about these guys is how after you submit your email, in the second video that plays, they talk about all of the dirty brokers in the industry. I love that they are open about this, and how they went out of their way to find good brokers for people to use. Wow. Impressive.

These people are making a HUGE AMOUNT OF MONEY:

hercules profit pro 
Remember, if you have trouble with the main link, come back and use the International version!


Email me if you have any questions, otherwise, click that link and get started now.

If you want to know how *I* make money with binary options, you can learn about my "super signals" system in this article here.

God bless,