Friday, November 14, 2014

BINARY OPTIONS: The Holy Grail of Online Super-Riches?

We all know people are making money online.

Tens... no, hundreds of thousands of people are making a living online.

We all want that life. 

We want a break from the 9-5 grind, our low paying jobs, our credit card bills, our financial burdens. We want to help our families, our children and save for our futures. 

We want to know the "secret" to how it's working for so many other people, but not for us.

We also know one way to get rich online is trading binary options. We've seen the testimonials, the bank accounts, the people whose lives have been changed.

But how did they do it so easily?

Well, there are a few *secrets* the gurus are using that the public doesn't know about.

First of all, the biggest mistakes newbies make are the following things:

They sign up with just one system.

They only deposit the minimum.

They have a bad week, lose a few trades, and give up.

Then they get taken in by a scam, because they're desperate at that point.

They don't listen to trusted sources in the industry.

Instead, they get misled by scam sites like, "", "", and "" (all of which I've exposed as frauds in this article here). 

They also go visit cheesy "reviews" they see when they search Google. These reviews are just advertisment sites set up by people (or sometimes automated posting bots) who haven't even used the system!

But that's not the end of it.

They get frustrated, and they get taken in by a scam broker that I've exposed, like CiTrades or EUOptions.

They keep depositing money, over and over, into the same scam broker who keeps pressuring them.

Big, big mistake! 

But don't feel bad. 

I've been there

I got taken in, too, last year. Yes, last year a scam broker convinced me to deposit about $2,000 with them, and I lost it all.

I lost it all.

But boy, I learned my lesson, and since then I've learned how to avoid the scam brokers, and stick to the good ones.

Now that we've covered the mistakes newbies make, let's look at the secrets the gurus use:

Do you want to know the number one thing all successful binary option traders are doing?

They're combining trading signals.

All of them.

But they don't really talk about it. It's not something they "sell", nor is it offered as a product.

It's a methodology.

And it's something I'm doing myself, with my Super Signals software. And it's working, big-time.

I've made $124,000 in three months using this method.

Now, I've heard a lot of income "claims". I've seen some bank accounts with millions in them, and I've wondered if they're real.

But I know what is real, and that's what's in my bank account. I've posted countless videos of my bank account, and sometimes even I can't believe it's really all in there, but it is

It's the most cash I've ever had at any one time in my life! 

I spent most of my life as a private investigator, and contrary to popular belief, it's not a glamorous, exciting or high-paying lifestyle.

It's often boring, tedious and sometimes dangerous. It was a "grind" for years, and I always worried about my financial future and struggled with debt. So finding binary options and making money online has been a huge "God send" and relief, especially as I reach retirement age.

While I had some success with binary options, it wasn't until I learned how to "combine" signals earlier this year that things really took off for me. 

I was given very special information from a trusted person on how to do this (it's someone I've never talked about, but I may do so in the future, so people know the full story).

But combining signals isn't easy! 

It takes a lot of manual work, across numerous brokerages and signals platforms, painstakingly calculating each signal, combining them and looking for a solid trade.

That's why the top traders develop their own software to do this automatically for them

And recently, there have been a few new binary additions that are using a similar method that I'm using, like 100% Profit Bot and My Binary Revenge.

Both of those excellent systems are responses to the industry's "scam" tactics, and both systems are fighting to give the little guy a real chance. 

The key is to not give up. 

We know binary options work. We know you can make millions with it. We know if we can get top-level signals, we'll make a huge amount of money, because our trades will be highly accurate and will seldom lose.

The key is learning what the gurus know to be true: you have to combine signals. You can't just use one trading platform, one broker, one signals system, and expect to make millions.

The importance of having a portfolio of systems

You have to start building a portfolio of systems, and you can start with using my approved, vetted systems on My Top 40 Binary Options Master List. These are the same systems I use myself, and with my software. Not all of them are perfect, so I do my best to show which ones are the best.

Once you have a portfolio of systems, you can then manually begin combining the signals (I will be showing people how to do this in upcoming videos and tutorials), or, you can use my free software.

Just remember: don't give up. And continue to read my site and gain the knowledge you need to avoid the scams and bad brokers. Or, write me at my email if you need help. I'm retired, so I have plenty of time to help people.

God bless,

Roy @

p.s. This is just a 'first draft' of this article, and I will be adding more tips, secrets and details soon in the future as I update it. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

100 Percent Profit Bot REVIEW - Grade: A-. Is it one of the best binary bots ever?

100 Percent Profit Bot

REVIEW: 100% Profit Bot - GRADE: A- 

This tremendous new binary options trading bot takes things to a new level of accuracy and professionalism as not yet seen in a binary bot. 

You will notice immediately the honesty of the video, the thoroughness of the presentation and materials, the level of verification and proofs, the authenticity of the testimonials and lastly, the very good likelihood you will make a lot of money with this ironclad trading bot.

100 percent profit bot scam or real

100 Percent Profit Bot really does force you to withdraw your winnings!

The great thing about "100% Profit Bot" is that it forces you to withdraw your winnings, or it won't trade! It uses a multi-tiered broker system -- a smaller-scale version of my Super Signals software -- and through this method they are able to produce maximum profits for minimal risk.

100% profit bot scam or real

Through my use and investigation of this product, I discovered they are doing things honestly, transparently and providing excellent customer service.

You can feel confidence that your investment will be handled with care with the team at 100 Percent Profit Bot. They care about their customers, and they do their best to answer emails and questions. Very impressive! 

So far, in my experience of testing and using the bot for about one week, I've had the following results:

  • 14 winning trades.
  • 5 losing trades.
  • A profit of $422.
  • Great customer service.
  • Good brokers.
  • One withdrawal processed and sent to my bank account.
  • The bot stopped trading until I withdrew my cash, just as advertised.
  • It's not a scam.
  • It's free.

All I can say is, "Wow!" This is a great system. I still think my Super Signals software is far better, but they are using some similar concepts that I'm using, so thats encouraging to see and gives me a lot of confidence in 100 Percent Profit Bot

Why I didn't give it an "A+" grade

There are some claims in the video about how binary options systems work (basically, about their competitors) that are not entirely true. It's unfortunate, and I don't agree with it, because they're just trying to position themselves as "better" than everyone else. Maybe they are, but they shouldn't use sketchy claims to prop themselves up.

My secret -- "Getting in early" 

Sign ups are closing soon! There are only 2000 spots open and they are closing fast, so get in now. I've talked a lot in my newsletter about how one of my binary options secrets is to get in early with these systems.

A lot of times, when you get in early, you will make the most money. This has happened time and time again, so I know it works. I got in early on Walter Green's system and made a lot of money, and so did the people who took my advice. Later on, his system wasn't as effective. 

I hope my review has been helpful, and if you have any questions, just email me at

God bless,

100 percent profit bot

Roy @

p.s. Don't forget about My Binary Options 101 Guide if you're new to binary options!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Interstellar Profits REVIEW - New binary bot showing promising results so far...

interstellar profits

Interstellar Profits Review

New binary options bot is showing promising results so far...

One thing I noticed immediately about "Interstellar Profits" was its excellent interface, in addition to the quality informational video and webinar they offered. 

This is clearly a quality trading bot signal system they've released. But the real question is whether it's shown any results so far. 

At this point, I've had 25 successful, winning trades with Interstellar Profits, and only 9 losses. That is incredibly impressive, and it's resulted in $841 dollars in profits in just ten days of testing. 

I'm also getting a lot of positive reports from people using it, including the following testimonials from members of my newsletter and Super Signals mentor program

  • Dan H. made $255 - 10 winning trades, 3 losing trades.
  • Barbara Jo made $139 - 5 winning trades, 1 losing trade.
  • Kelly J. made $710 - 22 winning trades, 7 losing trades.

So these are very impressive results. Interstellar Profits also works with some of the best binary brokers in the business, which gives me a high confidence in the quality of their system and tells me they are definitely not a scam.

Due to the above results, I've placed Interstellar Profits at #1 on My Top 40 Binary Options Signal Systems Master List, which you can check out here.

If you want to get Interstellar Profits yourself, just follow this link to the official site.

To learn more about my Super Signals software, click here.

You can also email me any time at

As with all binary options systems, I advise some caution. Using my software is the best bet at success, but some of these stand-alone signals systems can be profitable.

I know some people are confused by binary options, but they are really quite simple. First, you want a good broker so you can trade. Then you need a good way of getting "signals". Signals tell you when to trade either a call or put option, which is to say when a financial instrument is going to go "up" or "down" in price.

If you can get a good signal system that tells you when to trade accurately, you can make a lot of money. Imagine if you had a signal system that won just 60 or 70% of the time? You could easily make thousands off of that alone. But that isn't good enough for me -- I wanted a system that would make near perfect trades, between 97-99% accuracy. That's what my Super Signals Software does, which I've spent $25,000 creating and programming.

That said, Interstellar Profits is still probably an excellent choice, and should result in a few hundred dollars of income a month, at minimum. 

God bless,

Roy @

interstellar profits review

Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Jet Set Club is a SCAM! Check out my review of The Jet Set Club...

the jet set club review

The Jet Set Club is a SCAM!

I've decided to give "The Jet Set Club" an "F" rating for the following reasons:

  • Poor customer service.
  • People aren't being given the signals software when they make a deposit.
  • The Jet Set Club is using "scam" brokers like CiTrades and CVCOptions.
  • The signals performance is poor.
  • People's money is being stolen by these scammers.

I thought The Jet Set Club was a decent binary options trading bot when it first came online, but after about a month after it's release, it's clear this is an awful system and the creators behind it are thieves.

There are far better systems out there, like Daily Binary Profits ver. 7, and many others on my Top 40 List.

If you made a deposit with The Jet Set Club, I recommend asking for a withdrawal immediately and trying to get your money back. 

More Updates...

It's been a really busy week, but I wanted to get this update out to everyone. Right now I'm working on some new videos, so make sure you're subscribed to my YouTube channel so you don't miss out (click here for my YouTube channel).NEW TESTIMONIALS! ECT Bot, Millionaire Money Machine & Crisis Killer are working and making people money:

The top three systems on My Top 40 Binary Options Systems Master List continue to deliver some pretty amazing results. I thought I'd share a few emails I've gotten from people who've used them. They gave me permission to post their quotes:

ECT Binary Bot:

"wow amazing roy -- 12 winning trades and only 4 losing trades for a profit of $247 this week!!! it's really working wow thank you." - 
Najal S., India 
"Ok Roy, ive been trying so hard to find a binary bot that worked and i think i finally found it, you were right about ect bot -- I have to give you an update on ECT BOT! I can't believe it's really working but I just made $558 this week from 14 winning trades its AMAZING!" - Sadie S., Hot Springs, Arkansas, USACrisis Killer: 

"so last week i only made $28 but this week i've had four winning trades in a row and now I'm up $135 in my account. I'm also using BigOption and they've been really helpful and i even got a withdrawal from them last week for $200, that was really encouraging. thanks again for recommmending crisis killer." - Paul. H., Boise, Idaho, USA

I've also had a few people write and say Millionaire Money Machine is working out well for them. 

I also think there are still some great systems worth trying out on My Top 40 Binary Options Systems Master List, including Daily Binary Profits ver. 7The Trade Power andFast Income App.
It's good to see some success stories! Not all of the trading bots are legitimate, so you have to be careful. For instance, Binary Pro App and My Cash Bot are both huge scams, which I exposed in my reviews of them. There are also some really bad brokers out there, like CiTrades and CVCOptions, so watch out for them.
SPECIAL INVITATION to Newsletter Subscribers:

NEW Internet business opportunity system out - "Income Black Box"

I have been given exclusive early access to a brand NEW Internet home income buisness opportunity offered for a limited time exclusively through this newsletter and only a few others. The people working on this project approached me and asked me to exclusively try out their product and so far I'm really impressed.

I loved the video and some of the materials they sent me. I'll have a review up soon after I'm done testing it, but I wanted to get this out now. This might be a great opportunity for people looking for a low-cost, cheap alternative to binary options. Click here to check out the video, it's really exciting, I enjoyed it.

Cash giveaway update
I also wanted to give an update on my November cash giveaway. I'm going to probably do what I did last month and give four people $250 via PayPal. Just write if you are in need. I only want people who really need the money to write and tell me their stories. I want this money to go to people whoneed it the most. 

Also, if you need a few dollars, just write me at my main email and I'll try to help. It's easy enough for me to send funds through PayPal, so I don't mind helping people out now and then.

I'm making so much money with my Super Signals software I don't mind helping out. I've made over $100,000 dollars this month alone using it.

God bless,

Roy @

Thursday, October 30, 2014

FOREX TRENDY REVIEW: I just bought it and I'll be updating my experience with it next month.

Forex Trendy promises to boost your Forex trade success ratio

I've just bought this fascinating new product to compliment Auto Binary Signals with my trading account. I will be updating this review in a month to show whether this product helped or hurt my income, with graphs and charts showing the change income.

I want to find out for sure whether it really works or not.

Here's a testimonial that jumps right into what it does:

"I use this software every day together with my own system and two EAs. I execute trades only when trend drawdown is below 15% so I decreased the trade frequency, but I got two times better results. I am also interested in pattern recognition, I haven't tried it yet, but it looks amazing!"
  -- Julien Labonne, Florida, USA

Forex Trendy does just as its title suggests: it uses advanced algorithms to show the best trends on the top currency trading pairs, like USD/EUR.

The product is well-liked and there are many positive reviews of it online. I've just got it running and I like the look of it. I wanted something to compliment Auto Binary Signals so I can increase my profit margins even more. 

Adding products like this gives you a huge advantage over just blind trading. You need something like Auto Binary Signals to begin with, and adding Forex Trendy can only help you.

A great supplement to increase your income? We'll find out.

So far I've made nearly $9,000 with Auto Binary Signals, so I hope Forex Trendy will only help my income.

The product is also incredibly cheap, at only $37 every quarter. They offer a 60 day money back guarantee, too. As I noted, I'll update this review fully in the coming month once I've tested the product. 

Click here to check out Forex Trendy.

How do I start trading binary options?

If you need to sign up for a trading account, I highly recommend CTOption. They are the broker I use. They offer a 100% deposit bonus. So if you deposit $250, you get $500 total. They paid me my bonus after about one month of trading.

I've also bought Quantum Binary Signals, and I'll be updating that review as well in the next month. I like combining products like this, because they tend to serve to up my trading success rate and profits. The more information from more sources, the better off you are.

Note: Forex Trendy is primarily used with regular Forex trading accounts, but can also be used with binary options. I use it for both.

God bless,