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BINARY SCAMS: Why binary options are a favorite target for scams in 2015.

binary options scams


Something that I've learned in my binary options education is that "nothing is what it seems". There are scammers and liars around every corner - some of whom have even scammed and fooled me, sadly enough.

However, there are a few clues that can lead you in the right direction. One "rule of thumb" I follow is to watch out for any product that makes huge claims, such as promising income of "millions" of dollars in a month. 

Here's a quick thumbnail list of things to watch out for:

  • Look out for offers that take you to bad brokers, like the ones featured on my Bad Brokers List. This is sometimes a "red flag".
  • Avoid the offers that have huge income claims - such as "millions" of dollars in profits in "one month". It's rare these offers are ever legitimate.
  • Be careful about what links you follow! Scammers are so devious they set up "copy-cat" sites that mimic the real sites of good trading bots, like 100 Percent Profit Bot. Sadly, people get caught up in these copy-cat sites, get scammed, lose everything, then later post comments or reviews blasting the real product! It's actually really unfair to the creators of the real system, but these people don't know they ended up with a copy-cat product that sent them to exclusively bad brokerages!
  • Skilled coders can not only mimic and create fake trading bots, they can create fake brokerages that mimic and look like real ones. It isn't that difficult for pros who are expert coders. It's a reality you have to be aware of, and one that almost no one talks about. It's part of why there is so much confusion out there.

I've done my best with my Master List -- my top picks of the best binary options traders -- to present the public with advanced auto traders and semi-auto systems. You will notice the top of my list contains professional systems with real testimonials, and a long history of success. Not all of them are perfect, not all of them will make you rich or necessarily even work, but they are far better than the usual "get rich quick", cheesy products you see now and then.

But why are binary options such a favorite target of scammers?

The reason is simple: binary options have been co-opted by a small but aggressive group of "bad brokers" -- these are unregulated brokers that operate out of countries like Somalia, North Korea and Burma. They are often run by criminal gangs or even the mafia. Yes, some of the people who head these organizations are dangerous. 

Unfortunately, they can be difficult for authorities to catch because they are protected by the jurisdictions of third-world countries. Or they can simply shut down their operation and create a new website and brokerage somewhere else.

These bad brokers not only open unregulated brokerages, they run literally hundreds of websites that appear in Google search rankings. Most are phony "reviews", while others are more sophisticated. They hire marketing firms, often out of India or Pakistan, to "spam" the web and YouTube with confusing nonsense, often attacking a competing product, or promoting a scam.

Their methods are well-funded and sophisticated. They also create and market phony binary options trading bots, like Larry's Cash Machine or My Cash Bot, that lead directly to their scam brokerages.

Why is there so much confusion online?

It's very hard to find the truth. There are numerous so-called reputable, "honest" review sites online. However, practically half of these are scams themselves, or run by bad brokers or mafia criminals! I haven't found one yet I trust, except, which seems reasonably balanced. 

For example, there is a new site called "". It looks and appears legitimate. However, it is most likely a fake site set up by well-known scammer Michael Freeman, of "Mike's Auto Trader" fame (click here to learn more about the clear evidence pointing to him being behind it). 

Of course, this fake site is also obsessed with me, and contains an article full of bizarre hate and vitriol directed towards me. The claims in the article are weird lies that make very little coherent sense; it's surprising people fall for it, but they do. It would be funny - if these people weren't so dangerous, threatening and full of hatred. 

Mike Freeman is also connected to another ridiculous scam site called "", which heavily promotes its notoriously poor-performing trader called "Option Bot 2.0" and Freeman's own terrible trading bot.

People fall for all of this nonsense, because all of the sites mentioned above are proven to use fake accounts to post fake "positive" comments on their sites! This makes it appear the "public" endorses the site, and it is a very convincing psychological tactic! I would estimate 70% of the comments on their sites are from fake accounts.

I don't do that! The comments on my sites and videos are from real people. For example, every, single comment on my new brokerage site is from a real person.

Notice how complicated this "web" becomes when you look deeper? That's why you really have to pay attention.

Here's the sad part:

The public is missing out. Binary options present a wonderful opportunity for people! There are also plenty of good brokers that offer reasonably good services. There are good trading bots that people actually make money using.

And that's the goal, isn't it? To make money!

People intrinsically know that binary options could potentially make them a lot of money. So much money they could possibly retire or quit their jobs. At the least, they could make a decent monthly income of a few hundred or a few thousand a month. Most people would be happy with that!

That's why people are interested in binary options - they known deep down it can work.

The trouble is finding a good trading system and a good broker to go with it! 

At the end of the day, the best solution is to use the better, more quality systems out there.

Yes, many of them still get attacked or called "scams". Most of these attacks are coming from bad brokers and other scammers, desperate to mis-direct you to their own worthless products. It's astonishing how it all works in terms of the level of deviousness!

I'm at a point now I don't even bother reading these review sites or wasting time on them. In fact, I spend even less time on YouTube, which is full of worthless videos that offer nothing constructive, or that can be trusted.

Unfortunately, I've promoted or endorsed a few bad products in the past myself, but I try to correct those mistakes. For example, I thought "Confirmed Profits" looked very good, but later it turned out to be quite terrible. When I found that out, I told my newsletter list to avoid it and posted a warning on my Master List. 

I try to do that with any product that later proves to be seriously flawed, but I'm careful not to attack everything just because someone says it is bad. 

I've found a lot of people have issues because of glitches or bugs on their computers, rather than the fact they are being "scammed". Or, sometimes a trading bot is good but they end up with a bad broker - then they blame the trading bot for losing, when it's really the broker causing the problem. 

So, it can be complicated and I try to be careful about what I call a "scam". I know for a fact there are real trading bots out there that are designed to make smart trades and a profit. I'm not going to say it's "all a scam", the way Mike Freeman does - he just wants you to use his worthless trading bot!

A lot of people lose, too, because they are simply not educated on how trading works - at all. That's why I've set up my mentor program, and I provide my Binary Options 101 article to get people started.

I'm also trying to set up my own brokerage,, to give the public a real chance at using some of these good trading bots, like the better ones featured on my Master List. 

I hope that day comes soon, but it will be a battle, because I am under attack constantly from some of the most ruthless, vicious people on the Internet -- most of these people are connected to the bad brokers, and they are really threatened by what I'm doing. I need your prayers now more than ever, but I know the Lord will lead me forward no matter what. 

I leave you with this scripture, that keeps me going in the times of my deepest darkness:

“Blessed are you when others revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you."
- Matthew 5:11-12

God bless, 

Roy T. 

(I would like to thank my webmaster for helping me put together this article and the graphic for it).

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Rock The Stock REVIEW - Is "Rock The Stock" a SCAM or REAL?


rock the stock review

Rock The Stock is actually one of the most exciting and professional new binary options releases of 2015. As anyone who follows my blog and newsletter knows, I only endorse the best products. There are a lot of "get rich quick" schemes out there, and binary options bots that promise you will make "millions". I avoid recommending those, because most of the time they are scams.

UPDATE 6/24/2015 - NEW SCREENSHOTS SEE BELOW! UPDATE TODAY: See Roy's trading account update #1 (click here for video!) 

UPDATE 6/26/2015: It's here, my first test resulted in ALL WINS! AMAZING! View Roy's trading account update #2 video here.

UPDATE 6/19/15: NEW TESTIMONIAL FROM JULIA A. of Portland, Oregon, USA:

UPDATE 6/19/15: “This is a great semi-auto trader. Semi auto traders are usually more profitable than fully auto traders. Watch the Daily Performance Videos – they are recording LIVE from their brokerage accounts, and the profits are amazing. Their June lifetime license promotion ends at the end of this month, and after that it will just be a 45 day trial. So it’s best to sign up now.”– Roy T.

However, there are still some excellent products that get released to the public. A few of those include the very professional AppMobileBot, 100 Percent Profit Bot (still going strong, with a great community of traders supporting it), and Alpha Traders (a 'bot' that actually uses the trades of real pro traders).

So, I was really interested when Rock The Stock was released, because of its highly polished and professional approach. Immediately, when you watch the video, you will be intrigued by the new method they are using to trade binary options -- pegging currencies and binaries to stock movements. This is a very ingenious new strategy!

rock the stock

I do encourage people check this new trading bot out, because it will be closed to the public soon. It's been extremely popular the past few days, so for sure it's going to fill up soon. 

You can go to the official site by clicking here and sign up to Rock the Stock for free. Usually, a deposit of $300-500 will get you started. I've also noticed Rock The Stock uses very good brokers, better than most systems that get released, so it seems they've gone out of their way to arrange their product with quality brokers. I'll also update this review after I've tested Rock The Stock for a few weeks. 


UPDATE 6/20/15: "But Roy, what about people calling it a scam?"

Good question! I've seen a few of these claims. Most are coming from scam sites like -- which I've exposed OVER and OVER again as a scam site in this article and in this article -- and another, new scam site called Please read this article to learn more about why they are a scam. 

Also, some of the videos calling it a "scam" are from Internet marketers trying to sell their own binary options product, usually a scam itself. They put up videos for every product that gets released, call it a "scam", just so they can get traffic and re-direct you to their own, paid-for product. 

Just be careful. Most of the nonsense on the web I don't even bother to read, since it's usually all lies. Some of it just disgusts me, and I'm sorry people get mislead.

Even some of the "comments" you see from supposedly "real" people are from FAKE accounts! I do my best to keep my site "clean", we use REAL testimonials and try to only support products that are good. 

UPDATE 6/24/2015 - Here are two Rock The Stock screenshots from my account -- I've got a bunch of trades still "open", so I'll update this when they close and we'll see how Rock The Stock does for me:

God bless,

Roy T. 

Here's my previous update:

Dear Newsletter Members, Friends & Family,This will be a short update, as I have spotty Internet connectivity. I'm in New York City and leaving tomorrow for the United Kingdom. As most of you know, I'm in the process of visiting Europe and opening my new brokerage, Keep in mind, this process may take months - but I'm hopeful to get things set up sooner than that.

We will be giving away $500 (possibly $1000) to 25 of the first people to sign up - stay tuned for more news on that. I'll probably be giving those free $500 accounts to people on my Mentor List first. These will not be "bonuses" but real cash you can withdrawal any time, if you like (we also have even more exciting news for my new brokerage, so look for that soon!).

A few, quick updates:

Apple Bot is still trading strong for me, with a winning streak of 7 wins in a row last week. I've heard mostly positive reports so far, but it trades slower than most bots. They are using a strategy that trades various currency pairs that track with Apple's stock, though their methods are still much a mystery to me.

* The private bot below (you'll have to write me and ask for it) has been one of the better-performing systems as of late.

* As I updated below, 100 Percent Profit Bot (click here to try it) has shown tremendous performance recently, and I've received two new very positive testimonials from people making money with it. People keep asking me what the "best" bot is -- well, I wish they would just read my Master List! It's right there! 100 Percent Profit Bot is still #1 on my list for a reason! I know some have had trouble with it, but it seems they've updated it and it's doing better. I did have one person write me who was very upset I would endorse this trader, but there are sometimes a multitude of reasons a trader does not work, often having to do with the brokers you end up with. I've discussed this extensively, but some people seem to blame me for bad experiences they have. I can't control which brokers you end up with -- I wish I could! That's why I'm setting up my own brokerage.

Thank you for all of your support, as always.

Yes, I continue to receive threatening emails from very nasty, mean-spirited people, but I expect that - there are people in the industry extremely upset with me. The LAST thing bad brokers want is for an honest brokerage like mine to have success. The last thing they want is for the public -- people like you -- to have any real chance of making money. I have faith in my Lord that He has led me on this path for a reason, so I will not ever give up or back down to all of the attacks. They will not win.

Here is last week's update:

It's been a long week, and I'm getting ready to leave for Europe to start my new brokerage, I want everyone to know that since I will be travelling, I may not respond to emails very quickly over the next week. Once I get settled in over there, I'll be able to respond faster as I usually do.

UPDATE ON BAD SYSTEMS (updated): There are a couple of terrible systems out there that I keep hearing about that I want to WARN people about: please AVOID John Anthony Signals, and TradeRush. I also warned people about Profit with Cindy. I also keep hearing about these guru "seminars" that are total nonsense! If it's not free -- like my Mentor Program -- then don't sign up for it! If it's NOT on my Master List, then it's usually something I don't endorse. I keep hearing people losing money to these bad systems, so I want to advise people: don't use something unless it's on my website, because at least then you will know I've checked it out.

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The Fisher Method REVIEW - Is The Fisher Method a SCAM or REAL?


the fisher method review

*CLICK HERE* for 'The Fisher Method' - "I'm still recommending everyone try this out before it closes to the public. Everything so far about this new system has been impressive." - Roy T.

FULL REVIEW OF THE FISHER METHOD: I believe "The Fisher Method" is not only real, it's a great opportunity. It's a new trading method developed by Jacob Clark, who has multiple degrees in mathematics and statistics - the exact sort of education background needed to be successful in binary trading.

This quote from their site really encouraged me:

"I know there is tons of bad stuff out there. And if you’ve ever fell victim to those scams my heart goes out to you. Theres a good chance you feel victim to what I call the auto trader scams out there.

The Fisher APP is so radically different than anything you have ever seen before. By the way did you know we are the only system out there today that has verifiable proof and a scientific backing?"

After I read that, I signed up and so far I'm really impressed. Time will tell how trading goes, but I'll put an update on here in a week or two with the results. Even then, that would be preliminary. I always give a new trading bot about 100 trades before I make a judgement of it.

If you want to sign up for The Fisher Method and join Jacob Clark's system, just click here for the official site.

Jacob Clark also even offers a personal guarantee with The Fisher Method, which also really impressed me:
fisher method scam

Here's more from my recent newsletter:

Monday, June 15th, 2015 - ** NEWSLETTER UPDATE **:

Some quick updates: Rock The Stock was released today and looks very good. I'll be signing up today and I can't wait to try it out.

I'm also advising people AVOID the following systems: Armchair Millionaire, Cash Code & Atlas AI. One of my contacts in the industry wrote me and said each of these came from a marketing "outfit" he says he doesn't "trust". So I'll be investigating that a bit more.

Important reminders: if you sign up for a trading bot, sometimes it can take a few daysbefore it starts trading. That is normal. It's also important to answer phone calls. If you don't get it set up right with the broker, it may never trade properly. The brokers are required to activate it and sometimes they don't unless you speak to them by phone.

Mentor update: I've also replied to everyone who signed up to my Mentor Program the past week, so you should have emails in your inboxes from me today.

Coming soon when I have more time: a video giving updates on all the trading bots, how to get Apple Bot to trade more effectiviely, and an update on the CTOption/ABS strategy (email me if you want to know more about that strategy and I can explain it).

Thank you for reading, and here is the newsletter I sent yesterday:

I'm now in Europe. I'll be in Brussels, Belgium for the next few days and then I'm off to Cyprus and Israel to begin the process to start my brokerage. I've also been joined on this trip by my lawyer's paralegal and one of his staff. So, they are my "team" and will be helping me set all of this up with the appropriate E.U. regulatory agencies.

Yes, the attacks and threats I get are very hurtful, but we will continue forward no matter what.

Some other important updates for everyone:

1) While I set my brokerage up, I'm still looking for good opportunities. I've updated myMaster List to reflect what I think are some of the best ones available, like The Fisher Method and Alpha Traders. I've also removed some of the old bots that weren't working anymore. I hope everyone takes a look at it.

2) Be careful about following links in marketing emails you receive! There are a lot of copy-cat and fake emails; they look like they are from a trading bot you might have signed up for but are really from hackers or bad brokers. I recommend using my Master List as a reference point for checking out these different products. I actually avoidclicking on any links I get from marketing emails I receive - so, to find out about any new products I usually ask some of my trusted contacts in the industry to give me a verifiedlink first.

3) WARNING: There's a new system out called "Atlas App" or Atlas bot, and I'm recommending people avoid it. I received this testimonial the other day from a friend:"Just wanted to let your subscribers know that I just signed up with the Atlas. Stay away. I funded with 300.00, and after 7 losing trades I shut it off. What a joke, and there is zero customer or tech support."

4) I appreciate all of your emails of support. Even if I don't always respond, I always read them. I do get countless emails, so if I miss you, just send your email again so I catch it. I've been incredibly busy, so I'm behind on a lot of things. I hope to get a lot more videos out and updates on the trading bots and how they are doing soon.

5) People keep asking me what broker each trading bot uses. I wish I knew the answer to that, but there is no way for me to know. Most trading bots use between 15 and 30 brokers. The "private bot" I've been offering uses only a couple of good, select brokers, so I've been impressed with it.

6) PLEASE READ THIS!: A few people have gotten upset with me because they lost money with bad brokers. I wish I could prevent that, but I really can't do anything about that. Some people have said I "knew" people were going to lose money, which is a lie and ridiculous! I have no way of knowing what is going to happen, I usually have no way of knowing which brokers people will sign up with when they get a trading bot.

I wish people would not blame me for what these bad brokers do! I'm trying to set up my new brokerage to stop the bad practices in the industry! It really hurts me that people blame me for what these brokerages are doing, when I have no control over what they do!!! I do my best to expose them with my "good and bad" broker list, but I'm not perfect and I can't always know who is bad and good. (For more on this, please read my site disclaimer.)

7) A new bot I can't talk about yet is being released in the next day or two, so I may send another newsletter about that soon. It looks incredible. I will post it on my Master List, too, so check up on that in a day or two. I always try to recommend the best ones, and avoid the "gimmicky" ones that promise "millions" in profits or have corny videos -- those are usually terrible. Monday Update: The bot is called Rock The Stock and looks excellent!

8) With, we hope to offer up to 25 free $1,000 cash accounts to the first sign ups. These will not be 'bonuses' but real cash you can withdrawal. We'll have more details in the future on who will be selected to receive these free accounts. Beyond that promotion, we hope to have other promotions, such as weekly cash prizes.

That's all for now. I just wanted ot get this update out while I had some time in my hotel.

God bless,


Previous update:

EXCITING NEW 100 PERCENT PROFIT BOT TESTIMONIAL:As most of you know, 100 Percent Profit Bot is still my #1 recommended trader for a reason. You will find it on my Master List. I just received a NEW testimonial from someone who just tried it (there's another new one also posted on my Master List, too):
“100percentprofitbot, invested $1900.00, return $660.76 after five days!  Thank you Roy, God Bless You and your Family and your Great Works! UPDATE: “9 days, $1,543 profit, thank you, Roy!” –Bill H.
Click here to sign up for 100 Percent Profit Bot - it's a free system.


$750 USD for Joylynne Navales

$750 USD for Annamaria Kiss.

Both of these wonderful women wrote me heartfelt messages that let me know they REALLY needed help and this money. Stay tuned for next month's $1000 (or more) giveaway. If you didn't win this time, don't give up!


I want to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers for my brother Greg, who's cancer is now in remission. He sent me an email and wanted me to post it: 

"THANK YOU soo much for all of your support! Roy sent me your thoughts and letters during my hospital stay and it really helped me! We all have to have faith in our Lord and support your each other in life and when I was down you all supported me anyway even though you do not even know me. Thank you again." - Greg T. in Denver


Some people have not heard about my mentor program yet, so click here to check it out (if you sign up, it may take up to a week or more for me to respond personally, so be patient!). 

If you missed the past two newsletters, I've posted them below my review of Apple Bot and review of Profit with Cindy. They are also always posted at the top of for anyone to read. Or learn more about The Fisher Method on my Master List.

Thank you for your continued positive comments posted at, too!

Here is our new logo:

God bless,

Roy T.

NEW PRIVATE BOT (Update 6/15/15: spots are still open!!! -- if you've already written asking for it, this is the same system I've offered the past five newsletters):

I've been given exclusive access to a limited opportunity. You can write me at and ask for the new "Private Bot". Openings are pretty limited on this one, but it should be open for a while. Once you see this bot you'll see why it's in limited release and why it is private.

(I may also have a NEW private bot coming soon, based on some talks I'm having with some new developers creating a very exciting new trader that will only be open to 50 people, so look for updates soon. I will let everyone know that it is a NEW private bot being offered when that happens. It's not The Fisher Method, by the way, it's something different).

Don't forget, all my newsletters are now being posted on the front page of
fisher app review
The image below I have posted in one of my articles, but I like it so much I thought I would share it:

fisher app review

Disclaimer: none of the opinions or advice above is meant to be taken as "financial advice". Roy is not a licensed financial advisor. Trading involves risk, may lose value and there is no guarantee of profit or gain. Please read our site disclaimer for full details. 

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Apple Mobile Bot REVIEW - Is Apple Stock Bot a SCAM or REAL?

apple mobile bot review

Apple Stock Bot Review - The #1 trading release of 2015? Find out in my review below. 

UPDATE JUNE 9th, 2015: "We HIGHLY recommend this bot! Everyone should try it. Very professional system!" -

Gunnar Erikkson's new AppleMobilBot is one of the hottest new releases in the binary options world this year. I've been talking about it for a while - I've had exclusive access to the software during the beta testing phase, and I'm in personal contact with some of Apple Bot's software developers.

Yes, Apple Mobile Bot is a REAL bot. 

Yes, it DOES work. 

But what are my results so far?

apple stock bot review
Well, right now it's May 26th, 2015, and I haven't had any trades yet in my account. This is normal. There was a big holiday weekend and Monday was a "bank holiday" across the world. I expect the bot to begin trading soon. There are often delays once you sign up and fund a broker of a few days before a bot begins trading. 

I really encourage people to read the Apple Mobile Bot website. There's so much great information on there that explains how Apple stock works and is connected to the binary options market (now, a few people have noted a couple of misspellings on their site. I've seen them, too. What you have to understand is that the software developers are German, and English is not their native language. They've made a few mistakes, but they're trying to make this system available to Americans and English-speakers around the world. I expect some of these mistakes will get fixed soon). 

So far, I'm just so impressed with "Apple Mobile Bot" and how it uses the Apple stock to track trades across the binary options markets. This is a really innovative new system that everyone should try. Yes, there are scams out there, like "Profit with Cindy", which I've exposed as a scam in this review here. But not everything is a scam, and I know for a fact Apple Stock Bot makes real binary options trades.

I'll update this review soon with real results. If you want to check it out, try this exclusive "invite only" link that will get you the ACCESS CODE you need to sign up.

Read below for my latest newsletter: .
apple stock bot

Mon., May 25th, 2015 - ** NEWSLETTER UPDATE **:

Dear Newsletter Members, Friends & Family,

The Apple Stock Bot or "AppMobileBot" is officially being released on Monday. I've had a few discussions with their customer support team, and it sounds like they worked out some "kinks" and issues they had with the pre-release last week. I'm looking forward to see how the bot performs this week (remember, it's a bank holiday in many countries on Monday, so trading should really get going on Tuesday).

NEW BOT OUT THIS WEEK: "Wealthy Wheat Trader" -- it looks VERY interesting.


A testimonial from a mentor member:

I've been under attack recently, and I don't often do much to defend myself. But I felt it's time to stand up for myself more.

I recently received a wonderful testimonial from a mentor member of mine by the name of Aljay Leodones from the Phillipines. Here is what he wrote me the other day (he also plans to provide a video testimonial of support soon):

I'm very, very sad that I've read countless of attacks to you everywhere on the internet. I've lost count as to how many were referring that you are not a true person at all. I did not believe any of it no matter how "heart-breakingly convincing" it all was. I just kept remembering what you said in all of your videos and newsletters.

That money you gave to my family was pure blessing, Roy, and I can't describe how happy I am knowing you. I may not be able to talk to you in this lifetime but if given the chance I would wholeheartedly thank you. It is truly a blessing that my father is starting to get better but he can't walk and talk straight yet. The money you gave us was indeed a big help even if it wasn't that big but it was enough to buy some food for us for a whole week and thank you for that.

We're planning to make a Thank You video if it is fine with you Roy to go see and hear it. God bless you always." - Aljay

PLEASE READ: Update on and my software: 

I've been planning a trip to Europe later in June to begin the process of forming my brokerage -- I've also dispatched a legal assissant from my legal team to start filing paperwork and get the process going. To be licensed by CySEC takes quite a bit of time and requires a very sizable bond and insurance, so it will take time. We hope to get it done within three months.

I also wanted to give an update on my software -- we've had to delay things due to new CFTC and SEC regulations this year that have greatly impacted U.S. traders and options trading within the U.S. These new regulations greatly limit who I can give my software to, and how I -- as a U.S. Citizen -- can disseminate it. My lawyers have advised that I simply cannot give it away under the new U.S. laws.

In addition to that, some of the threats I've received from mentor members has really disheartened me. Some of these threats have been incredibly vicious and mean-spirited.

Sadly, these people seemed to think they had a "right" of ownership of my software. They believed they could simply demand I give it to them, or threaten me if I didn't. Their claims are baseless, and we are persuing legal action against those who have sent threats. They never bothered to read my site disclaimer, which has been featured prominently at the bottom of my website since my site was created. My disclaimer has always clearly stated that no one has any right to my software, it offers no guarantee, no contract, no promise it will be given out and is not for sale. It is not a commercial product. I apologize if there was any confusion, but I thought I was quite clear that I will not ever give it out unless I trust the person I give it to.

I do believe some of the confusion has been caused by bad brokers who have posted all kinds of lies about me on the Internet. These brokers are using what are called "false narratives", which is a method of psy-ops often used in corporate espionage.

We believe some of these efforts are coming directly from bad brokers who are desperate to stop me and destroy me; some of their methods are very advanced and appear to use fake Photoshop "evidence", fake online personas and other techniques to create lies and "noise" to confuse people; they post on forums under different accounts to create a false "consensus" (Mike Freeman of Mike's Auto Trader bogus software uses the same methods by using fake accounts to post fake "positive comments" on his YouTube videos and other websites). Sadly, a lot of people are being misled by these ridiculous lies about me and seem to actually believe them. (My site disclaimer discusses this in more detail.)

I do sincerely apologize for not being more clear in the past few months about what has been going on. We hope to release my software from a regulated and legitimate company in a European country or from Israel, so we follow U.S. law.

WARNING: Watch out for "Profit with Cindy".

Read my review on this misleading new system, which I'm trying to warn people to avoid.

Walter Green Update:

I've just completely lost access to this system the past week, just like a lot of people who've written me. There seem to be so many problems and issues with it. This is very, very disappointing. I believe the issue is the brokers. They simply will not support a trading bot that is as potentially effective as Walter Green's system. When my brokerage gets online, I hope to offer his trading program to the public, for free. We will test it out and make sure it is the real one and that it works.

Giveaway update:

I will announce my $1,000 giveaway winners in my next newsletter. As I said in my last newsletter, I plan to increase the giveaway to $1,500 or possibly even moreI apologize for the delay - I've simply had so many requests it's been time consuming to read them all and find the right people to give this money to.

I still ask for your prayers and support. I also greatly appreciate the comments left on -- that kind of public support means a lot to me.

God bless,

Roy T.

NEW PRIVATE BOT (Update: spots are still open and it is a good system -- if you've already written, this is the same system I've offered the pasts two newsletters): I've been given exclusive access to a limited opportunity. 

You can write me at and ask for the new "Private Bot" (this is different from the previous ones that closed to the public). Openings are pretty limited on this one, but it should be open for a while. Once you see this bot you'll see why it's in limited release.


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Monday, May 4, 2015

Online Black Market Review - New binary options trading system is a "game changer".

*CLICK HERE* to sign up for Online Black Market - Watch the documentary video, it's VERY interesting. You're seeing this now for the first time, as it will go into limited release soon. It's going to give you insight into how the trading world really works. 
online black market review

Sat., May 2nd, 2015 - ** NEWSLETTER UPDATE **:

Dear Newsletter Members, Friends & Family,

I really encourage everyone to watch the whole documentary video for Online Black Market. I personally know the people who produced it, and I 100% stand by some of the work they are doing to clean up the industry. I know for a fact there are dirty online marketers and gurus really upset about this documentary. You will definitely want to sign up with them when you view the video.

UPDATE 5/14/2015: "So far Online Black Market's proprietary trading system has performed very well. Some of our diagnostic testing has shown the trader is making excellent decisions based on some of the market volatility we've seen the past week. My results are 55 wins and 18 losses, though I've turned off the trader during non-NY and London sessions. I highly recommend this as part of anyone's portfolio." - Roy T.

A lot is happening this week, so here we go:


I've recommended before that people write me and ask about the "New Private Bot" I've been given permission to give to people. So far, really good results and positive feedback. I really like when a trading bot is offered this way, because it tells me the creators of it are serious about only having a few, hand-picked people use it. I can only send it to about 20 more people then it will be full.

Here's the best testimonial I've gotten on it so far: 

“Roy I know you haven’t talked about [Redacted; private] but i wanted to let you know I signed up a week ago and I’ve made $1,285 in net profit so far. The support is great too. It’s a really professional set up so you might want to check it out.” - Dan Goldsmith, Dayton, Ohio, USA

UPDATE 5/6/15: The private bot is now full and closed to the public. I will have hopefully some new private offers in the future. - Roy T.


I let some of you down and I apologize. 

I didn't do the kind of research I should have done for this bot. The video really hooked me, and I signed up and began trading without testing it for long enough.

So far, a lot of people have had trouble getting it working. They're having trouble getting the actual bot running. I've contacted some of the people involved with the bot and asked them to look into it. I just don't think they were ready for the flood of people who signed up. There seems to be a real problem with them getting the brokers integrated with it. Hopefully, they get it all fixed within the next week, that's what I've been told.


I've gotten a wide range of positive and negative reports on Walter's system so far. My experience has been excellent, but then again I signed up early and I'm in contact with some of the staff who run it, and they've made sure I got it working.

Two people reported to me everything went smoothly, and the bot began trading and produced excellent profits over the week ($500 and $800, respectively). I also had reports of people who, once again, as we saw with Confirmed Profits, had a lot of trouble getting it set up.

The main issue seems to be that when people sign up, they're not able to access the trading bot. This seems to be a broker-dependent issue. So, if you get with a broker that has everything working, then it works fine. If you get with one that isn't connected right, there are issues. (You can sign up here and try it out before it's too late, and read my review of it here.)

BRAND NEW VIDEO UPDATE - Must-watch video update on a wide range of subjects -- you really should watch this video all the way through, because I touch on a lot of important points (click here for an update on Walter Green at the 7:28 mark):

online black market review

I've got a lot more news coming soon, but I wanted to get this update out.

Always check my Master List for the latest.

For the next newsletter, I'll announce April's winners of the $1,000 cash giveaway.

Remember, don't miss out on watching the Online Black Market documentary and signing up for it. I found it really compelling, and they talk about things I've been talking about, like "copycat" software. They're spot on when it comes to how this all works. I know the people behind it personally, they based in the UK, so I can vouch for them.

God bless,

Roy T.

Don't forget, all my newsletters are now being posted on the front page of


online black market review

The image below I have posted in one of my articles, but I like it so much I thought I would share it:

online black market review

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