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BINARY MILLIONAIRE REVIEW - Read Roy's official review of this exciting new binary options trading bot.


This is a new, professional binary options trading bot that is currently being offered for free to the first 30 people who sign up. I managed to get in early and I've been using the bot for about five days now. So far, I'm really, really impressed. You can see from the video this is a very professional and polished company offering this. 

They also have a great customer support team, shown below:

binary millionaire scam

These guys are the real deal. So many of these binary options trading bots are kind of cheesy and "scammy" looking. This is on a whole other level of polish, and that is apparent the second you download their trading bot and begin trading. Their support is also excellent so far.

Here's my trading results after five days of using "Binary Millionaire":

  • 8 Winning trades
  • 2 Losing trades
  • 1 Tie

That's definitely a good result so far. With that win rate we're looking at some significant profits in the future. It looks like this bot is pretty technically advanced and its picking some good spots to make trades, mostly on the USD/EUR and USD/JPY currencies so far.

I hope this review of Binary Millionaire has been helpful. If you want to sign up for it, here's the link I used to get it.

Also, check out my latest newsletter below this review.

God bless,

Roy @


Sunday, Dec. 14th, 2014 - Roy's Newsletter

Dear subscribers, friends & family,

Here's my latest video, titled, "Roy's Prayer For Those Struggling Financially." 

I get heartbreaking emails everyday from people just trying to get ahead in this tough economy. I hear from retired people who are having to take on jobs just to make ends meet. I hear from college students who have no money and are looking for a financial windfall to help them out of debt. I even heard from someone in Turkey who works 16 hour days, 7 days a week for almost nothing just so he can survive. This video is dedicated to those people:

Things are not going well in the world economy right now. The markets had a very tough week last week, and while oil prices are dropping, that could mean huge job losses in the U.S. oil industry. There's also "writing on the wall" that the U.S. dollar is finished as the world's reserve currency. So, now is the time to prepare, and to start making real money so you can keep your family safe in the upcoming economic crisis.

And I believe the Lord has tasked me, with my Super Signals software, to bring to people the truth and some hope for a better financial future. 

I know not everyone is a Christian, and that's fine. I accept people of all faiths and non-faiths alike. I hope no one is offended by this video. I just felt from my heart that I wanted to put this up for people and let them know I care.


I got a lot of positive feedback from people who would like to attend my live Super Signals seminar in or near Richmond, Virginia in 2015. This way you can get an opportunity to meet me and we can share our trading strategies together. So I'm going to put more focus on getting this worked out going forward. 


MORE Super Signals testimonials from my mentor members, a video commentary on how the economy is getting worse and upcoming possible economic turmoil, a tutorial video about how to trade binary options, more reviews of some of the new systems that have come out, more testimonials and feedback on systems like Binary App 810 & much more.

God bless,

Roy @

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Insider John's Binary App 810 REVIEW - New binary options trading bot is a HUGE success.

REVIEW: Binary App 810
binary app 810 review

Well, there's really nothing else like Insider John's BinaryApp810.

For the first time ever, the winner of Banc de Binary's official trading bot contest has released his winning bot to the public, for free.

John "Insider John" Callaghan is an award-winning expert binary options trader who has made millions of dollars over the past few years. He developed a top-tier trading bot software called BinaryApp810 that made him rich, and now he's sharing it with the public.

insider john review
John Callaghan receives his Banc de Binary award
This bot has produced more positive feedback than any other trading bot I've reviewed. More people write me every week with positive results than anything else I've ever seen (see testimonials from my newsletter below this review). People love this bot, and they love John, his honesty and his story. 

GRADE: A+ (note: this is a PRELIMINARY REVIEW. More testimonials and information will be added to this review in the coming week!)

Pros: extremely accurate trading bot, backed by the excellent reputation of expert trader John Callaghan. It uses a multi-tiered 3 broker system to receive data, which is small-scale version of my Super Signals Software. Very impressive!

Cons: it's a two month trial, and after that it's $4,999. But I've been told by an inside source that John does not plan to charge people for the system. You will get to keep his bot for free. Period. And I'm very sure about that.

I highly recommend watching the entire video that introduces you to John Callaghan. You can watch it at this link. Use the 3 broker multi-data system if you can (though it's not necessary, you can still use one broker if you want)!


God bless,

Roy @

My video review:

My latest newsletter & testimonials:

Friday, Nov. 28th, 2014 - Roy's Newsletter

Dear subscribers, friends & family,

I'm more excited about this newsletter than just about any I've sent out in a while. There is a lot for you to read below, so get ready!

First off, I've been getting some very positive testimonials from people about "BinaryApp810" and My Binary Revenge.

Here area couple of them included below for you to check out. Below, Maja used BinaryApp810 and HER FIRST 16 TRADES WERE WINNING TRADES!!! Look below:


Sonia signed up for My Binary Revenger and her first trades were 8 WINS and ONLY ONE LOSS! That's amazing! Check out what she said below:


Both Insider John's BinaryApp810 and My Binary Revenge are proving to be great systems that are producing a LOT of winning trades. They seem to be a couple of the best trading bots ever offered to the public.

I recommend signing up for them as soon as possible, because as I've talked about before, it's best to get in early before they fill up or close down to the public.

November's $1,000 Giveaway Winners!

Below are the winners of my November $1,000 cash giveaway.

I want to thank everyone who wrote me and shared with me their personal stories of financial struggle and heartache. I received about 100 emails. I read each and every one. I wish I could give everyone money, because everyone who wrote me deserved it!

But I could only choose three to receive $333 dollars each:


I chose Jon Minor from the U.S. after he told me about his financial struggles, faith in God and desire to help his 4 year-old son have a better life.


I chose Raman P.A. from India after he told me about his difficult life there and his desire for a better financial future.

I chose Syed Muneeb from Karachi, Pakistan after he told me about the six people in his family who are desperately struggling, and how the giveaway cash would help them so much.

For those who did not win, just stay tuned for next month's giveaway. I'm not sure what I plan to do yet, but don't give up hope. If you're on my newsletter, then that means you're eligible! I want to help as many people as I can this year and into next year, so I hope by next year I can give away thousands and thousands of dollars to my newsletter subscribers who need the money the most to help pay bills and afford deposits for new binary options trading systems.

I appreciate when people update me with their progress

Some people have written me and they've said, "Roy, I don't want to bother you." But I don't mind getting emails, I just may not be able to respond to every one of them, since I get so many.

do want people to update me on their progress and how they are doing with their trading experiences. I want to know so I can spot any scams and alert people. We all know what happened with My Cash Bot and a few other awful systems. They started out well, but once it was apparent they were scamming people, I alerted everyone as fast as I could. So all of your feedback helps a lot. Remember, my main email

Building your binary trading system portfolio

Something I'm going to be talking more about is how to build up your trading bot portfolio using my Master List of systems that I use.

While some people can't afford the investment for my Super Signals Software to work, I'm encouraging people to put together a 1 month, 3 month or 6 month "game plan" to get more systems as time goes on. If you can just get to around 20 systems, my software will work and you can get at least a few Super Signals per week and make a guaranteed income. Even a few thousand a week would help so many.

I do hope that systems like Swiss Binary RobotAuto Options BotBinaryApp810My Binary Revenge and 100% Profit Bot can be successful. But the simple fact is that my software is unmatched in terms of its consistency and the power of its trading signals. These other systems can be big money makers, but they also just aren't as reliable as my software. So, as you work toward getting more systems, my hope is that you can find a good system or two that will help you build up more cash so you can get more systems. Some people are already doing that and having great success.

Preparing for difficult economic times

As I talk about in my latest video, I believe the United States is headed toward very difficult economic times. The whole world is also still suffering from the economic crisis of 2008. Right now, our Federal Reserve is printing billions of dollars a day to keep the U.S. economy afloat, but it is barely working, and at some point there will be consequences for printing so much money. People are already struggling and barely getting by, wages are stagnant, while rent and utilities costs continue to rise. Things are so bad that people can barely feed their children, in some cases. Our media doesn't really talk about it, but things really aren't getting better.

That's why financial preparation is so important. That's why people need financial relief so badly.  That's why I want my software to help people. I know if more people can get it, more and more people will benefit.

Why it's easy for rich people to make even more money

I know $5,000 or $10,000 is nothing for rich people. They can invest that easily and make money easily. They make money in the stock market, Forex market and binary options market because they already have so much money to invest in the first place! If you have one million dollars, for example, it's easy to invest that in a high yield, dividend paying stock and you will make thousands of dollars a month in free income.

That is the luxury of being rich. And poor people don't have that option. They just don't have the investiment capital to make a consistent, long-term passive income. That's why binary options are so special, so unique: it gives the "little guy" a real shot at making big money!

My message to everyone is don't give up. I've been blessed with a great secret, given to me by a friend in the binary options world. I've spoken about it a little before, but I plan to tell people more about who this person is in the future. He is part of the reason I created my software. I believe the Lord led me to him, so I could create my software and make it available, for free, for people who are struggling who need it.

God bless & have great Thanksgiving weekend,

Roy @

p.s. Below are screenshots of the transactions made for my giveaway winners. I'm providing this as a means of full legal disclosure so people can feel confident that I really do giveaway my own money.


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BINARY OPTIONS: The Holy Grail of Online Super-Riches?

We all know people are making money online.

Tens... no, hundreds of thousands of people are making a living online.

We all want that life. 

We want a break from the 9-5 grind, our low paying jobs, our credit card bills, our financial burdens. We want to help our families, our children and save for our futures. 

We want to know the "secret" to how it's working for so many other people, but not for us.

We also know one way to get rich online is trading binary options. We've seen the testimonials, the bank accounts, the people whose lives have been changed.

But how did they do it so easily?

Well, there are a few *secrets* the gurus are using that the public doesn't know about.

First of all, the biggest mistakes newbies make are the following things:

They sign up with just one system.

They only deposit the minimum.

They have a bad week, lose a few trades, and give up.

Then they get taken in by a scam, because they're desperate at that point.

They don't listen to trusted sources in the industry.

Instead, they get misled by scam sites like, "", "", and "" (all of which I've exposed as frauds in this article here). 

They also go visit cheesy "reviews" they see when they search Google. These reviews are just advertisment sites set up by people (or sometimes automated posting bots) who haven't even used the system!

But that's not the end of it.

They get frustrated, and they get taken in by a scam broker that I've exposed, like CiTrades or EUOptions.

They keep depositing money, over and over, into the same scam broker who keeps pressuring them.

Big, big mistake! 

But don't feel bad. 

I've been there

I got taken in, too, last year. Yes, last year a scam broker convinced me to deposit about $2,000 with them, and I lost it all.

I lost it all.

But boy, I learned my lesson, and since then I've learned how to avoid the scam brokers, and stick to the good ones.

Now that we've covered the mistakes newbies make, let's look at the secrets the gurus use:

Do you want to know the number one thing all successful binary option traders are doing?

They're combining trading signals.

All of them.

But they don't really talk about it. It's not something they "sell", nor is it offered as a product.

It's a methodology.

And it's something I'm doing myself, with my Super Signals software. And it's working, big-time.

I've made $124,000 in three months using this method.

Now, I've heard a lot of income "claims". I've seen some bank accounts with millions in them, and I've wondered if they're real.

But I know what is real, and that's what's in my bank account. I've posted countless videos of my bank account, and sometimes even I can't believe it's really all in there, but it is

It's the most cash I've ever had at any one time in my life! 

I spent most of my life as a private investigator, and contrary to popular belief, it's not a glamorous, exciting or high-paying lifestyle.

It's often boring, tedious and sometimes dangerous. It was a "grind" for years, and I always worried about my financial future and struggled with debt. So finding binary options and making money online has been a huge "God send" and relief, especially as I reach retirement age.

While I had some success with binary options, it wasn't until I learned how to "combine" signals earlier this year that things really took off for me. 

I was given very special information from a trusted person on how to do this (it's someone I've never talked about, but I may do so in the future, so people know the full story).

But combining signals isn't easy! 

It takes a lot of manual work, across numerous brokerages and signals platforms, painstakingly calculating each signal, combining them and looking for a solid trade.

That's why the top traders develop their own software to do this automatically for them

And recently, there have been a few new binary additions that are using a similar method that I'm using, like 100% Profit Bot and My Binary Revenge.

Both of those excellent systems are responses to the industry's "scam" tactics, and both systems are fighting to give the little guy a real chance. 

The key is to not give up. 

We know binary options work. We know you can make millions with it. We know if we can get top-level signals, we'll make a huge amount of money, because our trades will be highly accurate and will seldom lose.

The key is learning what the gurus know to be true: you have to combine signals. You can't just use one trading platform, one broker, one signals system, and expect to make millions.

The importance of having a portfolio of systems

You have to start building a portfolio of systems, and you can start with using my approved, vetted systems on My Top 40 Binary Options Master List. These are the same systems I use myself, and with my software. Not all of them are perfect, so I do my best to show which ones are the best.

Once you have a portfolio of systems, you can then manually begin combining the signals (I will be showing people how to do this in upcoming videos and tutorials), or, you can use my free software.

Just remember: don't give up. And continue to read my site and gain the knowledge you need to avoid the scams and bad brokers. Or, write me at my email if you need help. I'm retired, so I have plenty of time to help people.

God bless,

Roy @

p.s. This is just a 'first draft' of this article, and I will be adding more tips, secrets and details soon in the future as I update it. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

REVIEW GOOGLE SNIPER 2.0 & 3.0 - Can you make passive income on the Internet using it?

Google Sniper 2.0 & 3.0 REVIEW: It helped me make $250 in ONE DAY in June, 2014 (see PROOF below) - But, there's pros and cons with every product, check them out below...

Google Sniper

UPDATE: Google Sniper 3.0 is BRAND NEW for 2014 and out NOW, CLICK HERE to watch the NEW VIDEO

Product taps into the billions Google, Inc. pays out every year to bloggers and site owners

Google Sniper is a great way to get started in making money online with websites. As I show below, in one day alone this June, I made $250 off of my websites.

The product that helped me get there in terms of making that much money online is Google Sniper 2.0. This product is one of the most widely talked-about beginner Internet money-making products around.

But how do you make money?

If you're wondering how it works, it's simply a system to take advantage of Google's Adsense program (and many others). Google alone pays out nine billion dollars a year to people like me and other website owners.

It's a step-by-step guide on how to set up your own website, place ads on them, generate traffic and begin making money through ads and ad sales. It is a 100% legitimate product.

Google, Inc. actually sends out newsletters promoting the success stories of people who quit their jobs and travel or work from home because they used products like Google Sniper! Click here to read about these amazing testimonials from's actual website. This stuff is real! People are working from home and making a lot of money doing it!

If you don't know how to get traffic to your site, let alone how to create a site, you'll be lost. You'll get nowhere. That's where Google Sniper comes in.

Once it's setup, you can walk away and make passive income every month without hardly any work.

Can I trust it?

What I've done with my team at is consistently expose liars, scam artists and hoaxers - "psychic" Theresa Caputo, "Bible code" Sean Hyman, fake TV shows like Mystery Diners and many others. We've proven we're serious about exposing the truth. We've proven we'll go after anybody trying to make a quick buck or scam people out of their money.

On that note, I can fully endorse George Brown's Google Sniper 3.0 as a real, legitimate, quality product that works and delivers. That said, it has some flaws, and I'll discuss those below (see the "CONS" in my grading section below).

If you're new to online passive income, I highly recommend this product for beginners. Without it, you will be lost and you will make mistakes, costly mistakes you can't afford (how do I know that? Because I made those mistakes for years before I figured this stuff out).

*PROOF* of my real success 

Here's an example of some of my income. The tools and education I gained with Google Sniper led me to great success with websites I later built. It will benefit you in the same way in the long term.

This is a real screen shot of one of my accounts from the middle of June, 2014 -- yes, that's $221.97 in just one day (it finished the day at over $250. If you would like iron-clad proof, simply email me and ask for a quick TeamViewer session or see more income proofs here): 

My account on June 10th, 2014


The most important thing is that the product did work as promised.

To go to the product's official site, click here. Watch the introductory video, it's worth watching and it's a great intro to the product. It's pretty exciting once you begin to grasp how it works. They also offer a 30 day 100% money back satisfaction guarantee. It's $47 bucks the last time I checked.

To visit Google Sniper's official site, click here.



PROS: Extremely detailed product, good for beginners, only $47 dollars (as of this writing), I make a lot of money every month based on what I learned from it, it's what you need to get started in making money online, really low price, 100% money back guarantee, lots of testimonials and success stories, works even for beginners with no website building knowledge. You don't need to know HTML or "code", either.

CONS: I don't really like the sales page, because it doesn't give enough details, but once you get the product it's fully explained. Also, if you're not serious about putting in about two or three months of easy to work to get it started, you won't have success. 


Google Sniper Testimonials:

Updated March 25th, 2014

I've received two detailed testimonials from two people who bought Google Sniper based on my review. They've been gracious enough to allow me to quote them below
(edited for spelling and brevity): 

"It's really polished, they really put a lot into it. So there's no doubt in my mind it's a legitimate product. I've only had it for a few weeks so I haven't made any money yet, I'm just getting started. I just wanted to thank you for the review."

 -- Michael H., Helena, MT.

"Great product, man. I have experience in web design so it's smooth sailing from here. I'm impressed by the depth of the product. Great for beginners. I'm showing my girlfriend how to use it and one of my buddies, and neither of them know anything about web design."

-- Herschel A., Pittsburgh, PA

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at my personal account. I try to respond to everyone personally.



My primary mode of online income is binary options.
You can learn about the system I use to make $25,000 a month. It's a free method I enjoy sharing with people. I also mentor people on how to use it, and you can read about it here and sign up here for my mentor program.

While I like Google Sniper, I personally think binary options is a better way to make much more money much easier. I wanted to share this with people because I feel that strongly about it. I wish more people knew about how lucrative binary options can be.

If you're curious about what binary options are, just read my Binary Options 101 Guide.

God bless,


Sign up for my newsletter

You will be entered into a free $1,000 cash giveaway every month (click for details)

100 Percent Profit Bot REVIEW - Grade: A-. Is it one of the best binary bots ever?

100 Percent Profit Bot

REVIEW: 100% Profit Bot - GRADE: A- 
*** UPDATED DECEMBER 16th, 2014

This tremendous new binary options trading bot takes things to a new level of accuracy and professionalism as not yet seen in a binary bot.

You will notice immediately the honesty of the video, the thoroughness of the presentation and materials, the level of verification and proofs, the authenticity of the testimonials and lastly, the very good likelihood you will make a lot of money with this ironclad trading bot.

100 percent profit bot scam or real
CBS News article about 100 Profit Bot

100 Percent Profit Bot really does force you to withdraw your winnings!

The great thing about "100% Profit Bot" is that it forces you to withdraw your winnings, or it won't trade! It uses a multi-tiered broker system -- a smaller-scale version of my Super Signals software -- and through this method they are able to produce maximum profits for minimal risk.

100% profit bot scam or real

Through my use and investigation of this product, I discovered they are doing things honestly, transparently and providing excellent customer service.
You can feel confidence that your investment will be handled with care with the team at 100 Percent Profit Bot. They care about their customers, and they do their best to answer emails and questions. Very impressive! 

UPDATED! So far, in my experience of testing and using the bot for about three weeks, I've had the following results:

  • 38 winning trades.
  • 12 losing trades, 2 ties.
  • A net profit of $1,687.00.
  • Great customer service.
  • Good brokers.
  • Two withdrawals processed and sent to my bank account.
  • The bot stopped trading until I withdrew my cash, just as advertised.
  • It's not a scam.
  • It's free.

All I can say is, "Wow!" This is a great system. I still think my Super Signals software is far better, but they are using some similar concepts that I'm using, so thats encouraging to see and gives me a lot of confidence in 100 Percent Profit Bot

Why I didn't give it an "A+" grade

There are some claims in the video about how binary options systems work (basically, about their competitors) that are not entirely true. It's unfortunate, and I don't agree with it, because they're just trying to position themselves as "better" than everyone else. Maybe they are, but they shouldn't use sketchy claims to prop themselves up.

My secret -- "Getting in early" 

Sign ups are closing soon! There are only 2000 spots open and they are closing fast, so get in now. I've talked a lot in my newsletter about how one of my binary options secrets is to get in early with these systems.

A lot of times, when you get in early, you will make the most money. This has happened time and time again, so I know it works. I got in early on Walter Green's system and made a lot of money, and so did the people who took my advice. Later on, his system wasn't as effective. 

I hope my review has been helpful, and if you have any questions, just email me at

God bless,

100 percent profit bot

Roy @

p.s. Don't forget about My Binary Options 101 Guide if you're new to binary options!