Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My Cash Bot REVIEW: My Cash Bot is a SCAM! Awful binary bot, AVOID at all costs!

my cash bot scam

My Cash Bot REVIEW - It's a HUGE scam

Don't use this binary options trading bot, known as "My Cash Bot". They are stealing people's money and scamming people. They use awful brokers, like CiTrades, which are known to steal people's money. 

Their trading "bot" does not work, either. My Cash Bot (www.MyCashBot.com) uses old, out-dated trading code that results in more losses than wins. I initially thought this was a good system, but after further testing and investigation, My Cash Bot may be one of the biggest scams on the Internet.

My Cash Bot's customer service is also awful. They do not respond to emails, and when people try to get the signals software, sometimes it's not even given to them. They just take your money and don't even let you use the software -- which wouldn't really matter, since it's going to lose money anyway!

There are far better systems like Millionaire Trader, or those verified on my Master List of binary options systems.

More updates below: 

There are a few issues I want to address so we're all on the same page.

First, I want to thank all of you for your dedication, effort and desire to use my software and change your financial futures for the better. 

Many of you have shared your life stories with me and your struggles, and I greatly appreciate your openness and honesty. 

I truly hope -- in fact, I know -- with my software you can start making a lot of money and turn things around in your lives, pay off debts, help your family and even take some vacations. 

I've now given my software to eight people on my Mentor List as of today: Julien D., Joe L., Jennifer S., Jerry B. Craig M., Solomon Y. and two others who asked to remain anonymous. Each is doing great and making money each week. I've asked for testimonials from everyone, and below is a new one from Jennifer S. from Chicago, Illinois, USA:

** CLICK HERE ** for Jennifer S.'s new VIDEO testimonial ($1,400 net profit in the first week of using my software). 

Important updates and SCAM alert:

I have received some pretty disturbing reports about a new system I've been using called BinaryProApp

I thought this was a good system, but I've had some bad reports from people using it. It appears they aligned themselves with some very bad brokers and they are providing very poor customer service. I am advising people *not* to use this system anymore! 

I'm also asking for those who have made deposits with BinaryProApp to let me know how things are going. If you've had trouble with this system, let me know, because I will be updating my review of it and I want all of the information I can get to warn the public.

There are many other excellent systems to use, including My Cash BotTokyo BotOz RobotBinaryAutoTradesDaily Binary Profits ver. 7The Trade Power,Millionaire Money Machine and many others on my Master List. I like all of them and I'm getting good reports about them.

People also still like Insured Profits500k Project and 2014 Millionaire

Truthfully, most of the issues relating to these systems have to do with the lousy brokers they are sometimes connected to. Please don't worry too much about this, because you can connect all of these systems to my software and use *any broker you like*. You can find one you trust and begin making money with them, like the one I use,CTOption.

So, don't worry too much about the bad brokers. 

I've also updated my Master List with more systems. I'm updating it every few days now. 

Some other questions people have:

I'm giving my software to the people with the most systems. I feel these people have put in the most effort and investment, so they deserve it first. I will begin moving down the list to people with fewer systems in the coming weeks. Slowly but surely, I'll try to get to everyone. 

I'm just being careful for a multitude of reasons: my software is worth a lot of money and I don't want it to be stolen and sold by a scammer, I still have some bugs I want to work out with it, there are still some legal issues like copyright and trademarks we're working on, the auto-trader isn't fully working right yet.

I hope this update has been helpful, and if you have any questions, please ask. If I don't respond within two or three days, please re-send the email. Sometimes emails either don't go through, go to my spam folder, or I just miss them. It's hard to manage all of the emails I get, but I try. 

I also appreciate all of the emails and prayers and support for my health. 

I'm doing better, but I'm 62 years old and I really need to prioritize my health. This software has taken over my life, but it's worth it to me to fight. I believe the Lord led me in this direction, to create this software, and use this idea of combining signals -- it really works, it's like nothing else I've ever used or done, I think it's something special and I'm glad to share it with you. 

God bless,

Roy @ ScamWatchdog.org 

p.s. remember, My Cash Bot is a scam! 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Binary Pro App REVIEW: BIG SCAM!!! WARNING! Travis Cane's binary bot review.

REVIEW: New binary option bot: Binary PRO App.


I really, really liked Binary Pro App.

That's before I began using it, and other people I know began using it.

This system is a big scam and I'm warning people DO NOT USE IT!

What is ironic about it is that the trading software is decent, the trading "bot" algorithm actually works OK. But the customer service is horrific and they are using many known "scam" brokers.

Also at issue is that many people are making deposits to get the software, but then they are never receiving it! BinaryProApp's customer service is so bad that people are not being sent the trading bot to begin with.

This is really unfortunate, since the trading bot does work, but it's not worth it to get involved with such a poor system.

I'm also asking for those who have made deposits with "BinaryProApp" to let me know how things are going. If you've had trouble with this system, let me know, because I will be updating my review of it and I want all of the information I can get to warn the public.

There are many other excellent systems to use, including My Cash Bot, Tokyo Bot, Oz Robot, BinaryAutoTrades, Daily Binary Profits ver. 7, The Trade Power,Millionaire Money Machine and many others on my Master List. I like all of them and I'm getting good reports about them.

People also still like Insured Profits, 500k Project and 2014 Millionaire.

Truthfully, most of the issues relating to these systems have to do with the lousy brokers they are sometimes connected to. Please don't worry too much about this, because you can connect all of these systems to my software and use *any broker you like*. You can find one you trust and begin making money with them, like the one I use,CTOption.

Remember, the safest and best software available is my Super Signals Software, which I've spent $25,000 of my own money developing. It's free and you can get it by joining my Mentor List and sending an email here and asking to join.

God bless,

Roy @ ScamWatchdog.org


SCAM ALERT! BestOption247.com is a SCAM!

There's a new scammer on the block I want to warn everyone about. There's a website called "BestOption247.com". They are offering "fund recovery" services. They claim they will recover funds from brokers that have stolen money from you. They go by the names of "Fred Diva" and "James Garcia". They ask for $2,500 up front from you to begin their "investigation" and recover the funds.

This is a huge scam and nothing about it is legitimate. Please avoid!

Some tips: never, ever deposit more than $250 to $500 with any broker! Ever. Not until you've established a relationship with them and they've proven to send you withdrawals and bank wires, or unless they are a broker I use and approve of. The broker I use,CTOption, has always sent me my withdrawal requests, so I'm happy with them. But I always test brokers out with small deposits.

I hear every week from people who just hand over $5,000 or $10,000 to brokers who call them up and pressure them into depositing more money. This is heartbreaking and sad! Please, please use more caution. Not all brokers are bad, of course, but a few are and you have to be careful. 


Well, it's finally here! I had previously asked in past newsletters for people to write me at a special email and tell me their stories. I wanted to give this money to people who need it the most and who really deserve a boost.

I received about fifteen replies. Everyone wrote with great honesty and courage, and everyone is deserving. But ultimately I had to just choose four people, and they are as follows, with a short bio and quote so you can get to know them (each gave permission to feature them in my newsletter and website):

Abdiel Ramirez received $250.00 via PayPal

I was moved by Abdiel's love for his family, his struggles at the restaurant he works at for his uncle (which is not doing very well) and his dedication to my Super Signals system and desire to learn.


Christine Britton received $250.00 via PayPal  

Ms. Britton wrote me with great honesty, describing her years as a teacher and probation officer and many financial struggles to get ahead. I felt she needed a boost. 

"Thank you so much. Your gift will be used to access another system as I am very focused on making the right moves to bring around the massive changes necessary to my life." - Christine

Wayne Sedcole received $250.00 via PayPal

Wayne described to me in detail his life struggles, particularly with trying to make money online. I was impressed by his dedication to his family and to never giving up, despite many setbacks.

"Ohhhhhh my gosh Roy!! That is absolutely fantastic....thank you so much! I couldn't & still can't believe what I was reading and have been thinking what I will do with the funds and I will most probably invest it in another signal provider so I can get a little closer to the goal of 25+ to get access to your Super Signals software." - Wayne

???? received $250 via PayPal

The last person I contacted has not contacted me yet. I'll give them a week or two to get back to me, and if I don't hear from them, I'll award the last $250 to someone else who wrote me at the special email I provided.

As I said, everyone was deserving, but I could only choose four people. For those who wrote me, I have not forgotten you. Pay attention to my newsletters in the future, because I will remember you for any future giveaways.

Next month's November 15th giveaway...

I was thinking of giving away an all-inclusive vacation package with airfare, but I haven't decided yet. Ideas? Send me an email at ChristianityNewsToday1@gmail.com

God bless,

Roy @ ScamWatchdog.org

p.s. ScamWatchdog.org was offline last night due to what's called a "DDOS attack".These are conducted by hackers trying to shut down and destroy websites. A big thank you to the people who alerted me to the fact the site was down, because I was able to contact my site admin and get it up and running pretty quickly.

As I've said before, people in the "industry" are very upset about my free Super Signals software and how profitable it is. They like things the way they are, with people making deposits and just using one system at a time. People lose more by doing this, because the signals accuracy is just "hit and miss" more or less. You have to combine all the signals like my software does to really make big money, and they really don't want people to know that. 

p.p.s I've gotten a couple of new, positive reports about Tokyo Bot. I always liked their trading bot, so you might want to look into it. 

Friday, October 10, 2014

Secret Millionaire Society REVIEW: New binary options system uses "The Code". Scam or real?

secret millionaire society review

ScamWatchdog.org's OFFICIAL REVIEW of Secret Millionaire Society and "The Code" - Scam or real? 

This new binary options trading system is similar to others out there, but offers some new, special elements that may offer a "can't miss" opportunity.

Part of the appeal is that the system taps into a secret club of financial investors that use what is called "The Code". This secret code is used to siphon off millions of dollars in profits from the financial markets. 

They do this by controlling whether a stock or currency goes up or down in price by trading millions of shares against each other. In other words, they control what goes up or down.

secret millionaire society review

This special system is only giving a handful of people access to this "code". The system is going to be closed down soon, probably within a week.

I've been able to get into it and use it, and so far I'm really impressed. I made 20 trades, 15 of which were winners and only 5 were losers. That is VERY impressive, especially considering the volatility of the markets over the past week.

I've already implemented "Secret Millionaire Society" with my Super Signals Software, which makes me between $25,000 and $75,000 per month. It is a trading software I developed myself and has proven highly successful.

I highly recommend people check out Secret Millionaire Society if they want something new and exclusive over some of the other binary options offers:

***CLICK HERE to go to the OFFICIAL Secret Millionaire Society website.

I also recommend joining my newsletter on the right sidebar for the latest updates, and clicking here to check out more about my free Super Signals software.

You can also email me anytime at ChristianityNewsToday1@gmail.com if you have any questions about binary options, need help choosing a system or have questions about working and making money online.

Remember, most binary options offers are scams or lead to scam sites. But not all of them are scams. Some of them can make you a lot of money, as we've documented on our website. We don't want people not using binary options just because there are scammers out there, because trading binary options can be incredibly profitable if you know what you are doing and you are armed with the facts.

Read ScamWatchdog.org carefully, and you will be well on your way to avoiding the scams.

God bless,

secret millionaire society review

Roy @ ScamWatchdog.org

Check out this video for more about my software:

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

CRISIS KILLER REVIEW: Binary options bot uses new the "HVSR" algorithm with impressive results.

crisis killer review


Learn about the incredible new binary options automated system that uses the advanced "HVSR" algorithm

One thing I immediately noticed about this new, free binary options offer is that it is backed by tremendous proofs:

crisis killer review

If you go to their site, they provide videos and documentation showing how Crisis Killer has proven to be a huge moneymaker.

The second most impressive thing about Crisis Killer is its use of a new, proprietary data processing script. The High Velocity Stop and Recovery (HVSR) recovers potentially losing trades and reacts in under 5 ms (milliseconds) by creating a new trade position. This renders the "bad" or losing trade null.

This is an ingenious way of quickly correcting losing trades. The HVSR system recognizes that a trade is about to lose and immediately opens a new position of the opposite order to compensate.

I love the honesty of Thomas "Tom" Behm, the program's creator

Here's a quote from his Crisis Killer site:

"Anyone can build an fx robot or hire a cheap Indian programmer to emulate something they’ve seen work, and let it trade 500 bucks. Just understand that you’ll lose money 9 times out of 10. There’re marketers out there who genuinely believe their own BS when they strike it lucky and tell everyone they have the world’s best bot… with usually no real live money account proof to back it up."

This guy is the real deal. A straight talker who puts his money where his mouth is.

To get "Crisis Killer", click here for the official site and free download.

It's free -- for now -- but seems to be limited to less than 50 sign ups. I always encourage people to jump on these Forex and binary options opportunities while they stay free.

These systems are offered for free as a free download because the software creators forge deals with binary options brokers. The brokers pay for them to attract customers, deferring the cost and providing it to the public for free. However, these deals are often time-limited, and later on the systems become subscription fee-based.

If you want more information about the trading signals system I use to make $25,000 per month, check out my sidebar for more info on my Super Signals free software to get the best long-term results.

Don't forget to check my Master List for the latest VERIFIED binary options systems, with rankings and info.

You can email me anytime here if you have questions.

God bless,

crisis killer review

Roy T. @ ScamWatchdog.org

Thursday, September 11, 2014

OZ ROBOT OFFICIAL REVIEW: A robust, new trading algorithm that trades Australian currencies.


oz robot

Visit ScamWatchdog.org - our NEW site - for the latest news

Sept. 30th, 2014

Dear newsletter subscribe
rs, blog readers and friends,

Some of you may have noticed that in the past I have not had great things to say about Paul Ring's Oz Robot, an Australian currency binary options signals system. I should add this was before I reviewed the system and liked it so much. I had simply heard some rumors that it was scam, and I hadn't fully investigated it yet.

I'm pretty wary of most of these systems, so it usually takes a lot for me to endorse something.

That's why when I got a call on my phone a few days ago from a foreign number, I was surprised to find that number was an Australian number. I answered and was greeted by a girl with a lovely Aussie accent. She said she was a representative for Nick Knolls, the creator of the Oz Robot and Paul Ring's business partner.

She said Nick wanted to speak to me.

I eventually got a hold of him the next day. He said he knew of my blog, he knew I had influence in the industry, and he was concerned that I had been calling his system a "scam".

He explained to me he was a victim of some competitors who had been trashing his system through reviews and comments all over the Internet (unfortunately, this is pretty common in the industry, and most of it is fueled by a fake scam site called "BinaryOptionsWatchdog.com", which I've exposed in this article).

I ended up learning a lot about his system, all of the details about it I hadn't investigated prior to making my assumptions about it.

I've now signed up and I'm learning how this fascinating binary options robot works. I certainly will be integrating its algorithm with my free Super Signals Software soon. It's a little more complex and different from the other systems, interestingly enough.

oz robot review 

Nick really won me over, I have to admit. I really appreciate his phone calls and effort to explain his system to me. I'm so impressed by "Oz Robot", I think it might be a good stand-alone choice for people wanting to make money with binary options.

While I encourage everyone to use my free Super Signals software, if you're looking for just one system to try, I'm putting Oz Robot at the top of the list.

Here's the official link to Oz Robot so you can watch the video and try it yourself for free.


I guarantee you will be impressed by the presentation, polish and professionalism of this product, as well as the full story behind how it was created.

If you're interested in how *I* trade binary options, read about my Super Signals software.

Click here for my VERIFIED LIST of binary options systems.

Email me personally if you have any questions (yes, I actually answer my emails, unlike most of these other "review" sites, most of which are scam sites).

God bless,

Roy @ ScamWatchdog.org

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Roy's Secrets to Making a Living with Binary Options

I have now made over $80,000 this year trading binary options, most of that with my Super Signals software.

As I explain in my review of Auto Binary Signals, a friend of mine introduced me to binary options last year. I was so excited, because he was making a lot of money. I wanted to make that kind of money, too. I already had websites and some online income, but he was making a lot more than I was.

I've had a lot of ups and downs in learning how it all works. I've learned, too, that there are scammers trying to take advantage of newbies, and it's hard to know how to navigate all of the confusing information out there.

Here's a guide on some of the things I learned -- my secrets -- that you won't read anywhere else. Take this information and arm yourself with the facts so you don't get scammed, and so you can start making money...

My Secrets to Making a Living with Binary Options

It is a fact that people do make a huge amount of money trading binary options (check out my Binary Options 101 Guide if you're totally new to this). That is a fact.

The reason is that binary options are simpler, less complex and far less risky than trading regular Forex or stocks. You pick whether something is going to go up or down in price. If you have the right information, you can make a high percentage of winning trades and make a lot of money.

Since binary options are such a lucrative market, there are scammers and hackers who have entered it and they are trying to prey on newbies. They've set up fake "review" sites like NancyReviews.com and BinaryOptionsWatchdog.com and they are misleading a lot of people. I'm doing my best to expose these sites, the scammers and predators, but it's an uphill battle.

Dealing with Brokers

There are some bad brokers out there, too. I've learned how to deal with them. Part of the problem is that their sales employees are rewarded with commissions if you deposit more money. This causes them to be too aggressive. I ended up using a separate phone number and email address so my main phone and email were not bombarded by them.

But that doesn't mean all brokers are bad! I think CTOption is great. While I've had a few brokers that were difficult, I've found enough who will send me withdrawals quickly and are easy to work with.

Understanding The Signal Systems

There are quite a few "signals" systems out there. Examples include Insured Profits, 2014 Millionaire and Legal Insider Bot. Many of these are very exciting. They use advanced data processing algorithms to provide "signals" that will tell you what the best trade is. I list many of them on my Master List. I own about 38 of them, as of this writing.

The creators of these software programs often hire marketing firms to promote their products. Unfortunately, some of these marketing firms are a bit aggressive. It's not necessarily a reflection on the system itself. Some of them even use similar templates and formats.

Through my testing, I've determined most if not all of these system use either brand new, original data processing code or alterations or variations of existing code. They are legit systems, sometimes wrapped in a marketing package that isn't always polished. That said, there are very well-presented systems like 2014 Millionaire and Insured Profits that I like very much.

Are the Big Profit Claims Real?

I do believe most of the income claims these systems make are real. I do believe people have developed successful systems and they have made a huge amount of money. I know with Walter Green's system there were some people who did very, very well with it.

I've checked and looked at a lot of these income claims, and a lot of the bank accounts they show in their videos and other accounts are real. You just can't fake that stuff. I really believe some of these guys have made millions.

They release their software for various reasons, but most are doing it for good reasons. Most don't even charge for their systems. A lot of them want the public to have the same opportunity they've had, like Stan Lutz's 2014 Millionaire, which I really like.

You Need Multiple Signal Sources

I eventually realized that most of these systems have the potential to make you rich, but they are not completely guaranteed. There seem to be many factors as to why some are successful and some are not. Part of the problem was that the signals accuracy isn't high enough.

That's why I began developing and creating my own software. It's cost me over $14,000 out of pocket now, after hiring numerous programmers, coders and financial experts. But it's working, and as many of you now know, it's called my Super Signals Software.

To really make money with binary options, you do need multiple sources of data. I was already doing this with Auto Binary Signals last year. I was always looking for as much information as I could, and I ended up making over $9,000 with it over 10 months.

The more data you have, the better your signals will be. It's that simple.

One or two systems doesn't provide the security and long-term ironclad guarantee of a system like my software. You might hit it big, like with Insured Profits, Walter Green's system or Legal Insider Bot, but there's no guarantee it will happen for everyone. It's more hit and miss.

I have heard from sources that those who are making the most money with binary options are doing exactly what I'm doing. They are using similar methods, and they have similar software that is not available to the public. If it is, it's only sold in elite circles for tens of thousands of dollars, either to buy it or join a private club with access to it.

I do believe in trying out a lot of these systems


It's simple: some of them are very exciting and can make you a lot of money. Not all of them will. But what if you missed out on a big opportunity? You would regret it. So that's why I also get excited over the new systems that are coming out, like 500k Project. I also want to review these systems, too, to watch out for scams.

I Make Mistakes Sometimes

I'm also not perfect. If I endorse a bad system, I will admit it and correct it. To that end, I'm announcing once again that Click Clone Cash is showing serious problems with their customer service. I am advising people *not* to get involved in this system, and instead use something with a better reputation, like Rapid Mass Profits or TradeXpert.

There may also be an issue with one of the brokers Binary Matrix Pro is using, and I'm investigating that broker. I'll let everyone know what I uncover.

I also encourage people to be careful and not deposit more than $250 at a time (unless you can afford more). I don't want people to lose money! Be careful and cautious. I've heard of terrible stories of people losing tens of thousands of dollars to dirty, scam brokers! I don't want this to ever happen to anyone on my newsletter list.

People Desperately Need a Financial Answer

I know people are struggling. People are really struggling financially right now. Imagine if you could make a real living with binary options? It's possible. I know for a fact my Super Signals software is about the best way to do it.

Imagine if you could make even a few thousand extra a month? That would be amazing for some people. It would change some people's lives. If you've read this far, and you're really interested in doing this, then I know you'll have success. It's the people who give up and never try who won't get far.

If you're interested in my Super Signals Software, please sign up for my Mentor List. Simply send an email to:

MasterListMentorProgram@Gmail.com -- I'll be sending updates to those on my mentor list about my software each week and answering questions.

On another note: 

The Internet is flooded with scams. There are new ones everyday, like the awful OptionBot 2.0 promoted by BinaryOptionsWatchdog.com, a sophisticated scam site. I've warned people about it. I advise people not to buy into these systems until I've had a chance to review them or they are on my officially approved Master List. I have the money to buy these things and make the investment, so I don't mind taking the risk myself. 
God bless,


Roy @ ScamWatchdog.org

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Rapid Mass Profits REVIEW - Learn how this new money making method works. Scam or real? Find out.

rapid mass profits review


I've had a few people asking me pretty much the same question recently, "Roy, I'm struggling and I need something that is cheap or free that I can make money with right now. What works?"

And that's a GREAT question.

I know my Super Signals System may be out of reach for some. Yes, it will make you $25,000 a month virtually guaranteed, but it takes some time and investment. The people on my Mentor List are ready and prepared to do what it takes to make a huge income, and they will succeed, I will make sure of it.

But, for people who are struggling financially and need ONE product that is either free or really cheap, I do have a recommendation for you. There are a few of these lower-priced systems I've spoken about below throughout my past newsletters (simply scroll down for previous updates), but there is one NEW system I'm VERY impressed with.

That system is "Rapid Mass Profits".

Here are some benefits of this system:

  • A cheap 7 day $1 trial offer to check it out.
  • The average customer uses the $77 system for six months, proving it offers a very high retention rate, satisfied customers and good customer service.
  • The core product automates the process of "list building" - a proven and evergreen method to succeed online in any niche.
  • RMP Profit Xccelerator complements the core product by providing advanced training as well as customized templates and landing pages which help to further automate the product.
  • Automatic Traffic Multiplier offers masses of high quality, targeted traffic and accelerate the list building process with minimal effort.
  • Solid 100% money back guarantee, you cannot lose money.

This is a GREAT way to get an automated profit machine going. This is a very legitimate, solid, real system and method. I know what this product is offering -- auto list building -- is a proven way to make BIG cash online.

Potential NET INCOME of
Rapid Mass Profits range between $150 a week to $15,000 per month or more.

If you need ONE product you can focus on that can potentially generate INCOME very, very quickly (within days or weeks), this is what I'm recommending right now.

Check out their video. It's really good, very inspirational and professional:


Making money online is REAL and CAN HAPPEN TO YOU. I'm proof of that. I'm making literally $40,000 a month or more at this point due to my Super Signals System, Auto Binary Signals, Z Code, my network of 25 secret websites I've built from the ground up, Adsense revenue and other sources I discuss in my Top 5 Income Streams article.

Imagine if YOU could make $40,000 a MONTH? Can you imagine that? It would CHANGE your life.

It CAN be done, and YOU can do it. My Super Signals System is the IDEAL way of doing it. But if you are on a TIGHT BUDGET, I recommend Rapid Mass Profits as a really solid alternative. 

Stick with it, learn it, give it time and commit to the product -- and you WILL have success. Email me here if you have questions or need help.

God bless,

rapid mass profits

Roy @ ScamWatchdog.org

Click Clone Cash REVIEW: Learn about Josh Owens' amazing system that changed my life.

click clone cash review

CLICK CLONE CASH REVIEW @ ScamWatchdog.org: 

WARNING - SEPT. 19th UPDATE: Click Clone Cash is currently experiencing issues with its customer service provider.



Some of you already know my personal story. I met Josh Owens years ago during flight change at SeaTac in Seattle. We talked over coffee at the airport coffee shop, and from there I learned about his incredible charity efforts and business ventures.

He showed me how he was making so much money, through his business "cloning" method. I took his information and advice and began using it myself. Without him, I wouldn't be where I am today.

Everything he says in his video is true. He's one of the finest men I've ever met. He's worked so hard to make so many people make money off the Internet. You simply cannot miss out on this rare opportunity.

As you can see in the video, if you watch it all of the way through, Josh Owens is "the real deal" and a great guy to work with.

Are you looking for something cheaper that will help you make money RIGHT NOW?

Check out "Click Clone Cash" here

UPDATE August 31st, 2014:

Their system is working again.
They've got a new customer service company they're working with, and they've got a GREAT program for people who can't afford something over $100.

Click Clone Cash is a good, cheap system that works

Check out Click Clone Cash here now. I've written about this program before, and if you saw my previous newsletter announcement, you know that Josh Owens is part of the reason I work from home today and I make so much money off the Internet. This man changed my life.


As always, write me here at my email if you have any questions at all. I respond personally to everyone.

God bless,

Roy @ ScamWatchdog.org

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Fast Income Pro REVIEW - Matt Henry's new system offers a promising algorithm.

fast income pro

Fast Income Pro Review - Could this really make you $30,000 in one month?

"Fast Income Pro" is a software system designed to automate binary options trading. It is a free product. The system designers are partnered with the binary broker and through this deal they are able to offer it free for a limited time.

The software claims to have an accuracy of around 87%. This is a high number. I decided to test it with my in-house Super Signals software and it received a score of 8.8. That is a great score.

I have added it to my Master List of systems. The software appears to be a modification of previous software released in 2013. It appears they made some improvements to the algorithm.

Fast Income Pro is an excellent system

This is a very good system for newbies, and a high income is definitely possible, but there are many other programs I like better. We've seen people make huge incomes with Insured Profits and some of the other binary systems released. Of course, most of these systems are only available free for a limited time, before they go on sale for between $997 and $5000, typically.

I like Matt Henry's approach. The video is very engaging and he seems to be trying his best to offer something that can help people make money with binary options. I'm still skeptical as to the income claims, however. I don't think it's possible to make $30,000 a month with something like this, but $5,000 a month is easily possible

Fast Income Pro won't be free for long

I highly encourage people to jump on these offers when they become available. Obviously, I recommend everyone use my Super Signals System for maximum profits. But if you don't intend to do that, Fast Income Pro is a valuable addition to your passive online income arsenal. It may not make you rich, but I think it's at least a legitimate system.


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fast income pro review