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Monday, April 21, 2014

REVIEW: Free government grant money. Can you really get FREE cash from the Feds?

Free government grant money is available to most people. But how easy is it to get?

I decided to look into the best methods and products available for finding resources on how to get free government grant money. It's so hard to find good information. I searched and searched until I found one product that actually delivered on its promises. 

But will it work for you?

The trouble with government grant programs is that you need to meet a lot of different requirements to receive money. For instance, if you're Native American, there are grant programs for you. But only half a percent of the U.S. population is even 3/4ths full blooded Native American! That's a very small percentage of people eligible for grants!

The question is, Will it work for the rest of us? To my pleasant surprise, it can and will.

How the system works

What you need in your arsenal are the correct forms, correct requirements and the "niches" that you fit into. Everyone has something special about them that will qualify them for a grant (unless you are rich; yes, if you have a net worth over $250,000 it is almost impossible to qualify). You need a program that will show you step-by-step what to do, in very easy, simple terms that you can understand.

After going through dozens of products (some of which I bought and eventually returned for a refund), I finally found one that works. National Funding Applications is by far the best product out there. They provide easy-to-follow guidelines and help in getting you qualified for government grant money, and they do it by the book.

So far, I've found two programs I potentially qualify for. One of them has to do with the fact I'm a cancer survivor, and the other has to do with my desire to start a farming co-op in my area and community garden. The total grant money available to me is over $56,000. I'm in the process now of applying for them. It may take a few months, but it's sure worth the wait! 

There really is government grant money waiting to be applied for and received

I love sharing good, quality products with people. I review so many scams, duds and products that utterly fail to deliver that it is really nice to find something that can genuinely help people. If you have any questions, feel free to email me personally. If you want to check out the product, click here.



PROS: Very low price ($29), ONE-TIME PAYMENT, great materials, well-researched, great support, easy to understand, step-by-step guide, 100% money-back guarantee, follows the law to the letter, the average grant amount is over $5,000.

CONS: Not everyone can qualify, but at least 90% of people who buy this will find something they qualify for. 

God bless,

REVIEW: Insider Stock Provider makes big claims, but falls short.

I've reviewed a lot of products -- most are scams, some aren't (see my top product reviews on the right sidebar) -- but every once in a while there's a product that straddles the line between outright scam and legitimacy. Insider Stock Provider is just that product.

What this product claims to do is provide top stock picks based on their "experts" working "overtime" to find the best stock picks.

Does it work?

I bought it two months ago and so far I've actually lost money. I've lost about $200, including the price of the product. I will be asking for a refund before the 60 day money back guarantee runs out. I've used a few of their "top stock picks" and each pick turned out to be a stinker.

It looks like they're just accessing well-known financial blogs to make their picks, and they're doing it all on educated guesses. You can do the same without buying the product!

Stay away from this one

While they do offer an money back guarantee, and they do provide some intelligent analysis, most of the product is over-hyped. There are much, much better products you could invest in, including my top work-from-home pick of all time (Automated Binary Signals) or a solid product like Google Sniper 2.0



PROS: Money back guarantee, decent stock advice but nothing special.

CONS: Expensive, hyped product, not much to back it up, bad stock picks, no "magic" with this one.

God bless,


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Will Man of Steel 2 surpass The Avengers as highest-grossing Hollywood film ever?

Henry Cavill & Ben Affleck
Will it be the biggest movie ever?

Much speculation surrounds the new Zack Snyder release, "Man Of Steel 2", pegged to be a blockbuster and possibly the highest grossing film of all time. The buzz surrounding the film is at a fever pace, with new stories weekly circulating the blogosphere as to fresh rumors, who will be in the film and which heroes and villains will be featured.

The film will star Henry Cavill once again in the role of Superman, along with Ben Affleck as Batman, with Amy Adams returning, in addition to possible appearances by Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor and Anne Hathaway as Catwoman. 

Insiders reveal secrets, Man of Steel 2 insider: "It will be the biggest film of all time."

Our new website
features the insider testimony of a Hollywood executive and on-set film crew with an eye-witness vantage point as filming begins in Detroit. A few of the featured claims are as follows: 

  • Christian Bale may reprise his role as Batman, with Ben Affleck acting as a "distraction" and "red herring"
  • Liam Neeson may appear in a cameo role
  • The film may be released in 2015, not 2016
  • The film will be over three hours long

To find out more about Man Of Steel 2, click here

"Ben Affleck will definitely not be Batman." 

It is certainly hard to believe Ben Affleck will be Batman. What is more likely is that these reports are a magnificent PR stunt and coup. With our insiders suggesting otherwise (see quote above from on-set crew source), it's more than likely Bale will reprise his role, or at least another actor of more esteem and repute will don the Batcape. 

Watch our exclusive video breakdown:

Man of Steel 2

God bless,

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

REVIEW: Clever Investor real or scam? Shark Tank's Barbara Corcoran's new work from home product.

Incredible new product from Shark Tank star helps people make money from home

Clever Investor (TM) is a new, free product fully endorsed and supported by ABC's Shark Tank real estate billionaire tycoon Barbara Corcoran. It's rare to find a product like this with this level of polish and reputable backing, so I decided to check it out. 

The first thing you will notice is that the product is actually a free webinar. It's easy to sign up and you'll gain a wealth of knowledge by simply joining the webinar. 

From there, you'll realize you need more information to actually begin flipping and selling real estate. The product takes you step-by-step through the process of buying and selling real estate without any investment, out of pocket costs, no need to have good credit, the need for a real estate license or anything else.

Barbara Corcoran on Shark Tank
Barbara Corcoran on ABC's "Shark Tank"
Barbara Corcoran's new passive income, work-from-home product is the BEST I have ever seen

Barbara Corcoran, along with real estate guru Cody Sperber, have put together an iron clad product backed by a 100% money-back guarantee. 

I've only been using the product for about a week (I will update this review in a month showing my results). So far, I loved the free webinar, and the materials I bought are incredibly helpful and insightful. Once you realize how easy it is to use some of the legal tricks they've developed to make money, you'll be as excited as I am.
Why is she giving this stuff away for free?

Barbara Corcoran is well known for her charity and willingness to share her expertise, knowledge and secrets with newbies, hopeful investors and those who want to work from home. She's published books, writes numerous articles and is very open with her knowledge.

How can you join for free?

It's as simple as clicking here and signing up.


PROS: Free webinar to start, product is backed by 100% money-back guarantee, highly polished, supported and endorsed by billionaire Barbara Corcoran, great secrets on how to make money easily from home in the real estate market, no capital needed to make money.

CONS: Requires some patience and time, but well worth the effort.


Also check out her book

I have read and endorsed Barbara Corcoran's excellent new book, "Shark Tales", which can be purchased from Amazon.

God bless,

REVIEW: Penny Stock Prophet -- does it work or not in 2014?

The verdict is in on one of the top online work-from-home products...

Penny Stock Prophet is one of the most famous and widely used online work-from-home, monkey-making programs. What sets it apart are the following characteristics that have made it stand out where other competitors have failed:

  • A proven system that works.
  • A method of picking stocks that has been scientifically shown to work.
  • A cheap way of entering the market without having to risk too much.

The question is, Can you really make money using it?

I bought the product three months ago to test it and try it out. My proof of purchase is shown here (you may email me for further proofs):

I quickly learned the information provided is very easy to assimilate and understand. You only need $50 to get started in trading stocks. You do not even need a brokerage account, though it is recommended.

After using it for three months and an initial investment of $50, here is a break down of my NET profits so far:

February: $12
March: $145
April: $334 (so far) 

It's been really exciting seeing the stock picks do so well. I've found the product very easy to use, very straightforward, and worth every penny (pardon the pun). While most of these products are scams, some of them really do deliver on their claims, and this is one of them. I recommend checking out the product.

Click here to go to the product's website


PROS: It is FREE, you are guaranteed to make money or you get your money back with an 8-week 100% money back guarantee, lifetime membership, NO monthly fee or subscription, easy to use, hands-free, great for working from home, good rate of return, proven product.

CONS: None.


 God bless,

REVIEW: Amazon Trade In - Can you really trade in your stuff for cash?

Amazon Trade In - a new way to make big bucks?

I'm always on the lookout for ways to help cash-strapped Americans make a few extra bucks. In this economy, everyone could use a little extra to make ends meet. 

I've found something exciting and new that can help, and surprisingly, not many people know about it:

What if you could trade in your old, worn out used electronics, books and gadgets for a shiny, new Amazon gift card worth its weight in cold, hard cash?

Well, you can, with Amazon's new "Trade In" feature. It's as simple as the following:
Amazon Trade In Review 2014
A great way for extra cash in 2014

The system actually uses FREE shipping. Just load all your old stuff up in a box, ship it to Amazon and get an offer. They only pay in Amazon Gift Cards, but those gift cards can be redeemed for cash in many places. 

Click here to use it


When using the pre-paid shipping label, shipping trade-in items is completely free, and there are no other fees. When submitting a trade-in, customers will print a pre-paid U.S. Postal Service shipping label for sending in all items. If a trade-in item is not accepted, and is returned, there is no cost for return shipping."

Click here to use it


PROS: Free, easy and a great way to unload old, used stuff for cash. 

CONS: None.

Grade: A+

God bless,