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REVIEW: Millionaire Money Machine - Profits this week: $772.00 Grade A-

millionaire money machine review

REVIEW: Millionaire Money Machine

I've just got my hands on this exciting, brand new binary options trading bot, and the results are in: $772 in PROFITS the first week of trading

That's pretty impressive, especially considering how volatile markets were last week. Trever Haynes' Millionaire Money Machine is the "real deal" and is delivering, big time. I think people can make a lot of money with this trading bot.

Let's first start with the fundamentals: "Millionaire Money Machine" uses a proprietary, advanced trading and data processing algorithm that chooses very high percentage trades, some above 92% accuracy (about the highest I've seen). 

I won 24 trades and lost only 3, which is incredible. You just can't miss out on this, either, because it's not going to be free or available to the public much longer. 

Some people will wonder if this is a scam or not, and I'm here to assure you, it's not. I've already had three people write me with testimonials and reports on their earnings this past week, and these are people I recommended the product to personally, so they hold my feet to the fire when these things don't work. Here's the list of people I gave it to and their success:

Bo Williams of Houston, TX: $455 in PROFITS

Sam H. of Oceanside, CA: $1,005 in PROFITS

Christine K. of Oklahoma: $633 in PROFITS

Now that's nothing to shake a stick at. If they keep making money like that, they're going to rake in a few thousand a month. That's incredible, and it's better performance than most of these binary options bots. I'm giving it an "A-" grade and recommending it to everyone. Oh, and it's free, that's the best part. 

I really hope people try out Millionaire Money Machine. CLICK HERE for the official link.

I recommend making a deposit above $400. Anything smaller will reduce the efficacy and ability of the trading bot to make profit over time. Too often, newbies make minimum deposits, thinking that's enough to make a fortune. It's really not. You need to deposit at least a few hundred to have a real shot, that's because you need to absorb inevitable losses -- which always happen -- so you can make it through that and reap the rewards of a big run of wins.

It's just like poker - you don't want to lose your whole stack, because you want to say in the game so you have something to bet when you get pocket Aces.

If anyone is interested in my own software -- called my "Super Signals software and system" -- click here to learn more about it and sign up for my Mentor Program.

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millionaire money machine

Thursday, October 23, 2014

OZ ROBOT OFFICIAL REVIEW: A robust, new trading algorithm that trades Australian currencies.


oz robot

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Sept. 30th, 2014

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Some of you may have noticed that in the past I have not had great things to say about Paul Ring's Oz Robot, an Australian currency binary options signals system. I should add this was before I reviewed the system and liked it so much. I had simply heard some rumors that it was scam, and I hadn't fully investigated it yet.

I'm pretty wary of most of these systems, so it usually takes a lot for me to endorse something.

That's why when I got a call on my phone a few days ago from a foreign number, I was surprised to find that number was an Australian number. I answered and was greeted by a girl with a lovely Aussie accent. She said she was a representative for Nick Knolls, the creator of the Oz Robot and Paul Ring's business partner.

She said Nick wanted to speak to me.

I eventually got a hold of him the next day. He said he knew of my blog, he knew I had influence in the industry, and he was concerned that I had been calling his system a "scam".

He explained to me he was a victim of some competitors who had been trashing his system through reviews and comments all over the Internet (unfortunately, this is pretty common in the industry, and most of it is fueled by a fake scam site called "", which I've exposed in this article).

I ended up learning a lot about his system, all of the details about it I hadn't investigated prior to making my assumptions about it.

I've now signed up and I'm learning how this fascinating binary options robot works. I certainly will be integrating its algorithm with my free Super Signals Software soon. It's a little more complex and different from the other systems, interestingly enough.

oz robot review 

Nick really won me over, I have to admit. I really appreciate his phone calls and effort to explain his system to me. I'm so impressed by "Oz Robot", I think it might be a good stand-alone choice for people wanting to make money with binary options.

While I encourage everyone to use my free Super Signals software, if you're looking for just one system to try, I'm putting Oz Robot at the top of the list.

Here's the official link to Oz Robot so you can watch the video and try it yourself for free.


I guarantee you will be impressed by the presentation, polish and professionalism of this product, as well as the full story behind how it was created.

If you're interested in how *I* trade binary options, read about my Super Signals software.

Click here for my VERIFIED LIST of binary options systems.

Email me personally if you have any questions (yes, I actually answer my emails, unlike most of these other "review" sites, most of which are scam sites).

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Legal Insider Bot REVIEW: The "ZERO LOSS" system with 500,000 USD Insurance. Real or scam?

Legal Insider Bot scam or real?

Legal Insider Bot REVIEW: Does it work and what does it offer?

NOTE: This product is EXTREMELY time-limited. The Hedgefund Pool ($45m) allows only 90 Applicants. It looks like about 43 have been filled. I have been told the system will be closed to the public the first week of November.

Sign up IMMEDIATELY here and at least get your email on the list.

UPDATE 10/30/14: Legal Insider Bot is now officially included in my Master List Program and has shown a very high signal accuracy in proprietary algorithmic tests. 

What I'm excited about with the release of Legal Insider Bot is how it is backed by an actual insurance policy against losses, along with the backing of hedge fund manager for Bluecrest Financial, Greg Marks. Nothing like this has EVER been offered before. 

Normally, I'm skeptical of free binary options signals systems. Some are scams, some are over-hyped, but a few do deliver on their promises.

Most of them are free - and that's great - but not all of them stay free for long (they usually go for $997-5000 dollars after the trial periods are over). I use every single of one them anyway, because that is part of my Super Signals trading strategy and Master List free mentor program you can read about here.

This one is different. Legal Insider Bot is unlike any other ever released, and may set the standard for others to come.

Legal Insider Bot review

This software developer has gone out of its way to guarantee that their system works. They have, for the first time, persuaded some of the industry's biggest brokers to offer their depositors an insurance policy to cover any losses in their account as a result of using "Legal Insider Bot"! 

Legal Insider Bot Scam or Real?

You are backed by a $500,000 insurance policy by the broker

It's good to have as many signals sources as possible. Many of these systems do work and are based on advanced algorithms and data computation models that provide high-success signals, which result in successful trades and huge profit margins.

The problem is, some systems can be "hit and miss" in terms of performance due to what I call "long scale deviations" that occur when a system is used in short term tests vs. long term tests. Long term tests occur when the product is released and dozens of people begin using it versus the in-house tests that were done before it was released.

That's why nothing has me more excited right now than Legal Insider Bot. What they have done is offer something no one else has EVER offered: insurance-backed performance guarantees. This is 100% REAL and NOT a scam. I've checked it and double-checked it. The $500,000 insurance policy is REAL.

They've taken things to the next level to show they are serious about offering a solid product. 

Finally, a binary options system that is iron-clad and safe

By signing up with Legal Insider Bot, your trading account will be protected by a huge insurance policy that guarantees any of your losses will be reimbursed for the first seven days of trading. You simply cannot lose with Legal Insider Bot. Greg Marks has done this because he believes his bot works.

But why is it free?

There are a couple of reasons. First, Greg Marks has forged exclusivity deals with some of the world's top binary options brokers. These brokers will pay him a finder's fee of sorts to bring people to their brokerages. This is standard across the industry.

It's also likely Mr. Marks will begin charging for the system in the future. Quite often, these systems are released for free to the public so they gain popularity and exposure, only to be offered later for a fee -- usually a very high price -- often between $1000-$5000 to use the system.

That's why I always encourage my readers to take advantage of these initial free offers while they can. With a free software system like this offering seven days of free trades, you just can't lose. It's a rare opportunity.

This is an unprecedented move - you can't beat 7 days of FREE trading, with all losses refunded

If their software does not work, brokers stand to lose millions because they will be paying out huge sums in insurance claims if their system fails. It is very uncharacteristic of any broker to sign on for something like this, so they must be confident it works and that it's not a scam.

Limited spots are available and time IS running out to get in on this, so sign up for free NOW - I highly recommend using my links to various products because I double and triple-check them to make sure they go to the REAL site and NOT a scam site that has been set up to mimic real sites: 


UPDATE Oct. 29th, 2014:

Tons of positive feedback so far

I said I would update this in a week so here we go:

I've had 12 people write me describing how Legal Insider Bot has been working, and only one of those people had a negative experience (it turns out they live in a country that isn't supported by brokers used by Legal Insider Bot). 

Everyone so far has had their lost trades covered by the insurance, and so have I. I lost four trades and got reimbursed just like they said. One person made $1,500 this week alone, another made $860 and another one made $566. These are NET profits! Really, really impressive numbers so far for just a week of trading.

If you have any questions, email me here and I'll reply as soon as I can (bear in mind, I get a lot of emails a day!).

If you want to know how I make money with binary options, check out my "Super Signals System" article.

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CRISIS KILLER REVIEW: Binary options bot uses new the "HVSR" algorithm with impressive results.

crisis killer review


Learn about the incredible new binary options automated system that uses the advanced "HVSR" algorithm

One thing I immediately noticed about this new, free binary options offer is that it is backed by tremendous proofs:

crisis killer review

If you go to their site, they provide videos and documentation showing how Crisis Killer has proven to be a huge moneymaker.

The second most impressive thing about Crisis Killer is its use of a new, proprietary data processing script. The High Velocity Stop and Recovery (HVSR) recovers potentially losing trades and reacts in under 5 ms (milliseconds) by creating a new trade position. This renders the "bad" or losing trade null.

This is an ingenious way of quickly correcting losing trades. The HVSR system recognizes that a trade is about to lose and immediately opens a new position of the opposite order to compensate.

I love the honesty of Thomas "Tom" Behm, the program's creator

Here's a quote from his Crisis Killer site:

"Anyone can build an fx robot or hire a cheap Indian programmer to emulate something they’ve seen work, and let it trade 500 bucks. Just understand that you’ll lose money 9 times out of 10. There’re marketers out there who genuinely believe their own BS when they strike it lucky and tell everyone they have the world’s best bot… with usually no real live money account proof to back it up."

This guy is the real deal. A straight talker who puts his money where his mouth is.

To get "Crisis Killer", click here for the official site and free download.

It's free -- for now -- but seems to be limited to less than 50 sign ups. I always encourage people to jump on these Forex and binary options opportunities while they stay free.

These systems are offered for free as a free download because the software creators forge deals with binary options brokers. The brokers pay for them to attract customers, deferring the cost and providing it to the public for free. However, these deals are often time-limited, and later on the systems become subscription fee-based.

If you want more information about the trading signals system I use to make $25,000 per month, check out my sidebar for more info on my Super Signals free software to get the best long-term results.

Don't forget to check my Master List for the latest VERIFIED binary options systems, with rankings and info.

You can email me anytime here if you have questions.

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Secret Millionaire Society REVIEW: New binary options system uses "The Code". Scam or real?

secret millionaire society review's OFFICIAL REVIEW of Secret Millionaire Society and "The Code" - Scam or real? 

This new binary options trading system is similar to others out there, but offers some new, special elements that may offer a "can't miss" opportunity.

Part of the appeal is that the system taps into a secret club of financial investors that use what is called "The Code". This secret code is used to siphon off millions of dollars in profits from the financial markets. 

They do this by controlling whether a stock or currency goes up or down in price by trading millions of shares against each other. In other words, they control what goes up or down.

secret millionaire society review

This special system is only giving a handful of people access to this "code". The system is going to be closed down soon, probably within a week.

I've been able to get into it and use it, and so far I'm really impressed. I made 20 trades, 15 of which were winners and only 5 were losers. That is VERY impressive, especially considering the volatility of the markets over the past week.

I've already implemented "Secret Millionaire Society" with my Super Signals Software, which makes me between $25,000 and $75,000 per month. It is a trading software I developed myself and has proven highly successful.

I highly recommend people check out Secret Millionaire Society if they want something new and exclusive over some of the other binary options offers:

***CLICK HERE to go to the OFFICIAL Secret Millionaire Society website.

I also recommend joining my newsletter on the right sidebar for the latest updates, and clicking here to check out more about my free Super Signals software.

You can also email me anytime at if you have any questions about binary options, need help choosing a system or have questions about working and making money online.

Remember, most binary options offers are scams or lead to scam sites. But not all of them are scams. Some of them can make you a lot of money, as we've documented on our website. We don't want people not using binary options just because there are scammers out there, because trading binary options can be incredibly profitable if you know what you are doing and you are armed with the facts.

Read carefully, and you will be well on your way to avoiding the scams.

God bless,

secret millionaire society review

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