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Roy's 30 Days to Online Income - Your Step by Step Plan

binary options trading seminar

Learn Roy's top secrets for online income

This step by step 30-day plan will help you organize and coordinate your online income plan & approach. Go from nothing to real, passive income in 30 days using these free tips:

I've been getting a lot of feedback from people who need a simple, step by step guide on how to build their online, passive income. So I've decided to create my "30 Days to Online Income" to help people (keep in mind the below article is a preliminary draft and more will be added soon).

I'm going to focus primarily on binary options, because in my opinion it is the easiest and most sure way of creating a passive income for anyone - even those without a financial trading background or expertise.

Now here's a question I get a lot:

"But Roy, is this really possible? I've been scammed before, and I've lost money before. Can I really do this?"

YES. It is possible, and YES, you can. But you have to be educated. You have to be armed with the facts. That is the main reason people lose: they aren't educated when it comes to binary options, and they are lost and confused.

I'm here to help guide you. Some of my mentors who've had tremendous success - like Julia A. or Jim R. - all have shown a great dedication to learning and not giving up. That's what makes them special, and successful.

However, the ones who don't listen or pay attention seem to often falter and lose money. So, in my opinion, education is key, and so is motivation and a positive attitude.

What you're about to learn below is part of my own strategy - and these are similar steps that other "pro" traders I know also use. So, you're learning from the best, and from the people who are making money online.

Let's start out with six simple steps you need to get going:

STEP #1 - Organize your home office & Internet browser resources:

Here's where people really make mistakes: They aren't organized. They aren't coordinated. You need to treat your computer or laptop like a "home office". You need all of your information and accounts on stand-by and ready to go.

First, make sure your Internet browser (Chrome is best, followed by Firefox, IE and Safari) is set up for binary options by having links bookmarked and available for you. You can use most browsers to place links in your top "bookmarks" bar for easy access, or create a special folder that contains "binary options" links. 

You will also store other important financial links for easy access (for example, XE.com for accessing currency rates, and ZeroHedge.comDrudgeReport.com and Finance.Yahoo.com for up to date financial news and world news). 

This is how you will keep all of your links and bookmarks for all of the essential links on my site (see below for all the links you must have).

STEP #2 - Create a special, separate email:

Create an online "identity" for yourself, for example, "John's Binary Plan". I believe in doing this partly for the psychological effect: it helps you feel like you are serious about your financial future.

What I'm talking about is creating a special email account completely dedicated to binary options. It could be something like, "JohnsBinaryPlan@gmail.com" - and of course, always check your spam folder in case you miss important emails from me or from your broker. 

I also believe "Gmail.com" is one of the best free emails in the world, because it will accept most emails without sending those emails to spam. (One of the worst in the world is Australia's Big Pond, which is notorious for rejecting emails.)

You should also create special folders on your computer Desktop to store files in called, for example, "John's Binary Plan Files." Keep your passwords and broker login information in this folder so you don't lose them. Keep any files or notes there, too. I use Windows' Notepad to store a lot of personal information, for example.

STEP #3 - Give yourself an investment "budget" & plan your attack:

Here's where you need to take a look at your financial situation and your expectations. This is very, very important. 

Let me explain something: it is very, very hard to sign up for one binary options trading platform and make "tens of thousands" of dollars in a day, week or a month. There are many, many factors for why this is. Of course, it can happen -- and I'm always on the lookout for those "blockbuster", "diamond in the rough" special systems that can make big money - but it is rare, too, and it can't be relied on. 

That's why you need a long-term, realistic plan.

The people who succeed have a "portfolio" instead. This is true in all investment strategies - for stocks, bonds, currency traders, even holders of precious metals. All serious investors have a "portfolio", and it's no different in binary options. (To learn more, please read my "Portfolio of Systems Strategy" article.)

I believe in having as many broker accounts as possible. I believe in having as many trading bots as possible. But that can be overwhelming for some people.

So you need to create a plan for yourself and some goals. Here's an example:

  • My budget for the next 30 days: $1,000
  • My trading bots I will invest in: 3.
  • My "paid" signals services I will sign up for: 1
  • My broker I will use to make manual trades: CTOption
  • My income goal: $200-400 per month consistently.

Remember, you're only investing $1,000. That isn't much! To make big money, larger investments and a much bigger portfolio is necessary. But you can compound your earnings and get there eventually, even with a small investment. You just have to be realistic about your income and shoot for something reasonable, such as a few hundred dollars a month (which would actually help a lot of people. I know most of the wonderful people who visit my site are not greedy, they just want a small, consistent online income to help pay bills).

STEP #4 - It is mandatory you read the educational articles on my website:

I do receive a lot of emails from people who have not read hardly anything on my website, and as a result they are not educated or informed on many important issues I discuss.

It's very disappointing to me to see that. I assume, before people write me and ask questions, they have at least read most of my site and the most important articles I have listed on my top, right sidebar. I assume they, too, have also listened to a few of my important videos.

So, make it a priority to read some of the key, essential articles on my site and listen to some of my videos, all the way through. These important links include:

My Master List - The single most important page on my website.

My Binary Options 101 Guide - Great for "newbies".

My How Scammers Work 101 Guide - Very important so you don't get misled by scam, fake "review" sites that are everywhere - few of which I trust.

My Portfolio of Systems Strategy - A key part of how I organize my income plan.

My Top Trading Bots video - A full video review of all of the trading bots out there.

My Manual Binary Trading 101 video - Important for understanding manual trading.

My 50 Minutes of Binary Options News - A long video full of relevant information.

My Twitter account - Daily updates on binary news and new testimonials.

Of course, if you are not getting or reading my email newsletters, you are also missing out on vital information. If you haven't gotten them, just email me and I will forward the recent ones from the past month to you personally.

STEP #5 - Learn the nuances of brokers & trading: 

One of the biggest mistakes people make is how they deal with their broker. 

First, it's very important to answer broker phone calls. It's important to communicate with your broker adviser. It's important to have a good relationship with them. 

Yes, some are pushy and some put pressure on you, but their job is to sell and get people to deposit. If people don't deposit, then the broker can't make any money off of the commission they make on each trade. That's just part of the business

Of course, it's also key to have a "go to" broker you trust for manual trading. The broker I love is CT Option, but other people also like IQ Option and many others.

There are also a few tips and nuances you should be aware of:

Sometimes trades aren't executed fast enough, and this is an industry-wide problem. HFT Shield is trying to fix that, and so far the good performance of their software seems to reflect that. 

A poor Internet connection could really compound the problem for you, or a slow computer or a browser with security settings that will interfere with trading. Make sure your computer is clean, fast and running without a lot of programs in the background.

Trading at specific times of the trading day is important, but less so for automatic traders. For trading manually, you need to trade during the appropriate times. My Master List Trading Tips section lists these times.

Something else I also hear about a lot that is very concerning is that people invest too much money into untrusted brokers. I don't think you should ever put more than $1,000 or $2,000 into a broker you do not trust yet. Always test them out first and see if they treat you right. Tell them you won't invest unless they demonstrate they are trustworthy and they will treat you right. I always do that! Usually, they treat me good because I let them know I won't put up with being treated poorly.

STEP #6 - Capture winning streaks by trading smart:

I will be posting some currency graphs here to demonstrate how you can use chart movements to your advantage. This is more complicated, however, for newbies. That said, I do recommend reading this section so you can better understand market nuances. 

If it's too much, stick with the auto bot traders -- they already have these algorithms "built in" so you don't have to learn all of these complicated charts and financial terms. 

[Section not finished, more coming soon]

Ok, that's all for now. 

I will be updating this article with much more information. This is just a preliminary draft.

God bless,

Here's some extra motivation from the wonderful Robert Kiyosaki, author of the famous "Rich Dad, Poor Dad":

U.S. Government Required Disclaimer: Roy Tribble is not a broker, financial adviser nor does he trade your funds or accept funds from any individual traders or clients. Please read the terms and conditions of your broker and understand that trading involves great risk. None of the personal opinions above are meant to be taken as "financial advice". Roy Tribble is not a licensed financial adviser. Trading involves risk, may lose value and there is no guarantee of profit or gain. Nothing Roy says is intended to imply you will make money, are promised to make money or guaranteed to make money. Trading is extremely risky and involves high volatility, and most people lose money trading. Do not make investments unless you can afford it or you are prepared to lose money. This newsletter is for entertainment and marketing purposes only and should not be taken in any way as financial advice. US traders should only trade with licensed US brokers, like Nadex, and absolutely nothing Roy says is directed at US Citizens, period. Understand Roy has material connections to some products on his website and/or the links in this newsletter, and he may receive affiliate referral commissions as is legally permitted under the law and is common practice. Roy gives affiliate commissions away in his $1,000 monthly giveaway, even though he is not required by law to do so. This is stated in compliance with FTC reg. CFR 16 part 255. Roy is required by US law to post this disclaimer and say the things in this disclaimer. Roy has taken many steps to protect his identity and personal information as disclosed in his site disclaimer due to the threats he receives from bad brokers and criminals. Any and all harassment, threats, libel, slander or defamatory remarks made against Roy Tribble will be met with legal action and law enforcement authorities will be alerted. Please read our disclaimer for full details. 

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Free Money System REVIEW: UPDATED PROOF Walter Green's FREE system IS NOT SAFE!

free money system

Walter Green's "Free Money System" free binary options software sounds incredible, but what's the real story behind this new software algorithm? 

September 2nd, 2015 - *MUST-READ BELOW!*

*WARNING - PAY ATTENTION*: Do not use ANY "Free Money System" link you find on the Internet! Walter's system has been HIJACKED.

Scammers stole his amazing system and videos and are now linking them to bad, scam brokers. People are losing money everyday because they don't know this! For example, "Millionaire's Blueprint (my review of it)" and "Quick Cash System" are both scams and have used Walter Green as "bait" to reel people in!

There is still a *safe* version that works -- there are VERY limited spots available and they may be filled up by the time you read this --  you will have to email me at ChristianityNewsToday1@gmail.com and ask for it. 

Use the headline, "Walter's real system" in your email so I see it. 

I have been told NOT to share this link online or in public, for reasons of keeping the system safe from hackers and scammers. Yes, I know the team behind Walter's real system and they have allowed me to let a few more people in.

Here's how you can TEST whether you have the real system or not: look on the main page of Walter's system where the video is, and look for the "support" email toward the bottom. If it is NOT a "Gmail" address then it is NOT the real system! 

It must say, "askfreemoneysystem@gmail.com"!

If it has a different email than that, then it is NOT the real system!

You have to understand I am doing this to protect the integrity of Walter's amazing system, which people have been trying to shut down since it opened up.

Yes, Walter's system works.

Yes, it changed people's lives.

Yes, I have the real link to the real system that I believe still works (however, it's filling up fast and they're not allowing many more people in).

You can learn the amazing full story about Walter Green's system below, and about how it changed people's lives in August and September of 2014, before it was hijacked by scammers and hackers.

(Click here to jump to the 7:28 mark in my latest video update, where I discuss Walter Green's system. You really need to listen to this so you have an idea of what's going on.)

July 26th, 2015 - **WARNING!!**

There is a new system out called "Quick Profits System". Quick Profits System is a scam. They've stolen Walter Green's old system and video, and they've copied it. They'll just steal your money, BE CAREFUL! Scammers have "copied" Walter's site and they're calling it by different names! BE CAREFUL! 


The following is my review of Walter's system, which worked very well for many people when it was released in July, 2014. Due to the power of the software I placed it in my Master List briefly.

However, hackers and scammers attacked the site and stole the material and have re-branded it as "Quick Profits System" and other namesAnything you see regarding Quick Profits System or Millionaire's Blueprint is a SCAM, and PLEASE avoid it.

Yes, it worked when it was released, but a lot has happened since then. There's a lot of backstory people don't know about it, and I can personally tell you I know for a fact Walter Green fled the United States to another country after being threatened.


Here is the old review and the links to Walter's REAL SYSTEM:

As you'll find out below, there are scammers who've copied Walter's site. They are using links that look similar to the real link and people are being scammed as we speak because they are using the wrong link and going to a scammer's copycat site!


  1. You will watch Walter's video.
  2. You will sign up using your email for free.
  3. You will be redirected to a page where you will choose a broker to use with Walter's free system.
  4. You will get FMS access.
  5. You will make a deposit and get Walter's system running.


Keep reading below for my full review and my videos showing PROOF of my huge profits with Walter's system, and email me if you have questions:

*UPDATE* October 11th, 2014

Is Walter Green's software really working?

I thought this was a scam at first. I even wrote an entire review saying it was a scam and WARNING people not to use it, but that was before I had even TRIED IT.

I've now signed up (and it IS free) and I'm very happy with what I see - in fact, I'm BLOWN AWAY and I'm telling my family and friends about this. 

I'm getting emails from people who used the real link above and they're saying the same thing!  

Look at my videos below to see those emails and see my real SpotFN account:

UPDATE - 7/26/14 5:22 PM EST - *MUST WATCH* PROFIT IN 5 DAYS!!! SEE THE PROOF!!! THIS IS MY MOST IMPORTANT UPDATE YET -- Ok, I admit the opening music is a bit dramatic, but I'm so excited and I want to share this, so I guess I got a bit carried away!







I've realized there is so much happening with this, that I'm now completely overwhelmed!! I'm getting dozens of emails from people per hour. I'm in complete shock and awe as to what has happened the past week (click here for my latest video update (
(REMOVED FOR SECURITY PURPOSES DUE TO DEATH THREATS)), I highly recommend people watch this to get up to speed on what's going on - I hope you don't mind the music and graphics I added to start it out, I was just too excited).

I need to slow down, and try to give people a really clear idea of what's going on.  

So here's some bullet points to get you up to speed:

  • Ever wonder how the rich get richer? This is how: Walter Green's system is an "auto" binary options system that produces a 98% win rate.
  • It's software he discovered through some of his buddies who are connected to "high ups" in the world of the financial elite. It was developed by an Israeli finance firm in 2010 to trade binary options at an exceptionally high win rate.
  • It was never meant to be made public.
  • Walter had friends who were making millions of dollars a month.
  • Walter Green made over $40 million himself.
  • He decided to give it back, and release it, for free. Yes, for free, to the public.
  • I thought it was a scam at first. I told my entire newsletter list it was a scam and to be careful.
  • But then, as I explain below in my review, I signed up and gave it a try, because I was so curious and it was free.
  • Scammers have created "dummy" sites and copy-cat sites of Walter's site to try to take advantage of this incredible system, so some people are being scammed and are very upset. If you use the link I used below, you should be fine because it goes to Walter's real site.
  • People who used my link have been writing me telling me they are making a lot of money, too, and I show some of their emails below in my videos. I'm getting HUGE positive feedback so far.
  • Keep reading for all the details. And please sign up, at least put your email in on Walter's site so you get in and don't miss out if it's shut down next week, it's free. There are only limited spots available and it looks like it may be closed soon.

*UPDATE* Saturday, Aug. 2nd

MY LATEST VIDEO, with specific information about Walter's system:


So here's my take so far on this free system:

I'm amazed to see SO MANY positive reviews for this program. As far as I can tell, Free Money System IS a FREE system. I've yet to see any indication they are trying to "steal" anyone's money. It looks like they have some kind of program that really is getting people rich, because there are tons of testimonials in the videos of people who are making a lot of money.

Could this be a goldmine?

free money system review
Tons of testimonials from people who made a lot of money from Walter's system

I've watched the Free Money System video and it is very convincing. Walter Green has obviously done very well for himself. The testimonials are also convincing, because these people clearly made a LOT of money and are very happy about it. His story is AMAZING if you watch the whole video. I couldn't believe his story, but as I explain below, it's very possible a system like this exists and he found out about it.

If it's free, how is Walter making money?

To be honest, I don't know. So far, as far as I can tell, it IS free. I see nowhere that they want your credit card. I see nowhere that they want you to sign up for a subscription. You just make a deposit into a brokerage account. Maybe he's making some money from fees or commissions? I don't know! Maybe he's just giving it away for free for real. He says he's made over $48 MILLION dollars, so maybe he's happy to give it away for free. He says in the video he's guilty about making that much money and wants to share the secret.

So, on that level, I can't really say Free Money System is a dangerous product. Free is free, and the "Free Money System" never requires a credit card.

If you want to try it anyway, it is free, so maybe your risk isn't as high as I'm assuming. The video is pretty fun to watch, to be honest.

It looks like people are making HUGE cash with this system.

Are the financial elite afraid of the Free Money System video? 

Walter says a number of brokerages are trying to ban the video and his Free Money System. Maybe he's really found something real and it could crash the system if the public found out about it.

I actually just got an email from someone today saying their broker was really upset about his system, and told them to stay away from it! The broker was really mad and called this person on their phone! What is going on here?

As far as I can tell, it's a limited-entry system, so only a handful of people will get it. I think it might get closed down this week. That's what I was told when I contacted their customer support.

** UPDATE: 7/25/14 **

Walter was right. Just like Erica experienced in the video (click here for her story), I started making money right away with this system. The account specialist set me up and has been so helpful. I'm posting a LIVE video here today to show everything, which I've got to get to work on right now. I'm so excited about this!!! I use binary options systems all the time, but there's something about this system that is very different! It looks like Walter really did tap into an amazing new algorithm that gets 98% of trades correct.

Did Walter tap into a system the financial elites use?

We know the financial elites make billions a year using secret systems like these to siphon off wealth from the Forex market and other markets. It sounds like Walter really got a hold of something real. Just like he describes in his video, he knew someone who was one of these financial elites who acted like it was "no secret" among people in his circles that a system like this exists, and he himself had already made millions off of it.

These elites live in a different world from the rest of us -- where it is "normal" to make millions of dollars a month -- so maybe Walter's finally gotten something that works out to the public and he's trying to help us? It sure looks that way to me. 

Why are there bad reviews? 

As I explain above and in my videos, countless "dummy" copycat sites have been set up by scammers and hackers, because they realize how special this system is and they're trying to take advantage of it. 

These sites look EXACTLY like Walter's real site because they are near-perfect copies. They redirect you to different brokers. It looks like thousands of people are being scammed because of this! Walter's original, REAL site is being drowned out by tons of scam sites that look like his but use slightly different links, things like, "officialfreemoneysystemsite.com", links like that.

People are really upset and calling it a scam, but I really think what's happening is they are being redirected to these scam sites. I don't think many people even know about the original site anymore, because the Internet is getting flooded with these copy-cat sites!

I was fortunate enough to have found the real site days ago when this was released to the world.

I've got the real link, and I know that because it's working for me and other people who are using my link. Once you sign up, you'll see the link for Free Money System or the Diamond App, they're the same thing. Walter's setting up new fail-safe sites in case one goes down due to hacker and DDOS attacks.

Are they closing it down next week?

It sure looks like it. The site was already offline last night. I still advise caution. I am NOT fully endorsing this product yet, but it's clearly working so far. 

Is BeeOptions a good broker? 

I had previously issued a warning about BeeOptions, but since then, upon further research, I've changed my view on them. I believe they are a good broker. A few people wrote me with poor experiences, and I discovered that those people had no experience with binary options and were highly confused by the process. There was little evidence BeeOptions was at fault. But, as always, I err on the side of safety, so I issued a warning anyway.

Join my mentor program

If you're interested in how I make so much money with binary options, check out my article here, and join my personal mentor program. As always, everything I do is free and I have nothing sell. Check out my Master List if you want a really good list of great systems, too. You also might want to check out my review of Elite Gold Profits and Five Minute Experiment, scam or real.

Sign up for my newsletter

I really encourage people to sign up, because I'm giving daily updates on this Walter Green situation. It's good way to keep up on what's going on.

God bless,

Roy @ ScamWatchdog.org

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FRANCO'S SYSTEM: A review of Binary Options Trading Signals - It's NOT a scam!

Franco Binary Options Trading Signals review


NEW TESTIMONIAL UPDATE 8/17/15: "I have signed up for Franco’s site. I’ve been demoing like he suggest and have been killing it. I’ll probably demo for another week or so to perfect his strategies and then go live. I have had nothing but great trades with Franco. I thank you for that tip." - Jerome J

Some of you may already know about Franco's system (click here to sign up), but for those who aren't familiar, let me give you a run down of what it offers:

  • It is a system for binary options trading brokerage accounts.
  • You sign up to watch a real, live, professional trader by the name of Franco trade options each day.
  • You are paying a fee so you can copy his trades.
  • He is a top-tier, 10-year trader with incredible experience and insight.
  • You're getting the best, direct information from a pro.
  • Franco makes six figures a year - by copying him, you're hoping to copy his success.
  • It's $97 every two weeks.

There's a reason I've stuck with and supported Auto Binary Signals, a software program that gives me binary options signals, and that's because it's so cheap. It's a one-time purchase of only $97. Franco's system is $97 every two weeks. But when it comes to results? Franco wins by a long shot. He's the real deal.

I'll be updating this review, in full, with my experience after about a month of using Franco's system. Until then, I wanted to post this preliminary review. I am very excited about his system, now that I've learned more about it. The testimonials and positive reviews, like this one, are very convincing. There's no question this is a real, quality product.

Franco Binary Options Trading System Signals

The question is, Is it worth the price?

We will find out soon if Franco's trades and expertise are worth the bi-weekly fee. I want to see with my own eyes whether I can really copy him and have success.

(EDIT: 8/17/15 UPDATE - I had a great experience last year, but ended up not sticking with it because I have so many other things going on. I may try Franco again just because of the positive feedback). 
If you're interested in learning more about Franco's Binary Options Trading Signals system, just click here. Watch the video, it's very informative. 

Is it a scam? 

Actually, it's impossible for it to be a scam. You're literally signing up to watch a pro trade. 

You get to see him instantly, in real time, each day making trades, winning and losing (and winning much more than losing). The results speak for themselves. 

He's also helpful and teaches you along the way. I'm so impressed by this system because there is no doubt it is real. They don't need to hype it up or make outrageous claims. The proof is in the pudding: if Franco is successful, you're successful. And Franco is a pro who's been making a living at this for ten years before he started providing this service. 

How do I start trading binary options?

To use Franco's Binary Options Trading Signals system, you MUST have a binary options trading account - they're easy to fund with credit cards. 

I have always used CTOption. Click here to sign up with them and make a deposit ($400+ recommended).

Or, choose from my Top 3 Brokers List.

If you have any questions, or if you've used Franco's system and would like to leave a review or testimonial on your experience (good or bad), email me: I'll respond personally. 

What if I'm new to binary options? 

Here's my As Simple As It Gets Guide to binary options:

Total newbies: Check out My Binary Options 101 Guide

Newbie: You'll want to use my MASTER LIST for the best new auto bots.

Intermediate: Auto Binary Signals is a solid, sound platform to compliment your trading accout. Here's my review.

Advanced: Franco's system is the way to go, but you need a grasp of binary options for his system to achieve its full potential for you.

Click here to check out Franco's Binary Options Trading Signals site

God bless,

Roy @ ScamWatchdog.org

Friday, August 14, 2015

My Top 5 Income Streams & PROOF Of My Profits - UPDATED FOR 2015!


Anyone can work from home online. 

So how can you do it?

I wanted to put together a basic guide for how to get started working from home and making passive online income so you can do it just like I do.

Yes, I make a very good living simply working at home on the Internet.

I'm going to show you how I make money each and every day using the following products, platforms and revenue streams that you can also use yourself. (I'm also going to show you PROOFS, below, of my incredible online income. Scroll down to check them out! Talk about motivation!)

The platforms below work. With patience, time and commitment, you can enjoy a passive income just like I do. While I do this full time and make over $50,000 a year entirely off the Internet, you can do it part-time or in your leisure time (and that's not even counting my huge income from binary options $200,000+ last year and more this year! That's where the money is at!).

Once you get that first deposit into your bank account, you'll feel so good you'll want to just keep working harder at it.

Remember, to be truly successful, you want to develop multiple income streams.

Before we get to my recommendations, let's start off with a healthy dose of motivation.
Let me show you my accounts and how much I'm making every month...


Here are five real screenshots of some of my income from June & July 2014, from four of my systems...

2015 UPDATE: "I'm making about the same in 2015, slightly more. This really works! You can work at home, too!" - Roy

This will give you a taste of what you can achieve working from home. (If you have ANY DOUBT about the veracity of these screenshots, email me and I'd be happy to do a TeamViewer session showing my accounts, which is a live video stream of my desktop to your computer):

This one is a monthly total, not a daily total! I wish!


Yes, all of that above is REAL MONEY, directly deposited into MY BANK ACCOUNT every month.

"Roy, what are the systems I need to make this happen for me?"

Let's start off with the top 5 things I do online, in no particular order (and they're things anyone can do): 

  1. Google Sniper 3.0
  2. ABS / CTOption Strategy 
  3. Z Code Platform
  4. Websites
  5. Binary Options

Now let's dig deeper on how you can take advantage of these systems like I have:

#1 Google Sniper 3.0 (click here) 

As I explain in my review of the product, this system is like taking a college course (but much, much cheaper, I believe it's only $47 as of this writing). It takes even less time than a semester-long class. But it's the same concept. You're buying this product so you can learn how to create a website, bring traffic to it and sell ads and products on it, so you can create a passive income stream that will last far into the future. 

I bought it a long time ago and it helped me launch my career online. I now have about 25 secret websites that use methods I learned from Google Sniper. I make money through Google's Adsense program. It takes some effort, but anyone can do it.

PROS: Good for beginners wanting to create passive income websites, good training that will help you for the rest of your life, low price. You're not going to believe the amount of money George Brown makes!

CONS: You need to put in about three months of real effort to have a chance at success. (buy it here


#2: Auto Binary Signals & CTOption Strategy

auto binary signals

Binary options is a new way of trading currencies and commodities that is much simpler than buying and selling stocks or trading traditional Forex (see My Binary Options 101 Guide for Newbies to learn more). 

But without a proprietary system that can process thousands of daily market fluctuations and signals, you will have your work cut out for you in doing painstaking research on what trades to make. ABS does the work for you. 

All top options traders use systems like ABS, but those products can cost thousands. ABS is a product designed by Roger Peirce, a top Forex trader, for the general public and is very cheap.

Read my review of ABS for an in-depth guide on how you can buy this product and get it set up, and within a month or two you will be making sound, profitable trades with a very high success rate (if you want to open a trading account, I recommend CTOption and their 150% deposit bonus. I do NOT recommend using ABS' 'recommended brokers'. Any broker will work with ABS!)

PROS: ABS works, great customer support, very EASY for those not familiar with finances or trading. Also, some of the TOP automatic trading systems today include HFT Shield, 100 Percent Profit Bot and Tokyo Bot, all very easy to use and listed on my Master List.

CONS: Binary options can be a bit complicated for newbies, so you also need to read my site carefully and read my Top 5 Links to Start Your Binary Options Education!

#3: Z Code (click here)

Some people may be intimidated or even wary of a system that many consider to be a form of "gambling". However, sports betting is a science, not gambling. There are many sports bettors who make a successful career out of it.

But without a platform that can process and digest countless sports statistics and data, you can end up overwhelmed. Z Code takes the research side out of it for you and presents you with highly-tuned algorithmic predictions on sports outcomes.

PROS: Boosts sports betting profit margins, been around forever, based on science and statistics, nice user interface, A HUGE, consistent income is possible.

CONS: Not for those who don't love sports or who think sports betting is "gambling". (buy it here

# 4: My Secret Websites

There are secrets here I prefer not to reveal publicly. I have good reasons for this. I have never revealed many of the websites I make money on. I keep my most prized sites close to the vest.

You can email me if you're ready and prepared to take the plunge. It's recommended you've bought Google Sniper or you're already well-versed on how to create websites. I can give you tremendous tips and secrets I use for free that will put you well ahead of the curve. I love to give out advice and help people who are motivated.

PROS: Everyone should have a website, great way to make passive, hands-free income.

CONS: Takes work and effort and website coding knowledge, most people don't quite have the patience to make it happen. For people who don't have the time for it, without any question, some of the top free auto-traders on my Master List are a better option.

# 5: Binary Options

Without any doubt, binary options are an exciting and incredible new way of trading. I recommend starting off on my Master List for the best auto bots available, 100% free and automatic.

For manual trading with one of my Top 3 Brokers, try Franco's system. He's a real, live, pro trader, and you can copy his trades. Here's my review and you can sign up here.

PROS: Huge income possible with the right system/broker, easy to use, fun way to learn trading. Some people make thousands a month, or per week, with the right system.

CONS: Market conditions greatly can affect earnings and income, and some bad brokers can affect the trading bot performance (use my Good & Bad Brokers List to avoid the bad ones). 

Other methods that I like:

What about something easier and faster?

Another great way to start out quickly is to join someone else's income stream network, like Jean Jett's, below:


The concept here is, in a simple way of speaking, like buying stock in a company. You're investing in someone's existing online business. You can pay a small fee to piggyback their profits.

One person who does it is a woman by the name of Jean Jett, who has a huge profit network, and works along with her son, Randy Jett. She's opened it up to a limited amount of subscribers.

She can help you jump on board her already huge profit machine and help you make your websites (she makes 300 websites for you). There's also a money-back guarantee. You can start out by signing up for only $2.95 and up, depending on how much you want to invest. 

That's a small cost considering you're joining in for a percentage of her huge profit stream, we're talking tens thousands of dollars a month. It will only be open for a limited time, and once you're in, you're set. (I'm also thinking of opening up one of my own limited buy-in income streams through my network of sites, so stay tuned).

Click here for Jean's website.

Here's my review of Jean's system. 

Other work from home income possibilities you may look into:

While the following products have accounted for a small amount of my income, they are still worth mentioning: I've written reviews for Surveys Paid (my review) and Legit Online Jobs (my review) and I found each product to be legitimate in what it offers.

Each of them offers great resources on how to get work from home Internet jobs. (Note: I will be updating my review for Paid Social Media Jobs soon, but it's still worth checking out).

I also highly recommend No Cost Income Stream (my review), created by famous Christian marketing teacher Eric Holmlund. It's an excellent, low-priced ($37) educational system that will teach you so much about how to create an online empire without spending hardly any money.

Another great way to make money online is through affiliate marketing. The BEST introduction to it is CB Passive Income (my review), endorsed by billionaire Bill Bartmann. It is a highly polished product that will actually help you get started by placing your special affiliate code within an existing income stream. You can literally get sales the same week you buy CB Passive Income.

Do I need to spend a ton of money to do this? 

The answer is ultimately "no", but you have to invest some money. 

I actually spent thousands to get started. Thousands. But you don't have to do that. Most of the products above are cheap and under a hundred dollars. You do have to make a commitment and try. You do have to make some investments. People who don't want to spend a dime won't get far. 

Did you know that I spend hundreds of dollars a month just to maintain my websites and keep them fresh in the search rankings? I'm spending money all the time to make money

A positive attitude is key!
I've met a lot of people who have a VERY negative attitude about working online. They think everything is a "scam", they never stick with anything and never really try.

I ALWAYS have a positive attitude about everything I do, and if a product isn't a scam and delivers, I make the best use of it, even if it isn't going to make me rich overnight. A positive attitude will get you far -- but greed and negativity will destroy your chances at success. 

Want my honest opinion?

What's the best strategy to start with? 

Out of all of them -- personally? -- I would recommend Auto Binary Signals for everyone and use it with CTOption (or one of my top recommended brokers).

This what I call my "ABS/CTOption combo strategy". 

ABS/CTOption (or one of my top brokers) is a great "one-two punch" that will help you make money. And you can make money quickly.

LOOK: Here's a real testimonial I just got from someone who did just what I suggest above:

"I opened up a CTOption account from your site with $250. After 6 trades, I'm up to $613 using the ABS 'Perfect Match' signals! I won 4/6, the two that I lost were not with in the suggested time frame..." - Josh Boulter 

HERE'S HOW YOU START: You'll make a deposit with CTOption (or one of my top brokers), then buy ABS and use their signals to trade on with CTOption as your broker (read that again if you don't understand it).

Keep in mind: ABS will suggest brokers to use, but they are not the best. Use my Top 3 Brokers instead.

A lot of people use ABS' "recommended brokers" but that is a BIG MISTAKE. ABS will work with any broker!

Also, if you want the BEST binary options auto traders, visit my Master List.

I hope this helps! Email me if you have further questions, especially if you need help with my ABS/CTOption combo strategy.

God bless,

Roy @ ScamWatchdog.org
 (with a BIG THANK YOU to my webmaster, Jim, for helping me update and write this article).

Please read the ScamWatchdog.org site disclaimer

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Robert Allen's CASH CODE System SCAM - A total farce fleecing thousands of their money!

CASH CODE SCAM - Robert Allen's fake system REVIEW:

Watch out for this one! The Cash Code scam is sweeping the world, fleecing millions of unsuspecting people of their hard-earned cash. Learn more in my review below. 

Robert Allen's system is not even real, and is being used to funnel people to scam brokers. The claims made in the video are outrageous, and they are lies. The photos of the huge bank accounts they show are also totally fake, in my view. 

cash code scam

"Cash Code" is a really dangerous scam, and it appears seemingly reputable website NewsMax is supporting it! See the email below. Were they hacked? Is this a real NewsMax email? It appears so, but it's possible it's also a scammer or hacker impersonating NewsMax:

cash code review

Nothing about Cash Code video appears to be real. Nothing about the system appears to be legitimate at all. Cash Code makes a lot of crazy claims, but it's not backed by anything real. 

Please, please be careful! I HOPE my review of Cash Code will keep you from using it and will save you your money. I am so tired of these "you will make millions in a day" nonsense scams that I am going on an all-out attack to destroy each and every one of them, and let people know to avoid them! Dr. Robert Allen is just part of the problem! I've added an update to my Master List, too, listing the top new scams -- you'll see it if you scroll down a bit.

My goodness, if you want something REAL try Home Profits Group -- where we are posting LIVE, real shots of our accounts on my YouTube channel -- or ITC, where you can copy the trades of pro traders. Don't fall for these cheesy scams! Use something that works. My Master List is a good place to start.

God Bless, 


Some other updates below from my newsletter:

I wanted to get a quick update out to everyone:

First, I've gotten a lot of emails and I want everyone to know I will be answering them as best I can later today.

I wanted to give some clarification on how ITC works: first, I don't have much control over their proprietary software. I am linked up through my trading accounts. ITC uses 50+ brokers. Their list of brokers is very large. So, there have been some issues, namely with Option Mint and Ivory Option. I have been told and assured by ITC's staff that they are pushing both of these brokers to properly implement the trades copied from the Master Trader accounts.

Beyond that, I have been getting some very positive testimonials and news from people hooked up to good brokers who are allowing all the Master Trader trades to be copied perfectly. That was our hope, that this could really help people!

Also, as time moves along, the attacks against me are going to increase. I have been told by a close source - a friend in the industry that I trust - that notorious scammers are going to "unleash Hell upon you, Roy, because they've been given a large sum of money by certain brokers to attack you on all fronts using all methods possible. They may try to shut down your site, and will definitely attack your Master account at ITC."

I need your prayers and help now more than ever.

In hard times, I turn to scripture...
"Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. Resist him, firm in your faith, knowing that the same kinds of suffering are being experienced by your brotherhood throughout the world." 
 -  1 Peter 5:8-9

21 Days To Riches WARNING: Be careful with this new system, I need to do some more investigation on it. The video is very vague and looks fishy. Automotive Profits and a few others also look terrible. I'm seeing all kinds of bad products everywhere, so be careful!!!

UPDATE: 100 Percent Profit Bot still doing great.

I know some people have had trouble with this trader for various reasons (usually the brokers),but without any doubt this is one of the best auto traders out there. The success stories are numerous and real. It has a real community of traders behind it.

Here's a new testimonial I just got, with some astounding profits:

"I have been using 100% Profit Bot – Fantastic! 
26K to 135k in 2 months. Lost about 20k toward the end of June.  It hurt but I kept the faith and the Bot and I have regained 9k this week." - Mark (email me to ask for Mark's email and usually he's ok with sharing it if you want to ask him questions)