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Insured Profits REVIEW - real or scam? They're giving it away free to just 100 people.

insured profits review

Is Insured Profits a real system or a scam?

You may have heard about this system through your email list, because that's how I found out about it. Some of my most trusted friends in binary options sent me the secret link to this new software before it was released publicly on a limited basis, telling me they're already having success. A few of them got early access so they could test it and act as testimonials for the product, and they're doing great with it.

What I think is interesting about it is that I've already known about the broker loophole they talk about in their video, but I never thought it was really possible to make it work. Now it looks like someone really did figure out how to make it work.

I'm surprised by the level of verification and proof

insured profits scam or real
These guys definitely go out of their way to prove their system works. They provide a lot of verification and proof in the form of showing their real accounts, some of which were verified by an accounting firm. It's also been confirmed by some of my friends who were able to test this. While I advise caution, I'm pretty happy with what I've seen so far with Insured Profits. Of course, we won't know for sure until I've tested it for a month and I post my full review.

Is this loophole possible?

Well, it's amazing what they're doing. You're getting the full profit on your wins, but only paying part of your losses. Like I said, there's a way to do this, but I never thought anyone could pull it off. I do know many brokers will try to pull the plug on this, but only if they are dirty brokers.

You only lose $2 when you lose, but you make $20 when you win. That's the loophole! It's incredible!

insured profits scam or real
You win $20, and only lose $2 - that's the concept, in a nutshell


Is it really free? Yes!

The best part of Insured Profits is that it is free. These guys have made so much money, they're giving it away to 100 lucky people and helping them personally create their own fortune. Dave's software is the real deal, and he's a generous guy in binary options circles. We all know him to be a trustworthy guy. These guys have made SO many money they're happy to share this. I'm talking about tens of millions is what they've made with this.

My full review is coming soon. Right now, I'm advising caution, but I'm very optimistic based on what I've seen. There are SO MANY scams out there, and I think this one is actually the real deal. You really can't lose, it's free, I know these guys, I know people I trust who are verifying this, and this could help boost your binary options account big-time. If you don't trade binary options, this thing is automatic, anyway, so even newbies can use it easily. It's a very simple and easy to learn interface. 

They're only giving it away to 100 people.

The queue may already be full as of this writing. The people who get in I think are going to end up feeling pretty lucky, because these guys are cutting this off quick, but "Insured Profits" really is insured, because once you're in, you're in for good. I'm so thankful I got in early and I've got my access to this software.

**Check out the official site here**, and use this link before it is shut down in a few days.

Write me personally if you have any questions or need any help.

God bless,

These people need our prayers.

Over the course of the past few days, I've received a lot of emails and messages from people who are struggling financially. They want a way out. They're looking for hope. They're looking for something that works, but they're not finding it.

Some of their messages were so heartbreaking, I felt the need to send this message out to my list and ask for their thoughts and prayers. I know not everyone on this list is a Christian, and that's fine. But even if you're not a Christian, I'm sure some of these stories will still touch you just as much as they did me:

* Mike M. is a former truck driver who lost his job due to company cutbacks. He's living with his 78 year-old mother and sharing her social security income, as his unemployment income has run out. He's looking for jobs in his central Michigan hometown, but there is nothing. And he's so busy taking care of his mother's health needs, he barely has time to look. He needs help, our thoughts and our prayers. I've personally sent him a donation. If anyone else wishes to help him, please contact me and I'll forward you his information and email.

* A couple from Kansas whose names I'll keep private for their sake wrote me a long, heartfelt message describing their current crushing debt loads, their financial struggles, their difficulties finding jobs. They're both 60. She works full-time. He's looking for work. They wanted to retire, but they only have $28 in their checking account until the end of the month. I couldn't believe it when I read that. If anyone wants to help with a small donation, email me and I'll get you their information.

* A mother of two from Calgary wrote me. If she sees this, I hope she knows my thoughts and prayers are with her. She's struggling, too, and barely able to make ends meet.

* A nice man wrote me saying he's lost his job, and is currently at home taking care of his sick mother. He said doesn't have a dollar left to his name, but is eager to learn how to make money online.

* The most touching story of all? A blind man wrote me. He's 100% blind, and uses voice software to speak to his computer, and his computer will read back text to him. He said he can't find a good broker to trade binary options. One of them, LBinary (a notoriously awful broker), tried to squeeze $5,000 out of him, otherwise they refused to help. So I sent him some brokers that will let him trade on a demo account so he can learn how to do it.

There are more stories than this. I'm doing what I can to help. I just ask for people's thoughts and prayers. If anyone wishes to communicate with anyone above and learn their stories or help, just write me.

All of these people are looking for some financial hope. I've tried to put together the best products on my blog, things that work and can help. Some of them take a lot of time and effort because they are intensive training programs with no flashy gimmicks or promises (Google Sniper, No Cost Income Stream) and others are binary options systems which require usually $250 minimum deposits (Binary Matrix Pro). There are exciting systems like Walter Green's system, but they are out of reach for those who can't make deposits into brokerage accounts. It's really hard for people with nothing to get started. I'm doing my best to help, at this point, but there aren't many options. Often with the Internet, it takes money to make money. I alone spend almost $1,000 a month to maintain my websites.

I'm trying to figure out a way for people with nothing to get started, though. I'll be posting more articles on that soon.

God bless,


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Binary Matrix Pro REVIEW - the best binary options system, perfect for newbies!

 Binary Maxtrix Pro review

Binary Matrix Pro REVIEW - Does it work and what does it offer?

(WAIT! Have no clue what "binary options" are? Read My Binary Options 101 Guide first.)

You may or may not have heard of Binary Matrix Pro, but it's been around a while and it's generating a lot of buzz. For those new to binary options, it offers a very friendly user interface, free offers and training. 

For more advanced users, it's 60 second trading system delivers what most people are looking for in binary options: fast action. Their signals software provides a big boost in profitability, too, that has been shown and verified to be very effective.

Let's look closer at what it offers

Here are some of the features of "Binary Matrix Pro" that are pretty much exclusive to this product (in other words, no one else is really offering this):

  • It's an all-in-one system: make a deposit with them and get started right away.
  • Offers 60 second binary options signals (in addition to longer ones).
  • Free account sign up.
  • They use BinaryVerify, which ensures every account is real, and all reporting is real. This is an extraordinary step that guarantees all of their profit claims are real, and not inflated or hyped-up. No "scam" here.
  • Traders share their performance through a social media reporting feature. This greatly legitimizes this product, in my view, because people are instantly sharing their real-time success (or failures). If the product didn't work, people would report it. But so far, they're reporting huge profits.
  • They offer multiple platforms: one for Windows, a web based version (good for smartphones), and a Google app.
  • There are over 700 signals provided a day.
  • Very high accuracy, verified to be around 81%.
  • They give you $300 free signals to start out.
  • Personal account representatives provide hands-on help and advice.
  • Account representatives are available via telephone, which is a first in the industry.
  • Free notifications via SMS (text message to your phone)
  • A refer-a-friend feature that offers $50 free to any friend you refer who signs up for Binary Matrix Pro. This is an incredible offer. If you have a few friends who want to try out binary options, you can make a few hundred dollars easily.
  • It's offered in 9 languages, English, German, Spanish, Russian, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Japansese and Italian.
  • Live chat support.
  • 3 live webinars a week for newbies, to teach you how to trade.

I'm really impressed so far

Since I signed up last week, I've been so impressed with the quality of this platform. So many features, great customer support and I LOVE the social signals they provide which gives the experience a "community" feel. Here's an example of how social signals work. Each trader reports how whether their trade was successful or not:

They're doing things no one else is doing & people are making a lot of money

There's no question Binary Matrix Pro is a solid  product, and in my view, it may be the best binary options platform on the market today for newbies. It's especially helpful for newbies who are new to binary options and want to try it out. It's great for pros, like myself, because it provides so many extra, easy to use features. They also give so much away that is free, you're crazy not to try it out.



It's basically free with the $300 free credit you get, from there you can add signals for $5 or more (signals are only .01 cent each), huge list of features, very easy to use, great interface, great customer support, incredibly helpful live webinars, not intimidating, fun to use, great social atmosphere where you can share your trades with other traders in real time, solid performance backbone based on a high-performing signals algorithm that is producing a success rate of around 81%, people are clearly making BIG money and this is verified independently with BinaryVerify.

Not as advanced as Auto Binary Signals (my review). I would never give up Auto Binary Signals in favor of this, but using them both together is a great option.


I hope this review was helpful. If you have any questions, just email me here. Totally new to binary options? Check out My Binary Options 101 Guide for Newbies.

More information...

What is the minimum deposit?

It should be $200, the last time I checked it. You can use a credit card to fund it with BigOption, the broker "Binary Matrix Pro" uses. It's like putting it in a bank account, so your money is safe and secure.

What if I can't afford $200?

If you're having trouble affording the funding for binary options, it's probably best you try a different, cheaper system (like Google Sniper, No Cost Income Stream or Paid Social Media Jobs). That said, the profits in binary options are so lucrative, I really want and wish everyone to have this opportunity. As a Christian, I want to help those who are less fortunate. If you are truly in need, please email me and I may be able to help you. I ask only those in need contact me. Please do not abuse this generosity if you can afford to make a deposit! Please let people who are truly in need to have this opportunity.

Need motivation? Here's PROOF binary options can make you big-time cash

If you don't believe you can make money trading binary options, check out my video below -- be sure to set it to "HD" and open in full screen so you can clearly see my bank account and the deposit I just got from Optionow, my broker (sign up here for free at Optionow, I highly recommend them as a broker for everyone, however, Binary Matrix only uses BigOption, which is perfectly suitable as well).

Remember, to do as well as I do, you need multiple sources for binary signals. So I use numerous platforms, which include Franco's signals (my review) and ABS (my review) and others:

God bless,

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Tokyo Bot REVIEW - New FREE binary options trading software or just a SCAM? Free license for a limited time!

Tokyo Bot
Click above to get Tokyo Bot for free

Tokyo Bot binary trading software is FREE 

Hiro Katsumi, a top Japanese binary options trader, has released a new, free software that will boost your winning trade percentages through the roof. 

Normally, I'm skeptical of these systems, but I've researched this and I'm incredibly impressed with the quality of this product. 

Does it really work or is it a scam?

I was just given early access to this product and I've been trying it out. [UPDATE! 7/25/14: So far, I've won 22 trades and lost 10 for a net profit of $1833. Very impressive. Bear in mind, I typically deposit $10,000 or more into any trading account I open, so my profits may seem high. But I'm still skeptical and I'll be updating this review in a few weeks with a full report]. I'm combining it with Quantum Binary Signals, Franco's system and ABS. I'm seeing my overall win rate boosted by 25%, which is huge. Tokyo Bot is definitely having an impact, but results are preliminary. Definitely not a scam by any measure, though I'm seeing reviews saying it is. These reviews are usually posted by competing products.

Is Tokyo Bot really free?

Yes. It is 100% free. You'll need a brokerage account, and Tokyo Bot exclusively uses SpotFN. Just get Tokyo Bot and they will help you get started. It's very easy to sign up. 

UPDATE: They are going to stop giving out FREE LICENSES to this software shortly. The cost for the software is expected to be between $799-999 soon. So getting this NOW is the way to go since it is completely FREE.

How do I get it? 

Just click here to go to the main Tokyo Bot site.  Sign up, and the SpotFN broker account will show up and guide you on making a deposit. Credit cards are accepted, and the process is easy and painless.

What if I can't afford a deposit? 

If you are economically struggling and need help, I will help. I am a Christian and I believe in giving back. Please email me. Please do not take advantage of my generosity if you can afford the deposit. This is only for people in need. I want everyone to share in the incredible opportunity that binary options offers. Since I have made so much money with binary options, I'm able to give back and help out and I'm happy to. Click here to go to the official site and email me when you're done signing up.


Full review coming soon!

Don't know much about binary options? Check out my guide,
My Binary Options 101 Guide for Newbies

Heard about Walter Green's system and all the controversy surrounding it? Check out my blockbuster review of it here. 

God bless,

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Free Money System REVIEW: UPDATED PROOF Walter Green's system WORKS! It's NOT a scam!

free money system review
Video PROOF below

Walter Green's "Free Money System" binary options software sounds incredible, but what's the real story behind this new software system? 

First, before you scroll down for my full review, I encourage you to sign up with your email for Walter's system for free using the link below. 

As you'll find out below, there are scammers who've copied Walter's site. They are using links that look similar to the real link and people are being scammed as we speak because they are using the wrong link and going to a scammer's copycat site! Please, please use the link below. This is the link *I* used and others have used who are using the system now and doing so well with it:

This is the link I used to sign up to Free Money System, this is the *real link that works* - Sign up for FREE so you can get in before they close it down


  1. You will watch Walter's video.
  2. You will sign up using your email.
  3. You will be redirected to a page where you will choose a broker to use with Walter's system.

Keep reading below for my full review and my videos showing PROOF of my huge profits with Walter's system, and email me if you have questions:


BeeOptions is a dirty broker. I repeat, BeeOptions is a dirty broker. If you follow my instructions above, you will be presented with three choices for brokers to use with Walter's system once you sign up. BeeOptions is sometimes on that list of rotating brokers.

There had already been reports that some brokers were going "dirty" or "rogue", because Walter's system has been too successful. Due to the amount of emails I've gotten today about BeeOptions, I can safely conclude they are a dirty, scamming broker and must be avoided.

As I discuss below, Walter's system is a huge threat to the brokerage "cartel" -- and only a few, honest brokers are really giving people access to Walter's system. I'm one of the lucky few who is working with SpotFN and making huge profits.

So, please, when you sign up above, simply choose a different broker other than BeeOptions. You should be ok, because they are the only broker I've heard any complaints about. The other brokers are safe to use. I suspect Walter and his staff will be removing BeeOptions from their list soon, but it may be awhile until they learn of how BeeOptions is now scamming people.

Keep reading for detailed information about Walter's system...

*UPDATE* Monday, July 28th 

Here's a list of people who bought the system last week and who wrote me with their profit totals. 

I've asked a few of them to come forward and make testimonials either on camera or over the phone, and provide screen shots of their accounts. I'll be updating all of that in the coming week (some of their emails I've also shown in my videos below):

Free Money System profit totals:
  • Mary K. - $1,722
  • Joe M. - $863
  • Nathaniel G. - $1,226
  • Katie G. - $2,819
  • Craig S. - $10,445

Is Walter Green's software really working?

I thought this was a scam at first. I even wrote an entire review saying it was a scam and WARNING people not to use it, but that was before I had even TRIED IT.

I've now signed up (and it IS free) and I'm very happy with what I see - in fact, I'm BLOWN AWAY and I'm telling my family and friends about this. 

I started with $300 five days ago and now my account is up to over $9,000 automatically! Just look at the videos below of my account! I'm getting emails from people who used the real link above and they're saying the same thing! Look at my videos below to see those emails and see my real SpotFN account:

LATEST UPDATE - 7/26/14 5:22 PM EST - *MUST WATCH* $9,116 PROFIT IN 5 DAYS!!! SEE THE PROOF!!! THIS IS MY MOST IMPORTANT UPDATE YET -- Ok, I admit the opening music is a bit dramatic, but I'm so excited and I want to share this, so I guess I got a bit carried away!




I've realized there is so much happening with this, that I'm now completely overwhelmed. I'm getting dozens of emails from people per hour. I'm in complete shock and awe as to what has happened the past week (click here for my latest video update, I highly recommend people watch this to get up to speed on what's going on - I hope you don't mind the music and graphics I added to start it out, I was just too excited).

I need to slow down, and try to give people a really clear idea of what's going on.  

So here's some bullet points to get you up to speed:

  • Ever wonder how the rich get richer? This is how: Walter Green's system is an "auto" binary options system that produces a 98% win rate.
  • It's software he discovered through some of his buddies who are connected to "high ups" in the world of the financial elite. It was developed by an Israeli finance firm in 2010 to trade binary options at an exceptionally high win rate.
  • It was never meant to be made public.
  • Walter had friends who were making millions of dollars a month.
  • Walter Green made over $40 million himself.
  • He decided to give it back, and release it, for free. Yes, for free, to the public.
  • I thought it was a scam at first. I told my entire newsletter list it was a scam and to be careful.
  • But then, as I explain below in my review, I signed up and gave it a try, because I was so curious and it was free. And four days later I'm up $9,000 in my account. I show videos of my SpotFN account below.
  • Scammers have created "dummy" sites and copy-cat sites of Walter's site to try to take advantage of this incredible system, so some people are being scammed and are very upset. If you use the link I used below, you should be fine because it goes to Walter's real site.
  • People who used my link have been writing me telling me they are making a lot of money, too, and I show some of their emails below in my videos. I'm getting HUGE positive feedback so far.
  • Keep reading for all the details. And please sign up, at least put your email in on Walter's site so you get in and don't miss out if it's shut down next week, it's free. There are only limited spots available and it looks like it may be closed soon.

This is the link I used to sign up, this is the *real one* 

So here's my take so far on this free system:

I'm amazed to see SO MANY positive reviews for this program. As far as I can tell, Free Money System IS a FREE system. I've yet to see any indication they are trying to "steal" anyone's money. It looks like they have some kind of program that really is getting people rich, because there are tons of testimonials in the videos of people who are making a lot of money.

Could this be a goldmine?

free money system review
Tons of testimonials from people who made a lot of money from Walter's system

I've watched the Free Money System video and it is very convincing. Walter Green has obviously done very well for himself. The testimonials are also convincing, because these people clearly made a LOT of money and are very happy about it. His story is AMAZING if you watch the whole video. I couldn't believe his story, but as I explain below, it's very possible a system like this exists and he found out about it.

If it's free, how is Walter making money?

To be honest, I don't know. So far, as far as I can tell, it IS free. I see nowhere that they want your credit card. I see nowhere that they want you to sign up for a subscription. You just make a deposit into a brokerage account. Maybe he's making some money from fees or commissions? I don't know! Maybe he's just giving it away for free for real. He says he's made over $48 MILLION dollars, so maybe he's happy to give it away for free. He says in the video he's guilty about making that much money and wants to share the secret.

So, on that level, I can't really say Free Money System is a dangerous product. Free is free, and the "Free Money System" never requires a credit card.

If you want to try it anyway, here's the link to the Free Money System website. It is free, so maybe your risk isn't as high as I'm assuming. The video is pretty fun to watch, to be honest.

It looks like people are making HUGE cash with this system.

Are the financial elite afraid of the Free Money System video? 

Walter says a number of brokerages are trying to ban the video and his Free Money System. Maybe he's really found something real and it could crash the system if the public found out about it.

I actually just got an email from someone today saying their broker was really upset about his system, and told them to stay away from it! The broker was really mad and called this person on their phone! What is going on here?

As far as I can tell, it's a limited-entry system, so only a handful of people will get it. I think it might get closed down this week. That's what I was told when I contacted their customer support. Watch the video here and see what he says about all that.

** UPDATE: 7/25/14 **

Walter was right. Just like Erica experienced in the video (click here for her story), I started making money right away with this system. The account specialist set me up and has been so helpful. I've made $4,000 since I started it up!!! I'm posting a LIVE video here today to show everything, which I've got to get to work on right now. I'm so excited about this!!! I use binary options systems all the time, but there's something about this system that is very different! It looks like Walter really did tap into an amazing new algorithm that gets 98% of trades correct.

*Use this link for the official site*

Did Walter tap into a system the financial elites use?

We know the financial elites make billions a year using secret systems like these to siphon off wealth from the Forex market and other markets. It sounds like Walter really got a hold of something real. Just like he describes in his video, he knew someone who was one of these financial elites who acted like it was "no secret" among people in his circles that a system like this exists, and he himself had already made millions off of it.

These elites live in a different world from the rest of us -- where it is "normal" to make millions of dollars a month -- so maybe Walter's finally gotten something that works out to the public and he's trying to help us? It sure looks that way to me. 

Why are there bad reviews? 

As I explain above and in my videos, countless "dummy" copycat sites have been set up by scammers and hackers, because they realize how special this system is and they're trying to take advantage of it. 

These sites look EXACTLY like Walter's real site because they are near-perfect copies. They redirect you to different brokers. It looks like thousands of people are being scammed because of this! Walter's original, REAL site is being drowned out by tons of scam sites that look like his but use slightly different links, things like, "", links like that.

People are really upset and calling it a scam, but I really think what's happening is they are being redirected to these scam sites. I don't think many people even know about the original site anymore, because the Internet is getting flooded with these copy-cat sites!

I was fortunate enough to have found the real site days ago when this was released to the world.

I've got the real link, and I know that because it's working for me and other people who are using my link. Once you sign up, you'll see the link for Free Money System or the Diamond App, they're the same thing. Walter's setting up new fail-safe sites in case one goes down due to hacker and DDOS attacks.

Are they closing it down next week?

It sure looks like it. The site was already offline last night (July 24th). I still advise caution. I am NOT fully endorsing this product yet, but it's clearly working so far. 

Time is running out

But here's the link anyway if you want to take a look, might as well give it a shot while you can and while it's still online - it's FREE, there's nothing to lose:

*Click here for the OFFICIAL Free Money System link*

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You will also be entered into a free product giveaway between July 10th thru Aug. 10th (click for details)

God bless,

free money system scam

My Binary Options 101 Guide for Newbies - Learn how to make HUGE PROFITS with binary options.

What are binary options?

I decided to write out a simple guide that explains it for newbies or those curious about this exciting new way of trading and making money online:

My Binary Options 101 Guide: 
  • Binary options is a form of trading currencies and commodities.
  • It is very, very simple, much simpler than trading stocks or Forex.
  • You simply pick whether a unit will go "up" or go "down" in price (hence, the cartoon above).
  • You are looking for "signals" that will indicate to you which direction a currency or commodity will go. If you pick the right direction, you make a big profit.
  • Traders typically use advanced "signals" software to make profitable predictions.
  • An example of advanced software includes Auto Binary Signals (my review here).
  • For those NEW to binary options, there are easier to use and cheaper platforms.
  • To trade binary options, you must open a binary options brokerage account.
  • Opening a brokerage account is very easy and you can use a credit card (I use Optionow, they offer a 100% bonus on your deposit).
  • I've made around $9,000 in net profits trading binary options since last year.
  • Many people are doing very well, because they are utilizing the advanced "signals" algorithms that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars develop, with software like Auto Binary Signals.
  • By using "signals" software, you give yourself a BIG edge to make profitable trades.

How much money can you make with binary options?

A lot. There are people who make $500,000 a year. There are others who make 100s of dollars a day. I would say many people are successful at it, because these new advanced "signals" programs are giving the public an edge; the kind of edge only pro traders used to have access to. 

Do I have to worry about binary options scams? 

No, not if you stick with the information I provide on my blog. Most binary options brokers are legitimate, most binary options "signals" products are also legitimate, but there are a few bad apples out there, too. Some of these bad apples have given the industry a bad name and have scared away people from trying out binary options. That's a real shame, because there's big money to be made if you use the systems I recommend.

Does it cost a lot of money to get started? 

Not at all. Funding a brokerage account is free. Many of these binary options systems are also free, or charge very small commissions per trade or "signal" received (much lower than stock commissions). There are also programs you can buy, like Auto Binary Signals ($97). They're cheap considering what you get. You can also sign up for a service like Franco's system, which is $97 every two weeks. Franco is a pro trader, and what you get by signing up with him is a front seat to how he makes six figures a year. And yes, you're copying his trades, so you can make a huge profit, too. 

Is there a big risk in trading binary options? 

Not really. If you use top-tier software like the ones mentioned above, you're giving yourself a huge edge. If you educate yourself and take your time, and if you're not greedy, you will have success. I didn't know about binary options until last year, and I've already made $9,000 and counting. The risk is low, if you take the right steps. 

Need some serious motivation?

Let me PROVE to you that I make huge money trading binary options. I've already made $10,000 using Auto Binary Signals with my Optionow brokerage account. Here's my most recent wire transfer and live video proof from my desktop computer showing my bank account. Be sure to open the video and select the HD format and use full screen to see it clearly -- and listen to the video for some extra advice, too:

What do I do now? 

For newbies who want to try it out, I highly recommend Binary Matrix Pro. This easy-to-use platform walks you step by step on how to open a brokerage account and begin trading. They offer free webinars and excellent customer support. Signing up is also free. Not only is this NOT a scam, they use an independent agency called "BinaryVerify" to verify all of their claims, as well as an integrated social media system that proves fellow traders are making money and doing very well using their system.

While I've only had it a week, it's one of the best products I've ever used. And like I said, it's basically free. They give you a $300 FREE CREDIT to use their system. That credit lasts about one month if you trade actively, and from there you can buy more credits, and they're pretty cheap.

Check out my full review Binary Matrix Pro for more info.

If you want to take a step toward the big leagues, I recommend Auto Binary Signals. My full review here will get you started.

God bless,


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Thursday, July 17, 2014

FAP TURBO 2.0 REVIEW: Forex auto trader bot is the biggest story in 2014 or is it a SCAM?

fap turbo 2.0 review

FAP TURBO is the top rated Forex auto bot trader ever released. Can Fab Turbo 2.0 match its predecessor?

I wasn't even going to address in this review whether this product is a "scam" or not, but I figure I'll just get it out of the way right now: Fap Turbo is not a scam. In fact, it's one of the most exciting pieces of software I've ever seen or that has been released worldwide in recent years.

It's produced millionaires

It is a Forex auto trading robot that has proven to have produced a number of millionaires and countless people making six figures a year. It's basically opened an unlimited spigot of profits out of the Forex market.

It's verified by various accounting firms

Some people are so skeptical they still refuse to believe something like this can work. Well, Fap Turbo has actually acquired a few accounting firms to prove their software produced huge results on trading platforms in real time. Here's a screen shot of one of them:

85,000 people have bought it

The popularity of the product has been huge. There are countless positive reviews for it all over the Internet. There's no question it works and it's been a huge success for thousands of people.

I'm sick of people saying it's a scam!

Here's a review from 2009 from the authority on scams,

fap turbo review

But how complicated is trading Forex?

Forex is extremely complicated. If you want something simpler, I recommend binary options and Auto Binary Signals (my review here). Binary options are very simple. Forex is very complicated without software like Fap Turbo to help you along.

How much money do I need to start with?

Usually $50 or more. The Forex broker I recommend (for Japanese and US citizens only) offers a $5 deposit for opening an account.

How do I find a good broker?

I recommend Forex Broker Inc, available for U.S. and Japanese citizens. They offer a deposit bonus of 30% and no fees on deposits or withdrawals:

Can you really make huge money with this?

Of course. It just takes buying it, having a Forex account set up and funded and starting up the software. (You do need to know how it works, and how Forex trading works.)

Have you bought it?

Not yet. I wanted to get this review up because I'm getting ready to purchase Fap Turbo and I want to be ready to give it a thorough review in a month from now after I've used it. A full grade review is coming. If it fails to deliver, I'll report it, but I consider that unlikely.

Until then, check out Fap Turbo at this link.

God bless,

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

7 Day Cash Money REVIEW - NOT A SCAM. The 123 Secrets System is REAL

 7 Day Cash Money System Review
An ad for the 7 Day Cash Money system

Does the 7 Day Cash Money and Super VIP Program system really work?

You may have seen the ad above somewhere. It sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it just so happens I know the person who has created the system above personally. Her name is Jean Jett, and she's an Internet guru. We've been sharing trade secrets for a few years now and I completely trust her. She makes $50,000 a month online. She's offering for a limited time the ability of members of the public to buy into her huge income stream system. This is a GREAT system for beginners.

What do I get with it?

You actually get a domain and 300 websites. She does it all for you. Then she advertises it for you. Then you make sales through Adsense and other ad platforms when people visit your 300 websites. She's able to do this because she has the system in place and everything set up already.

Again, this is a perfect way for absolute beginners and newbies to get a website and start making money. Once Jean gets your site up and running (it takes 6-12 weeks to get people visiting it, and that's normal), you can make HUGE commissions and big money with ad sales. Some people are making $2000-$5000 per month. A few lucky ones are making $25,000 a month (don't believe that's possible? Look to your right on my blog side bar to see how much money *I* make online).

Will I make money in "7 days"?

No! "7 Day Cash Money" is just a fun title. But there are people who've bought into Jean's system and they're already making thousands per month. She features one of those people and the domain she got with her purchase. There's no question that person is making money. When I visited the domain, I noticed she had Adsense ads up and other ad products. If she's got traffic going there, she's definitely making money. You will get the same type of website.

Why does Jean want to give all of this away?

Just as companies "go public" and sell stock in their company, Jean has gone public and is letting investors join her system. She benefits by the fees you pay to join. These fees are surprisingly cheap, starting at $2.95 and going up from there (all backed by a 30 day money-back guarantee). Jean also has a long-term deal with Google's Adsense program, and the more people she brings into the system, the more money she makes and everyone else makes.

Will I make money guaranteed? 

Nothing is guaranteed in life, but you can give yourself a real shot at making passive income with this. Jean will do her best to get you a domain, build you 300 websites and begin promoting your site through her huge cash wheel system she's taken years to develop. You should have success, if all steps are followed and you give it 6-12 weeks. The more you invest, certainly your chances of big-time income go way up. Jean's system will give you all of those options, from $2.95 and up to hundreds of dollars.

I'm recommending this system as one of the fastest, quickest, easiest ways to jump in on the Internet money making machine. You don't have to waste time with long seminars with gurus, or motivational nonsense, or grueling training programs (yes, those do work, and I highly recommend them, but they take time, like Google Sniper and No Cost Income Stream -- excellent programs, but they require a lot of time and commitment from you). This is how you get into it quick and easy.  



But WAIT, will I get rich right away? 

No! Some people seem to think they're going to make money right away. They won't. That's impossible. This is an investment in your future so you can have a passive income. It takes 6-12 weeks. For any site that I set up, it takes me usually 3-6 MONTHS to start making money. That is normal. That is how the Internet works. Some people don't seem to understand that. No one can create a site and start making money in a day. Search engines like Google reward "aged" sites, not new sites somebody created in a day. That's why Jean's system takes some time. Don't buy it if you don't have any patience!

Did you know REAL people make HUGE amounts of money online every month?

I know a lot of people are skeptical, but it is a cold, hard fact that tens of thousands of people make huge incomes online. Google, Inc. even includes in their newsletter "success" stories of people who quit their jobs and now work solely online off of AdSense income (the same income you'll get with Jean's system above). Check out my review of Google Sniper for more on that. Here's a few screenshots of real accounts and the huge income they get (this is via the Super VIP Program above), I thought I would also share it here, too: income proofs.

Or, you can just read my Top 5 Income Streams and Proof of Profits post to see how much I make and how you can use the methods I use. Yes, I've taken real screenshots of my own accounts so you can see how much I make. Don't believe me? Just email me and ask for a TeamViewer session. If you don't know what TeamViewer is, it's a program that will show my computer desktop on your computer. It is used in the web and Internet industry to verify information all the time. I want to motivate people and show them this really is possible for anyone!

Why are you telling me about this? 

I'm a friend of Jean's and I wanted to put this review up. There are also some nasty reviews out there that are promoting competitor products and other crap (see below), and I wanted to put this up so people get the real story. 

Is this really a legit product? 

It is a real product. Jean's system is just like my system. I have tons of websites that make money through multiple income streams. She also has a system like this. What she's offering is that you make a small investment of a size of your choosing. It's like buying a stock. You're buying into her system, you're investing in it. 

Are these reviews saying it's a "scam" even real?

I've read all of the reviews on this product, and one prevailing theme is that people give up after a few days or a week. Jean is very clear that it takes a minimum of 6 to 12 weeks to begin to see traffic. That is normal. No website can be created and make money right away! It takes time. If these clients don't make a ton of money right away, they get upset, ask for a refund and leave comments or write reviews saying it is a scam. That kind of greedy and impatient attitude won't get you far.

I also notice a scam site ironically titled "ScamXposer" has left a ridiculously negative review full of lies and spin on their site. They've also posted a bunch of clearly fake comments below the review from upset so-called "customers" who bought Jean's system. Notice how on this site (see below) there are ADS for tons of other products they're trying to sell? Watch out. Any site that has ads everywhere is bad news and not objective (note that my blog has zero ads. I loathe ads!). 

Since they can't make any money off of Jean's system, they want to just trash it and hope you buy one of their systems. Notice how at the end of the review they encourage you to buy one of their products? Here's a screen shot from the bogus review, look how he's trying to get you to buy one of his "five star" reviews of products they're trying to sell -- HA! It's so sneaky!

The end of the ScamXposer review for 7 Day Cash / 7 Day Test

What about positive reviews?

There are plenty of positive reviews for 7 Day Cash Money. Here's one right here, that gave it 4.5 stars out of 5. Notice how this site only has one generic ad on it that clearly states "advertisement" next to it? Notice how this site is not really to push or sell anything? That is a legitimate review, like many of I've found.

But have you used it?

This is one rare product I have not bought or used yet, because I really don't need to because I already make thousands of dollars a month online. That's why I'm not giving a full grade review yet, like I do with my other reviews. I'm not going to lie and say I've used something that I haven't used! I may buy it just to check it out. Since I know her, I'm happy to post this review and endorse what she's doing.

I've already got a huge system like Jean. I've thought of opening up my own system to the public, so they can join in. We'll see! Stay tuned. I may open it up to a handful of select investors on my newsletter that I know, probably not more than 20 people. Jean has a bigger system and can take in more people, but spots are limited.

Click here to sign up and give it a try.

Click here for the limited entry Super VIP Program.

Write me personally at my email if you have any questions.

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